Analysing instustional logos


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Analysing instustional logos

  1. 1. Institutional Research
  2. 2. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, with hyphen, from 1935 to 1985)—also known as 20th Century Fox, or 20th Century Fox Pictures, is one of the six major American film studios as of 2011[. (Source from: Wikipedia) The low angel in this logo is really affective, the use of the low angel suggest to the audience that the company is really powerful and from the audience 'respective the upper class the company have. The spot lights used in the logo make the company seem like they're the main attraction. The use of the night sky is really good as it makes the audience feel cosy and gives them that sense that a great movie is about to start. This company also used the colour gold again telling the audience how powerful they are and the authority the company has.
  3. 3. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., formerly known as Warner Bros. Studios, commonly referred to as Warner Bros. (spelled Warner Brothers during the company's early years), or simply WB—is an American producer of film, television, and music entertainment. One of the major film studios, it is a subsidiary of Time Warner, with its headquarters in Burbank, California and New York. Warner Bros. has several subsidiary companies, including Warner Bros. Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Home Video, New Line Cinema,, and DC Entertainment. Warner owns half of The CW Television Network. Their logo has an golden shield around it this suggest to the audience how strong and powerful the company are which attracts the audience more. The use of the colour gold represent how rich and powerful the company is. In the background of there institutional logo we see clouds this can cannot that the company is higher then all the other companies. Even though the logo is simple its still eye catching and the fact that it is simple make it easier for the audience to remember the logo.
  4. 4. Paramount Pictures Corporation is a film and television production/distribution studio, consistently ranked as one of the largest (top-grossing) film studios. This is another company that has clouds in their logo this again suggest that this company is higher then everyone else and have a lot off power. The fact the company has put the companies name right on the peak of the mountain reveals the dominance and authority they have. Having the companies name there could also mean that they have successfully reached the top. The use of the stars could show that they're a successful company but it could also represent dreams which means the company is helping the audience escape from reality and into a great movie.
  5. 5. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (also known as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, or simply MGM), is an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of films and television programs. Once the largest and most glamorous of film studios, MGM was founded in 1924 when the entertainment entrepreneur Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures Corporation and Louis B. Mayer Pictures MGM has a lion roaring as its company logo this lion gives the audience that sense of power the company have, having this shows how almighty and strong the film production is. The golden film strips shows that this company have been around for a long time and also shows how the company has the ability to create good movies.
  6. 6. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (CPII) is an American film production and distribution studio, that is part of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony. It is one of the leading film studios in the world, a member of the so-called Big Six. It was one of the so-called Little Three among the eight major film studios of Hollywood's Golden Age. Columbia logo is another logo which has the clouds in the background shows the audience that they’re higher. The women in the front is dressed in unique clothing holding a light which brightens up the place, the lady is standing in the same position of the statue of liberty this suggest the authority the company has. This logo also has gold in it, the golden colours represent how rich they are as gold is something important.
  7. 7. DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (DWA) is an American animation studio based in Glendale, California that creates animated feature films, television programs, and online virtual worlds. They have released a total of twenty-seven feature films. DreamWorks company is a company which mostly make films for children. The DreamWorks logo is another logo which has clouds in it. DreamWorks has a boy on the moon this could represent that the film you are about to watch is going to take you into a dream, a different world. The darkish colours used in this logo help create that cosy comfortable feeling for the audience.
  8. 8. Universal Studios Inc. (also known as Universal Pictures), is an American motion picture studio, owned by Comcast through its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal, and is one of the six major movie studios. The main colours used in this logo is blue and gold. Blue helping the audience go into that dreamy mode and gold representing rich, power and wealth. The logo of universal is set in space this suggest to the audience the movie they're about to watch is 'out of this world’ this meaning it will be more better then what other companies have made. The name and the globe of the company suggest that they try target every age group, making them a more successful company.