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mavaigajan notes ( mail merge -word 2003)





microsoft word mail merge in tamil



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mavaigajan notes ( mail merge -word 2003) Document Transcript

  • 1. Mail Merge Mail Merge vd;gJ xNu tplaj;ij my;yJ xt;NthU tplaj;jpYk; rpW khw;wj;ij Vw;ggLj;jp ; xd;Wf;F Nkw;ggl;ltUf;F ; ,yFtpy; mDg;Gtjw;fhf Ms Word y; cs;slf;fg;gl;lJ MFk;. Ms Word njhFg;gpy; Tools Menu tpy; Letters and Mailing vd;gjpDlhf ngw;Wf; nfhs;syhk;. vt;thW khztHfSf;F miog;gpjy; xd;iw mDg;GtJ vd;gij gpd;tUk; top KiwfspDlhf mwpayhk;. khztH tpguk; MdJ Word Document Mf nrkpf;fgl;Ls;sJ gpd;tUk; gbKiwapDlhf ehk; gyUf;F Envelope y; Address I Print nra;tJ vd;gjpid mwpa KbAk;. nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 1
  • 2. 1. Tools Letters and Mailing Mail Merge Wizard vd;gjpid Click nra;tjTld; tyJ gf;fj;jpy; Mail Merge Jiz Menu Njhd;Wk; ,e;j Jiz Menu tpy; Envelops vd;gjid njhpT nra;J Next fl;lisia Click nra;jy; Ntz;Lk;. nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 2
  • 3. 2. ,uz;lhtJ gbKiwapy; 3 Option fs; fhzg;gLk; 1. Use the Current Document ,J ehk; jw;gnghOJ Active ; epiyapy; ,Uf;Fk; Document I mDg;Gtjw;F gad;gLk; 2.Change Document Layout vd;gJ vkJ Document I Envelop Layout f;F khw;Wtjw;F gad;gLk;. 3. Start From Existing Document vd;gJ ehk; Vw;ffdNt nra;J ; Save nra;j Document I mDg;Gtjw;F gad;gLk;. ,jpy; ehk; Change Document Layout vd;gjid Click nra;J Next fl;lisia gpuNahfpf;Fk; nghJ Envelop Option dialog Box Njhd;Wk;. ,jpy; vkf;F Njitahd Envelop Size I NjHT nra;J ; tpl;L Delivery address tuNtz;ba ,lj;jpidAk; Return address tuNtz;ba ,lj;jpidAk; jPHkhdpf;fyhk;. (Next fl;lis gpuNahfpj;jJk; vkJ Document Paper Size MdJ nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 3
  • 4. Envelop Size f;F khw;wk;kile;J fhzg;gLk;.) nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 4
  • 5. 3. %d;whtJ gb Kiwapy; vkJ ngWdhpd; Address I xOq;fikj;Jf; nfhs;s KbAk;. ,t; gbKiwapYk; 3 Option fs; fhzg;gLk;. 1. Use an existing list vd;gJ ehk; Vw;ffdNt Word document Nyh ; my;yJ Excel, Access Nghd;wtw;wpy; Name list ,Ue;jhy; mtw;iw gad;glj;Jtjw;F ,J gad;gLk;. 2. Select from Outlook contacts vd;gJ vkJ Outlook y; ,Uf;Fk; Kfthpfis gad;gLj;Jtjw;F gad;gLk;. 3. Type a new list vd;gJ ehk; vkf;F Njitahd Address I Gjpjhf gjpT nra;tjw;F cjTk;. ,jpy; ehk; Use an existing list vd;gjid Click nra;J Next fl;lisia gpuNahfpf;Fk; nghJ Select Data Source dialog Box Njhd;Wk;. nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 5
  • 6. ,jpy; ehk; vk;Kila Name list vq;Nf Save nra;J ,Ue;jjid Open nra;J nfhs;sKbAk;. Open Button I Click nra;jJk; Mail Merge Recipients Dialog Box Njhd;Wk; ,jpy; ehk; OK Button I Click nra;jJ Next fl;lisia gpuNahfpf;Fk; nghOJ Arrange your Envelops Task Pane y; Njhd;Wk; 4. ehd;fhtJ gb Kiwapy; vkJ Envelops I xOq;fikj;Jf; nfhs;s KbAk;. ,jpy; vkf;F Njitahd Greeting line fis add nra;J nfhs;s Kbak; cjhuzk;:- TO, Dear, Mr, Miss my;yJ Name MdJ vd;d Format y; tUjy; Ntz;Lk; vd;gjpid jPHkhdpf;fyhk;. jPHkhdpj;j gpd;dH Next fl;lis gpuNahfpf;Fk; NghJ vkJ Preview Envelops Dialog window Njhd;Wk; nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 6
  • 7. 5. Ie;jhtJ gb Kiwapy; vkJ Envolops I Preview ghHj;Jf; nfhs;s KbAk;. ,jd; NghJ ehk; vkJ Envelop y; Mail merge nra;a Ntz;ba Field fis epWj;jpf; nfhs;sy; Ntz;Lk; ,jw;F Mail merge tool bar gad;gLj;jg;gLk;. Insert Merge View Merge Records Fields Data Merge field tuNtz;ba ,lj;jpy; cursor I epWj;jp tpl;L Insert Merge field Button click nra;Ak; NghJ Insert Merge field dialog box Njhd;Wk.; ,jpy; vkf;F Njitahd Field y; Click nra;J Insert vd;jid Click nra;tjd; %yk; vkJ Envelop f;F me;j field nfhz;Ltu KbAk; ,t;thW midj;J Field fisAk; nfhz;L tUjy; Ntz;Lk;. nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 7
  • 8. Mail merge tool bar cs;s View Merge Data vd;Dk; Button I Click nra;tjd; %yk; Field f;Fhpa juTfis ntspf;fhl;l KbAk;. nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 8
  • 9. 6. MwhtJ gb Kiwapy; vkJ Envelops I Print Nra;J nfhs;s KbAk;. 1. ,jpy; fhzg;gLk; Print vd;gjid Click nra;Ak; NghJ Njhd;Wk; ; Dialog box I gad;gLj;jp vkJ Envelope I Print nra;J nfhs;s KbAk;. All vd;gJ vkJ Name list cs;s midj;ijAk; Print ; nra;tjw;Fk;. Current Record vd;gJ vkJ ghHitf;F njhpAk; Record I kl;Lk; Print nra;tjw;Fk;. From To vd;gJ vkf;F Fwpg;gpl;l msT egHfspd; tpguj;ij Print nra;tjw;Fk; gad;gLfpd;wJ cjhuzk; :- 1 njhlf;fk; 10 tiu 25 njhlf;fk; 30 tiu ahd Record fis print nra;tjw;F gad;gLk;. 2. ,jpy; fhzg;gLk; edit individual envelopes vd;gjid Click nra;Ak; NghJ Njhd;Wk; Dialog box I gad;gLj;jp vkJ Envelope I Gjpa Document xd;wpy; Njhd;wr; nra;J nfhs;s KbAk;. nry;tp .nfhsrpfh rr;rpjhde;jd; Page 9