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Hybrid + interactive TV design

Hybrid + interactive TV design



Description TV services approach and common interface including widget deployment trial

Description TV services approach and common interface including widget deployment trial



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    Hybrid + interactive TV design Hybrid + interactive TV design Presentation Transcript

    • 聯網電視的發展Chen Jing Fung (Grace) @ NTUT CS 2011/3/17
    • OutlineTV market information US CESBroadcast or internet TV problem? TV scenario in living roomUPnP connection ArchitectureAdaptive streamingCommon interface – WidgetConsoultion 第2頁
    • CES 2011 – 聯網電視互動介面 TV Panasonic VIESA SONY Google TV appsYahoo TV即時 Graph線上投票統計 interface 互動強化 應用 LG Apps Samsung Smart HUB 海信Android local 聯網電視介面 service Kenmore Yahoo TV 海爾Android TCL聯網 洗衣機操作介面 Widget 聯網電視 電視介面 購買介面 Control4 Skyworth遊戲下載 TV互動購物介面 COSHIP聯網電視介面 家電操控介面 第3頁 資料來源:IEK,資策會整理
    • 操作模式多樣化 硬體搭配應用整合銷售 整合Tablet與手機 Tablet閱讀傳統+快捷鍵 Small font & Remote簡易操作 more info. Panasonic 點選後, TV shows 試穿畫面Samsung LG SONY Apple SHARP 長虹 鍵盤型 SONY 羅技PHLIPS TCL發表 海信智慧電視 語音辨識操控 體感互動 Panasonic 搖桿操控線上遊戲 第4頁 資料來源:IEK,資策會整理
    • 聯網產品發展可期 (1)OTT(Over-The-Top)預估2011年起每年呈倍數成長,2012年為發展關鍵, 至2014年將突破5千萬台,佔所有STB之比例達24% Source:Gartner(2010) 第5頁
    • 聯網產品發展可期 (2) Mobile Industry Touch, Content Mobile Mobile gesture, Provider Operators Manufacturers management Movie & TV Industry EcosystemTTV, different Content TV TV/STB SmartPTS, Provider Operators ManufacturersABC,CBS, Generalized Hollywood Samsung allshareNHK… Entertai DLNA Connect nment Video, Radio, Photo, File, Multi-device, TV content, Game … sharing apps game, app store Pioneer PAIS D-Link miiiCASA 第6頁
    • TV Service Evolution具有多接取方式與裝置、多螢幕服務的TV 3.0時代正式來臨 VCR HbbTV(1930s-1940s) (1940s-1990s) (1990s –present) 第 7 頁 資料來源: 聯網電視聯盟
    • Hybrid Internet broadcast TV InternetTV Channel I … N 2 way Radio AM FM Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial B’cast broadcasting (DVB-S, C, T) CE-device IPTV VOD/MOD Media HTML Browser + STB AV player InternetSubtitle Video Graphics Sign language Data Text Server 端 (來源:資策會繪製) User 端 第8頁
    • Platform operator Middleware & 3rd party operators Content security第9頁 operator Network operator CDN/Internet Service Provider CE Industry MOD or IPTV’s Problem? (1) (資料來源:EBU-USR)
    • MOD or IPTV’s Problem? (2) 第 10 頁資料來源:EBU
    • 眾多的TV+周邊產品 Digital encodings of movies, TV shows, clipsCumulative unique assets for Packages Retailer SKUs Network , Pay TV Distributionsdistribution Formats, Regions, Languages, Subtitles Versions Edits (資料來源:DVB) 第 11 頁
    • TV Scenario in living room (1) 10-foot UI renderer ~ 3m ~ 60 cm 2-feet UI renderer (資料來源:UPnP論壇, 資策會整理) 第 12 頁
    • TV Scenario (2) Multi-Multi- devicesdevices DCP: Device Control Protocol 第 13 頁 (資料來源:UPnP論壇,資策會整理)
    • Interactive TV service Adobe OCAP/Tru Open 2 way Screen Flash in MHP Project Living Room Java in ACAP-J Living Room (ATSC)Ginga(Japen acTVila ISDB) CE-HTML* (Japan (CE-2014) OTT to TV Consortiu BD-J m) (Blu-ray) DVB- HTML BML HTML in (Japan ARIB XML Living Room Std.) ACAP-X (ASTC Media HTML Std.) Center Widget Markup Initiatives Language 第 14 頁 (資料來源:ABIresearch, 資策會整理)
    • The UPnP btw TV client & server WAN http-get Client (TV) 第 15 頁
    • CEA-2014 UPnP Architecture applies to all Box Models in scope interface UI Control Point out of scope interface optional discovery + control discovery + control Profile matching XHTML(+SVG) content events/notifications Remote UI Client Third party notifications Remote UI Server save/restore (Non-Discoverable (Internet, WAN) Media transport or discoverable) Content download UI Control Control ownership Point DRM messages authentication DRM: Digital Media Renderer(資料來源:CEA-2014, 資策會整理) 第 16 頁
    • CE-HTML layout (資料來源:wiki) 第 17 頁
    • Progressive downloadingHTTP pseudo-streaming Valid objects may be deleted by the cache management to free up space for more popular objects Rent film RTP/ HTTP/ UDP TCP VOD 第 18 頁資料來源:EBU,資策會彙整
    • Adaptive streamingFor a server, the basic principle behind adaptive streamingtechniques is simple: provide the clients with a table of URLs. Every URL points to a specific time interval (the columns) of a specific quality (the rows) of the same content. All intelligence is implemented in the client the server can be any HTTP-compliant device serving regular files. SVC-Scalable Video Coding 第 19 頁資料來源:EBU,資策會彙整
    • Widget introduction Oprea widget Widget framework 3rd Party CE OEM Web Brand Services Widgets Widgets Widgets Widget APIs Yahoo!TVWidget KONtx Framework HTML/ Java- CSS, Flash AJAX Script CSS-TVWeb Services / Browser Core (Webkit, Gtk+, J2ME…) Middleware (DRM, UPnP/DLNA, EPG) Embedded Linux 第 20 頁
    • Widget User Agents Conformance Table The supporting level btw widget’s user agent & W3C’s Widgets Packaging and Configuration spec.User Agent Conformance Level Breakdown of Test Results pass fail untestedOpera Widget runtime for 73% 73% 15% 12%Android (Bata)Apache Wookie 0.9 98% 98% 2%Aplix web runtime 47% 47% 53%Opera 11 Beta1 95% 95% 1% 4%OBIGO X10 95% 95% 5%BorqsWRT 75% 75% 12% 13% http://dev.w3.org/2006/waf/widgets/imp-report/ 第 21 頁
    • Apache wookie introduction 第 22 頁
    • 第 23 頁
    • A widget configuration & start file Config.xml Start file – index.html (or index.xhtml) <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <widget <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> xmlns=http://www.w3.org/ns/widgets <head> <meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache" /> id="http://www.example.com/widgets/Hi <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; Widget" charset=us-ascii" />unique <meta name="Robots" content="all" /> <title>HelloWorld</title>URI version="1.0" height="520" width="400"> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="button.css"> <name>HiWidget</name> </head> <description>Basic Widget says, "Hi!" test....</description> <body> <h1>Hi~ W3C Widget World...</h1> <p><img src="small_icon.png"/></p> <content src="index.html"/> <input type ="button" button value="Orz" class="btnType1" /> <icon src="icons.png"/> <input type ="button" button value="%" class="btnType1" /> <access network="false" /> ….. <input type ="button" button value="L" class="btnType3" /> <author>Grace</author> <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="320" height="195" <license>my license</license> src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1k8FU-MXU1E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> </body> </widget> </html> 第 24 頁
    • Apache wookie stand-alone serverNew testwidget 第 25 頁
    • Text ImageCSSstyle Video 第 26 頁
    • Plug-in a widgetby instantiatingcode 第 27 頁
    • Error message第 28 頁
    • 第 29 頁
    • Warping Web Data for widget Creation 第 30 頁 參考資料:97楊士鋒碩士論文
    • Conclusion & Future workReview all TV production market Understand to provide the common interface could let more content (it’s easy to make!) Service is very important!! (promote your content to more view)Future work After huge content on demand or internet, how to gather them by user want become another issue!! 第 31 頁
    • Example: co-work with content provide to produce new service 第 32 頁
    • APPENDIX 第 33 頁
    • DSNG From a fully equipped uplink truck or from a light flyaway travel case, DSNG makes Satellite possible to bring live news and sport to millions of viewers. DSNG is all about being at the right place at the right time. This often means to travel light in order to get there fast. But you dont need to compromise on picture or signal quality to be there just where it is happening. You also dont need to be cut-off from your news production facilities.http://www.newtec.eu/applications/broadcast/digital-satellite-news-gathering- 第 34 頁