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Radio 2.0 Adswizz presentation Patrick Roger organized by Actuonda


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Radio 2.0 Adswizz presentation Patrick Roger organized by Actuonda

  1. 1. Agenda 1. Audio Market situation in Europe 2. The Online Radio Advertising Market 3. 4. Questions & Answers
  2. 2. Rapidly growing audience Multiple formats: radio, music, podcasts Multiple devices: PCs, handsets, Smartphones, Explosive growth Internet Radio Appliances, in-car IP tuners… of content & listening devices… Growing offer of services: FM broadcasters, UGC radios, smart web radios: Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, YesFM, MusicMe…
  3. 3. Rapidly growing audience Weekly usage reaching 15+% penetration in UK, US …leading to large Mainstream User Long average listening time >1 hour Base… First users : educated / wealthy Long-tem : potential superior to terrestrial radio
  4. 4. Rapidly growing audience Today, very limited monetization of audio streams – only banners and a few pre-roll, no in-stream ad insertion …which needs to be monetized ? – few cross-media advertising: display, video, audio … – no clear ROI measurement for advertisers + Music has no border! Adswizz is the first player with a full monetization solution to enable the take-off of online audio advertising in Europe
  5. 5. AdsWizz’s mission Unleash the full potential of online audio advertising 1. AUDIO ADSERVING to enable new formats 15,000+ online audio 75m+ weekly listeners in EU 2. EXCHANGE to minimize services & US unsold inventory … attracting leading brands 3. MEASUREMENT to rationalize agency buy Adswizz enables online audio services to make the most of advertising by providing the best in class technical solutions
  6. 6. Advertising radio market TODAY Current Ads formats usage (% of total revenue - Europe) Audio Pre-roll ε Pre-roll usage is limited by nature Current ad formats limit the size and potential of the advertising revenues, Search 85 Search and Banners are ill- suited to audio applications although they are now becoming vital for (multitasking) the established online radios Banners 15 The arrival of in-stream ads will enable the Total 100 €250m in Europe in 2009 real take-off of the market Huge amount of inventory available 40m+ session openings every day in Europe Sources: IDATE; Clipperton Finance Estimates Adswizz + Audioemotion + Flumotion + WMS can help you monetize this inventory.
  7. 7. Advertising radio market SOON Usage of in-stream audio ads - 5 ads/stream/1h: 200m+ slots/day - Editors can share 2M€+ Rev/day …bringing greater value proposition for advertisers… …and supported by two key drivers – Audience measurement by Webmedistats – Technical solutions : Adswizz deployment in Europe
  8. 8. Agenda 1. Audio market situation in Europe 2. The Online Radio Advertising Market 3. 4. Question & Answers
  9. 9. The online advantage • Listeners Better targeted Ads than on FM Many of us grew up hearing ads on the radio, but those ads never knew where you were, what kind of radio you had, or part of your general demographic information • Advertisers Follow listeners Want to offer Blackberry owners free appetizers at your bar if they bring along three coworkers? Insert an ad during their commute, gym or lunch break listening! Many will be trying this concept; mobile app developers have already experimented with targeted mobile display ads, and any app that works better with headphones would be a potential candidate. Audio services is perfect target!
  10. 10. The online advantage • Advertisers : New= Online Radio helps advertisers stand out of the crowd – Radio Lifts Brand Browsing by 50%+ when clear call to action is implemented – Listener is one click away from advertiser’s website TOP Results Combined Audio+Visuel can improve Banner CTR by 50+ times 58% of Listeners will action within 24Hrs. Online Audio iAds can be bandled with FM Campaign
  11. 11. Same Value Chain as Display or Video advertising Advertisers Agencies Ad Networks Publishers Streamers Examples of companies • Allocate cross- • Allocate budget to • Sells publishers’ • Online publishers • Streaming media budgets to different areas of inventory to with content to delivery to Comments one or more the Internet Market Agencies monetize local or Media Agencies • Radio departmetnt • Either outsourced or global not by publishers audiences Adswizz • Adserver • Adinsertion WebmediaStats • Measurement • Exchange • Measurement • Measurement integrated • Measurement • Exchange products
  12. 12. Agenda 1. Audio market situation in Europe 2. The Online Radio Advertising Market 3. 4. Question & Answers
  13. 13. + + FULL MONETIZATION POSSIBLE NOW! 1 TO 1 MKTG ADSWIZZ Components also support Icecast, Wowza, Shoutcast, Ogg Vorbis, FMSWebmediastats brings Unified Audience measurement
  14. 14. MONETIZATION MATRIX FM SIMULCAST 100% WEBRADIOS ON DEMAND MUSIC FM 30’ Audio msg bundled FM 30’ Audio msg bundled Preferably no Audio PRE-ROLLWith PRE-ROLL With PRE-ROLL Accepted 15’ max. Video PRE-7’-15’ Audio Ad 7’-15’ Audio Ad ROLL+ Visual Synchronized + Visual Synchronized + Geo&Device-targeted+ Geo&Device-targeted + Geo&Device-targeted + Capping+ Capping + Capping Regional & TimeOf Day National or Regional TARGETED TIME &With GEO-TARGETED With DEVICE-TARGETED CONTEXTUAL BASEDMID-ROLL MID-ROLL MID-ROLL30’s Audio Ad replacement Recommended 20’s but possible Short Adblock of 20’s Audio Ad 30’s Audio Ad injection ( Max 2 ads) •1rst Adblock after 1 or 2 songs •1 Adblock every 20 mn+ Visual Synchronized + Visual Synchronized + Visual Synchronized+ Geo&Device-targeted + Geo&Device-targeted + Geo&Device-targeted+ Capping + Capping + Capping ++ Contextually targeted + +Demographically targeted Podcast Music Download Music Download With incentive based plan With permission & incentive based plan
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. HOTMIX Video
  17. 17. Player : RTL.frPre Roll ADRadio
  18. 18. Player :Orange Live Radio (FR) Pre Roll AD RadioLive Radio is a Radio AggregatorIphone app by the TelecomOperator Orange in France
  19. 19. Player : Iphone Shoutcast Radio (US) Pre Roll AD RadioDigitally Imported ( hasthe largest Electronic musicAudience on Internet
  20. 20. Player : (fr) Spain visitor OnDemand MusicMid Roll Ad OnDemand Music Standard display ad server Adswizz Banner
  21. 21. Player : RadioMid Roll Ad Radio
  22. 22. Player : RadioMid Roll Ad Radio
  23. 23. Player : RadioMid Roll Ad Radio
  24. 24. II- EXCHANGE: MONETIZE FOREIGN AUDIENCE Local Ad Provided by a local Ad NetworkDI.Fm monetizes its international AdInventory through Adswizz Exchange AUDIOEMOTION A French Ad Network Is selling the Foreign Is selling the French Audience of Spanish Audience of Radios
  25. 25. III) SAME MEASUREMENT FOR EUROPEAN CAMPAIGNS Device Targeting Targeting IP addresses at City / Region / Country Levels The Ad will be displayed for visitors ContextualTargeting geolocalised in the circle Manchester concert Age, Sex,$ Targeting AD : end of february If / When available Prague concert London concert AD : March AD : beginning of February Paris concert AD : January Madonna tour advertising Advertising for each concert date is localised around the concert venue Optimisation of campaigns costs and targeting
  26. 26. Agency Radio Dept needs measurement ! Key stats from the broadcast market, a unique way to compare your performance with the digital market. • AQH or average quarter hour: is the average number of active sessions recorded every fifteen minutes for each channel monitored. • Seasonality: Total number of CUME for each month, exhibit cyclic variation of your audience.
  27. 27. Agency Digital Dept. needs another measurement! Added value from the internet market, improve understanding of your performance. • ATSL or average time spent listening: Average time a session has been listening to a channel. • SS or session start: Total number of requests made to the server. • Geo-loc : Track all your listeners on an interactive map in real-time. • Player: device or software used to listen to the channel. ..and much more
  28. 28. Online Radios Editorial Dept. needs real time ! Real-time analyses ! See what’s happening actually on your stations, we offer live key metrics to get you the best real time feedback. See geographical location and observe the live behavior of your listeners.
  29. 29. Agenda 1. Audio market situation in Europe 2. The Online Radio Advertising Market 3. 4. Question & Answers
  30. 30. Thank You ! Erik Barraud - Président Patrick ROGER - VP Global Sales
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