Tivo Dutch media execs 9 march 2011


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Tivo Dutch media execs 9 march 2011

  1. 1. TiVo OverviewPresented to Dutch MediaExecutivesStratsi KulinskiJason WongSan Francisco9 March 2011
  2. 2. TiVo TodayFounded in 1997, on NASDAQ since 1999600+ employees~2.5 million subscribers worldwideUS distribution relationships Comcast, Cox, Charter, DIRECTV, RCN, Suddenlink,Best BuyTop-tier international distribution relationships including: - United Kingdom: Virgin Media - Scandinavia: Canal Digital - Spain: ONO - Australia & New Zealand: HTS - Mexico: CablevisionProduct partnerships with Amazon, Netflix, Rhapsody, Pandora, YouTube, Yahoo!,Blackberry, Blockbuster, and moreSet Top Box partnerships with Technicolor (Thomson), Cisco, SamsungProven Intellectual Property Portfolio TiVo Inc. Confidential | 2
  3. 3. What makes TiVo, TiVo?• Television DNA• The only pure TV user interface company• The only technology provider that is also an operator• The only branded supplier in the Pay TV arena TiVo Inc. Confidential | 3
  4. 4. Operator Value PropositionSubscriber Acquisition Tool - Attract new subscribers - A Brand with PersonalityDifferentiation - Most user-friendly PVR and interactive platform in the world todayEnhanced Business Fundamentals - ARPU, Churn, Incremental RevenuesOperations Flexibility - Future-proof service architecture with “cloud” servicesPre-Integration - Already integrated with leading STBs: Technicolor, Cisco, Samsung - Already integrated with leading CA vendors: Nagra, NDS, Conax TiVo Inc. Confidential | 4
  5. 5. A Unique Strategic Partner forOperators A User Interface fit for the times The most comprehensive feature set – bar none Controlled embrace of Internet Video Vast experience with numerous STB, CA, VOD, middleware, and distribution technologies Business model which aligns incentives with the operatorTiVo Inc. Confidential TiVo Inc. Confidential | 5
  6. 6. U.K.s Virgin Media Taps TiVo ForNext-Gen Set-TopsTiVo To Become ExclusiveMiddleware, Interface Providerfor U.K. Cable Operator"Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett says theTiVo functionality is the next-generation ofdigital television experience. “We will befirst mover into next-generation TV and “On VOD; we expect that VMED’s VODI think we will also be best mover," he offering will be significantly enhanced thistold investors in late July. “It will be a year with the creation of a new TIVO-basedsuperior product to Sky’s codename consumer interface and guide in addition toDarwin, it will be a better product than more programming.” – Collins Stewart (1/28/10)Canvas, and it will be first out." “On the positive side, we should also point– Von.com Aug 2, 2010 out that VMED will be launching its own next generation set top box aimed in 2010. That box designed with TiVo will aim to integrate cable content with internet based content.” – BofA/Merrill Lynch (1/27/10) TiVo Inc. Confidential | 6
  7. 7. Partner Executives and MarketAnalysts See Value in TiVo “… it [TiVo] seems like a real good opportunity for them [RCN], they can"Frankly, we dont have the resources or the really be out in the forefront of makingtime to try and build all this stuff ourselves, Internet video on TV a real platform.“and you would argue looking at the -- David Kestenbaum, Morgan Joseph & Co.performances of some of our big peers,money isnt the thing that solves itbecause they clearly havent figured a lot of “RCNI picks TIVO as primary DVRthis stuff out... All the things these guys platform, in what seems like savvyhave struggled to cobble together is there in preemptive move to reinforce its nearly1 box with TiVo." – RCN CFO Mike Sicoli on CableFAX completed all-digital migration. We raise our EV/EBITDA-based target price by $2 to $9.” - Tuna Amobi, S&P TiVo Inc. Confidential | 7
  8. 8. TiVo Value Proposition forSubscribersEasy to Use, Fun and IntuitiveOne Box, One Remote, One Search for all Linear, VoD,and OTT contentAutomatically finds and recommends showsyou likePhotos, Music, TV Shows – schedule, transfer,and enjoy on your TV, PC and MobileInteractive Games, Weather, News on yourTV screen TiVo Inc. Confidential | 8
  9. 9. Best-in-Class Consumer Feature Set • Used in millions of homes today • Features evolve over time as media/technology landscape changes • Proven record of innovation: service driven approach makes TiVo a “living/breathing” experience Advanced PVR Broadband Apps Advertising & Home Networking Broadband Content Online & Mobile Audience Research Series Linking TiVoToGo Online Music Netflix Remote Scheduling Gold Star Wishlists Multiroom Viewing Online Photos Amazon onDemand TiVo Mobile Showcases TiVo Search Music Podcasts Blockbuster Facebook StopIIwatch Suggestions Photos Games YouTube SMS Scheduling PowerIIwatch Trickplay TiVo Desktop Weather Home Movies iPad app TiVoClipsExpandable Storage eCommerce RFI TiVo Inc. Confidential | 9
  10. 10. Our Product StrategyThe gold-standard for television experience • Universal search & browse: seamless integration of linear, VOD, Internet Video Customizable, Advanced UI • Real integration of 3rd party apps & services • Interconnected with the devices consumers value (iPhone/iPad/Blackberry/PC) Content Discovery • Personalized • Not simply an ad skipping machine – unique promotional and measurement capabilities Interactive applications TiVo Inc. Confidential | 12 Whole Home Media Online & Mobile Multi-source Content Universal Search Personalization TiVo Inc. Confidential | 12
  11. 11. Next Generation ConsumerFeature Highlights TiVo Inc. Confidential | 12 iPad as a Connected TV Support virtual STB Evolve away from the on-screen keyboard Even morepersonalization Gateway device support Enhanced Social Networking TiVo Inc. Confidential | 13
  12. 12. Source: Wired Magazine, Aug 2010TiVo Inc. Confidential TiVo Inc. Confidential | 14 14