How Open Data Can Enhance Interactive Television


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The presentation was delivered by Lyndon Nixon, STI International Consulting and Research GmbH, Austria, during the Workshop, held in Bratislava during September 20th, 2012. The workshop was co-located with the 5th joint IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC 2012

Purpose of the workshop is bringing together researchers and experts from academia as well as from business which came from Germany, Nederlands, Spain, Austria and Slovakia.

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How Open Data Can Enhance Interactive Television

  1. 1. How open data can enhance interactive television Lyndon Nixon STI International Consulting und Research GmbH
  2. 2. Overview• Whats smart about our television?• Open data and television• Linking data within television
  3. 3. „Smart“ TVs• Internet connectivity coming as standard on new televisions• „SmartTV“ is NOT driving new TV purchases• TV apps fragmented and LG SmartTV, pic courtesy 2011/01/lg-smart-tv/ OTT (not connected to the programming)• Top app categories: Samsung Smart TV education & information ( 1/05/5m-samsung-apps-1.jpeg)
  4. 4. Hybrid TV andWeb experience isover two screens Second screen apps show you related content without disturbing the TV view
  5. 5. Consumers want content about what they are watching IntoNow or Shazam identify what you are watching and provide associated contentA shade under three-quarters of TVviewers with broadband are surfing the al-tv-platform-miso-launches-web while they watch, with 38 per cent of enhanced-experience-for- dexter-premiere/them discussing what theyre watching onsocial media. The proportion discussingTV shows rises to 53 per cent if only the16 to 23-year-old demographic is included.-- Ovum survey, published in TheRegister,6 October 2011
  6. 6. Market drivers: • increasingly media content is consumed online • people watch TV and surf the Web at the same time • ubiquitous Internet leads to the expectation of ubiquitous media consumption • our media collections are moving into the cloud – from an ownership model to a subscription/advertising modelBack endInternettechnology Linked Media & Media ServicesFront endplayer anddevice Connected Media Experiences
  7. 7. We need to connect TV and Webvia shared, semantic, open data “If computers can understand the meaning behind the information they can learn what we are interested in and better help us find what we want.” Source:
  8. 8. Linked Data• Use URIs as names of things• Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names• When someone looks up an URI, provide useful information• Include links to other URIs, so that they can discover more things
  9. 9. Put data behind servicesWeb APIs changed the Data Contentface of Web applicationswith new possibilities toaccess and mashup datafrom different sources Services encapsulate reusable functionality over TV and WebTV APIs could enable a new data and contentbreed of TV application, e.g.Interweaving of TV and Webcontent based on Applications combine a UI with a service based workflowinterlinked TV and Webmetadata
  10. 10. N-Screen demo
  11. 11. Linking data within television• I see California but my weather app will only tell me the weather in Bratislava. Why?
  12. 12. LinkedTV ( Vision: 12 Excellent Partners  ubiquitously online cloud of Fraunhofer Eurecom Networked Audio-Visual Content STI GMBH Condat  decoupled from place, device or CERTH BEELD EN GELUID source UEP Noterik UMONS U. ST GALLEN Aim: CWI RBB  provide interactive multimedia service for non-professional end- users  focus television broadcast content as seed videos
  13. 13. Goals• Annotating audiovisual content with concepts• Using that annotation to (semi-)automatically link parts of audiovisual content to Web content• Providing an interactive video experience for the user to browse objects within the video program
  14. 14. Video annotation
  15. 15. Media interlinking Provenance Ontology for Provenance Management ANALYSIS RESULTS (Support for segmentation) Concepts, keywords LSCOM Fragment Entities (MFURI) Open Annotation Core Data Model Wikipedia Categories Media objects WEB CONTENT ITEMS
  16. 16. Video interactivityCONCEPT INPLAYER Cubism Fauvism Expressionism FACETS / PROPERTIES OF CONTENT CONCEPT ENRICHMENT
  17. 17. Implementation A LinkedTV platform External Platform Network Client will provide access Editor Browser to the LoD Cloud Material Variant functionalities of selection, Annotation adjustment PC / Tablet the LinkedTV HTTP Browser experience: HTML 5 LinkedTV annotation, linking Server • Video Analysis HbbTV and playout • Enrichment • Personalization Variant • Delivery Videos Broadcast fromScenarios TV Set Client LinkedTV Repository • Annotations HTTP Browser CE-HTML players will run • Links to external Resources across devices (HTML5) or on SmartTVs (HbbTV)
  18. 18. ScenariosScenario 1: Scenario 2: Scenario 3:Interactive News Show Hyperlinked Documentary Media Arts Professional news  Cultural content from  Content and content produced by S&V (1700 hours of Performance by RBB cultural heritage AV- NUMEDIART Institute Seed content: local content under CCL) for New Media Art news show "rbb  Seed content: Aktuell" Technology "Antique Roadshow"  Mons: European Capital of Culture 2015. 18
  19. 19. ConnectME (
  20. 20. ConnectME annotation tool
  21. 21. ConnectME hypervideo player
  22. 22. Conclusions• Open data and APIs for TV and the Web could enable new Smart TV applicationswhich appeal to consumers and drive Smart TV technology• We need common schemas and semantics to be able to hybrid-ize TV and Web data• Todays „smart“ apps are more OTT and don‘t integrate well with what the viewer iscurrently watching• TV programming needs granular annotations available to services to directly enrichTV with additional Web content• TV platforms today can only partially implement hypervideo. We need more HTML5 ornative support!• Research challenges include lowering the annotation cost, controlling thecontent enrichments and providing intuitive UIs on the TV. Thanks for your attention! Stay tuned: • • @linkedtv Dr. Lyndon Nixon