Ads injection and Metrics for Online Radio by Patrick Roger Adswizz @ Jornada Radio 2.0 BCN organized by Actuonda


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Necesidad de métricas adaptadas a los servicios audio online multi-dispositivos, casos prácticos y situación en Europa
Presentacion de Patrick Roger, COO Adswizz (inserción pub/medición)
Jornada Radio 2.0 organizada por Actuonda en Barcelona el 2 de Marzo de 2011

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Ads injection and Metrics for Online Radio by Patrick Roger Adswizz @ Jornada Radio 2.0 BCN organized by Actuonda

  1. 1. Barcelona, March 2ndHow to foster a vigorous and healthy online audio ecosystem? Patrick ROGER – VP Global Sales & Marketing
  2. 2. AGENDA Audio EcoSystem Basic Value Chain and key players Main Digital Audio Adformats Metrics behind Audio Advertising Opportunities and Challenges of the sector today?
  3. 3. Wide array of services Complementary services Online Audio streams of terrestrial radio stations Purely online radio stations Automated audio services Audio content delivered within a different website or apps. Podcast A wide array of opportunities for advertisers to reach them!
  4. 4. Listeners are valuable customers 17%-20% of online users have listened to Audio services the past week and is growing…. Fairly balanced in age and gender – Good Salary Average Time Spent Listening varies with devices Example Pics are during working hours Online Radio listeners are similar profile to FM ( Like Program & Brand) as opposed to Music platform listeners
  5. 5. Actors of the Digital Audio EcoSystem B U Y S E L L Need for IAB Audio committee in Europe
  6. 6. Adserver - Available Adformats Ad Product Length Where Device Who StandardIn-Stream Audio :15’ In Adblock Web In Europe: CPM :30’ Mobile Internet-only Spot :60’ Other ServicesCompanion Banner 300 x 250 In Player Web ALL IAB 300 x 250 Other In Page Mobile Apps Linked to an Audio Ad Audio+CB = 1 impressionPre-Roll Audio <:15’ On Session Web In Europe: CPM Start Mobile FM Simulcast Apps WebradioPre-Roll Video <:20’ On Session Web In Europe: Countdown Start ALL CloseableDisplay 300 x 250 In Player ALL ALL IAB Standard Other In Page Targeting Comment Device BB , iPhone , Web etc. Geographically, IP Country / Region / Sub-Region / Town , IP Demographically All Demographic data passed on to the Adserver Contextually Song, Genre data passed on to the Adserver Need for IAB Audio committee in Europe
  7. 7. Agencies need seamless measurement BEFORE BUYING AFTER BUYING Radio Digital Agency Analytics Dept. Dept. Dept. FM Broadcaster Purely Online Messages AQH SS Impression Delivery CUME ATSL TTSL Interactions AS LTR ( Listen Through Rate ) AAS VTR ( View Through Rate ) Post Impression Analysis CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT
  8. 8. Supported devices & players Server Side Scope Windows Media Player Real Media iTunes +95% of the players… …some of the them Screamer Radio QuickTime Apple TV TuneIn radio Sonos Player « Device » can be identified in 98% of the cases. Plateform (Computer, Android, iPhone) can be detected. Geolocalized. Measurement can also work client-side!
  9. 9. The French example 1 Streamer 3 Internet Secured1. The listener connects to the streaming server with AIS installed2. Connection isn’t signed? AIS redirects the listener to our key generator which will mark each connection and redirect the listener to the stream3. Signed connection -> streaming starts Delay< 200 ms
  10. 10. Get the data you need Real-time analysis ! Observe the performance in real time and get the key data .
  11. 11. Know how your audience is listening Device compliant Understand how your audience is using your radio along with key information on your content performance.
  12. 12. Podcasts We can measure major units Impossible to verify if the downloaded podcast has been listened to.
  13. 13. Opportunities & Challenges (I) Opportunities Reach Familiarity Voice Call to action Flexible Multiple Buy Options Complementary with other Interactive medium Mobile Social media Evolving technology Challenges Fragmentation Competition Ad Supported vs Subcription model Creative limitations Web is such a visual medium…Need for new creative
  14. 14. Opportunities & Challenges (II) Opportunities Marketers are incorporating Digital Audio into their campaigns TOP 4 - Auto brands, Credit Cards, Retails, Restaurants Online contribute to repetition and is quickly measurable Stand out of the crowd One click away from advertisers website – Excellent ROI Challenges Audience Measurement, Advertising Formats, Reach Measurement bodies are assessing the needs IAB should introduce Digital Audio country by country in Europe Audio specialized Sales Houses – Audience Aggregators Pricing How do we sell ? CPM or Spot based,
  15. 15. Opportunities & Challenges (III)
  16. 16. Opportunities & Challenges (III)
  17. 17. Adswizz mission Adswizz helps AUDIO and VIDEO publishers transform their online audiences into revenues Unleash the full potential of online advertising 1. AUDIO & VIDEO ADSERVING to enable 100m+ weekly users in EU 25.000+ online audio & new formats & US video services 2. EXCHANGE to minimize … attracting leading brands unsold inventory 3. MEASUREMENT to rationalize agency buy
  18. 18. Thank you! Patrick Roger VP Global Sales +33 610 01 29 45