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02 feb10

  1. 1. DCG/ EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGTuesday, February 02, 2010First Community Bank, Board Room8:30 amIn Attendance: Edward Hinson, Wade Luther, Jonathan Bazinet, Gail Carter, Dot Godwin, andJamie Bennett-BaneAgenda: 1. Call to order/ roll call 2. Approval of Minutes 3. Committee Reports a. Programming-Jamie Bennett-Bane 1. Downtown Divas Go Red 2. Lemons Event b. Policy- Wade Luther 1. Review of Bylaws 2. Nomination Status 4. Officers Reports 5. Director’s Reports a. Arts- TenEleven Galleria Art Auction b. Retail c. Dining d. Services 6. Old Business a. Vendor Permit Status b. Officer Election Schedule c. Coordination Meeting with FAC & Chamber 7. New Business a. 2010-2011 Budget Process b. February After Hours c. Jockey Silks Follow-up d. Ideas for At-Large Membership Meeting 8. AdjournmentIn the absence of Interim President the meeting was called to order by Edward Hinson.The minutes were read and accepted with necessary changes, by Gail Carter and second by DotGodwin.Committee Reports:Jamie Bennett-Bane recapped the Downtown Divas Go Red Event and will provide a financialreport once all the monies are collected.
  2. 2. Lemons Event will be coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce. Contact will be made to 1011Galleria to invite them to partnership along with us. Wade said that he will secure the Farmer’sMarket and inquire with the Galleria to assure that they will remain open on the 22nd of May.We are also looking to hold the Barbecue Cook off during the Indian Festival, which is slated forAugust or September. Kirk Mays said that he would help with the planning of this event.*The city is discussing the hiring an Event Coordinator to work along with Wade and the FAC,waiting on approval from the FAC board.*****Policy CommitteeWade stated that the Policy met last night and there were some concerns with the By-Laws asthey are right now. He said that he is in the process of re-writing them and once they arecompleted they will be reviewed by an attorney.Nomination Status:Edwin Kohn said that he will not be able to continue to serve as the President of the Guild dueto his other obligations; however, he agreed to serve as Ex-Offico without voting privileges.There is still the Presidential opening. There was the suggestion that Edward Hinson step intothe role of President.Beth Lee Moller, of First Citizens Bank, will serve as treasureOfficers Reports:There is no report at this timeDirector’s ReportArt: Dot reported on the 1011 Galleria’s Art Auction and said that they raise about $1500.Thefeedback that they received was positive and said that they will do it again. They had peoplesign up for the silks at the art meetingRetail: No report at this timeDining: No report at this timeService: No report at this timeOld Business:The vendor permit is going through its 2nd reading and adoptionThe Lemon and Jazz Festival is going to be in May
  3. 3. Election will be held at the next At-Large Meeting on February 16th.Wade and Edward will be meeting with Kristin Cobb and Danny Riddick on Thursday to discussthe event line-up.New Business:Budget Process- Wade will build budget requests on the 12th there is one week left for peopleto put in their request.February After Hours will be on February 18th at 5:30 at Sam Kendall’sJockey Silks Follow-up: Wade provided us with a quote from Midland’s Tooling Systems. Thetotal cost is about $55.00 per silk. We will sale them at a $100.00 each. The city will pay for thefabrication of the silks and we will reimburse the city once the silks are sold. Monies made fromthis event will benefit the Thoroughbred Retirement. (Have checks payable to The City ofCamden)Dot will prepare a list of standards for painting the silks as well as a list of local artists that canbe commissioned to do the silks. Also, it has to known that the city’s art policy will have to behonored during this process.Each silk will be stamped and sold during a silent auction.Edward will talk to Amy Schofield about having a contest for the children to design a silk andthe winner will then paint their silk to be sold at the auction. Also, Edward said that he will talkto WalMart and TargetWade will be ordering the silks today.Donations to AHA will be the 2nd week of MarchAt-Large meeting: Wade will get Merritt McCaffie to speak at an At-Large Meeting. We will tryhaving a 5:30 meeting hoping that we will get a better turn out. The next At-Large meeting willbe February 16th at 5:30 at the Chamber.Per the request of President-Elect we will have the our next Executive Board Meeting at 9:00am on March 2nd.Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am