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Ec minutes 01 dec09

  1. 1. DCG/ Executive Committee<br />Meeting Minutes<br />Tuesday: December 2, 2009 @ 8:30 a.m.<br />1011 Galleria, 3rd Floor<br />In Attendance: Edward Kohn, Edwin Hinson, Carol Jellenik, Gail Carter, Jamie Bennett-Bane and Dot Godwin<br />Agenda:<br />Call to Order/ Roll Call<br />Approval of the Minutes<br />Committee Reports<br />Programming-Jamie Bennett-Bane<br />Policy-Wade Luther<br />Officer Reports<br />Director Reports<br />Arts<br />Retail<br />Dining<br />Services<br />Old Business<br />New Business<br />Adjournment<br />The meeting was called to order by residing President Edwin Kohn. The minutes were reviewed and approved by the board. Dot Goodwin motioned that the minutes be accepted and Carol Jellenik second the motion.<br />Committee Reports:<br />Programming report was given by Jamie Bennett-Bane. There was a brief recap of events: Christmas Tree Lighting on November 29th had a great turn out. The next event is the December 4th at City Hall, Edward Hinson will donate hot chocolate.<br />December 12 is the Christmas Parade. Wade is working on getting Santa in front of City Hall for pictures.<br />Jamie is working on putting a sub -committee together for “Ladies Nite” committee.<br />Edwin and Edward are working on silk screens for the Cup. All details are still being worked on.<br />Brittany Stewart will be working on “Little Black Dress Party” she will coordinate with the Fine Arts Center.<br />Lemons Event at the Motorsports Park in May<br />Policy report was given by Wade Luther. Wade said that he will research the steps that we will have to take to become a “Charter”. Also, we discussed how the bylaws and that we will adopt Five Points bylaws and tweak them to our needs, Wade is working on a simplified version of our bylaws. <br />Our board will consist of 9 members and we will no longer have Ex-Officio officers, they will be called Affiliates and we will have one voting member<br />The Policy Committee will meet again on January 27<br />Officers Report:<br />Edward Kohn gave the officers report. He will be putting out a “Presidential Message” to the local businesses to encourage them to attend the next meeting as well as to inform them that the budget request are being accepted and if they want to be heard this is the time to attend.<br />We need to get budget requests into Wade between December and January.<br />Wins: The city approved the Vendor Permits<br />Directors Report<br />Arts report was given by Dot Goodwin. Dot informed the group of the activities planned at 1011 Galleria.<br />January 21st there will be an arts auction.<br />Retail report: N/A<br />Dining report: N/A<br />Service report: Gail Carter was present but no report at this time.<br />Old Business:<br />Waiting on final draft of the vendor permit<br />New Business:<br />Officers Election in February <br />After Hours will be held at Old Armory Steak and Seafood in January. Wade is working on date and time<br />Next At-Large Meeting will be December 15th at 8:30<br />Meeting was adjourned<br />