Dcg ec minutes 01MAR11


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Dcg ec minutes 01MAR11

  1. 1. Downtown Camden Guild Executive Board Meeting March 1, 2011 First Community Bank Board RoomIn Attendance: Edward Hinson, Wade Luther, Gail Carter, Jonathan Bazinet, PatriciaRichardson, and Betsy GreenwayAgenda: 1. Call to Order/Roll Call 2. Approval of the Minutes 3. Officer Reports a. President’s Report b. Treasurer’s Report c. Executive Director’s Report – Downtown Divas 4. Old Business a. Jockey Silks b. Town Green Concert c. 24 Hours of LeMons 5. New Business a. Streets of Camden Grand Prix b. Sidewalk Sale c. Town Green Programming d. Indian Summer Festival 6. Other Business 7. AdjournmentEdward Hinson called the meeting to order and the roll was taken, Beth-Lee Moeller wasnot present.The minutes were approved by Betsy Greenway and second by Patricia Richardson.Officer Reports:Wade discussed the success of the Downtown Divas event and stated he would bereporting the results to City Council. Wade to revisit the participating merchants todetermine sales and bounce back of business. The attendance was down approximately40% from last year, however the event had only positive comments. Board approved a
  2. 2. donation to the American Heart Association of $1,200. Wade to contact Cory Ritchie todetermine date and time for check presentation.Old Business: a. Jockey Silks – Wade stated that William Cox, TRF President was able to sale 3 jockey silks through the TRF network. 40 jockey silks were ordered with 23 remaining to date without sponsorships. Wade stated he has approx. 7 commitments to re-hang previous year jockey silks at $50 each. Jonathan suggested Downtown Camden Guild sponsor a jockey silk this year. b. Town Green Concert – Wade stated that he is working with a promoter for the concert event. This promoter still has to be approved by City Council. Concert will be held Saturday, April 23rd, beginning at 4:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm. Wade stated he has commitments from 4 bands to perform at the concert. Anyone interested in becoming a vendor for the event will need to contact Travis Maynard at 803-665-1068. Wade stated Hudson’s Smokehouse is interested in being a vendor for the event. Hudson’s is considering expanding to the Camden market based on the results of BBQ sales. Wade stated Paco Taco will be attending the event as a vendor. Old Towne Tavern will have exclusive rights to Budweiser sales during the concert event. The Fine Arts Center will provide volunteers to work the vendor stands in exchange for ½ of proceeds from beer sales. Wade to investigate bus services for the concert event. c. 24 Hours of LeMons – Wade stated that the LeMons parade application is in process of being approved. The event will be held May 20th at 6:00 pm.New Business: a. Streets of Camden Grand Prix – Wade will be meeting with Chief Floyd and Kevin Bronson to discuss a karting race event in downtown Camden. b. Sidewalk Sale – Wade has asked the Board to spread the word to downtown merchants to see if there is any interest in a sidewalk sale in downtown Camden. Wade would like to coordinate the event with the opening day of the Farmer’s Market.
  3. 3. c. Town Green Programming – Wade is considering an outdoor market event to be held at the Town Green in May. This would be a Thursday lunch hour event. d. Indian Summer Festival - DCG to partner with a promoter to sponsor event.Other Business: NoneMeeting adjourned at 10:30 am