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Minutes apr 2011

  1. 1. Downtown Camden Guild Executive Board Meeting April 5, 2011 First Community Bank Board RoomIn Attendance: Edward Hinson, Wade Luther, Gail Carter, Patricia Richardson, DotGoodwin, and Beth-Lee MoellerAgenda: 1. Call to Order/Roll Call 2. Approval of the Minutes 3. Officer Reports a. President’s Report b. Vice President’s Report c. Treasurer’s Report d. Executive Director’s Report 4. Old Business a. Jockey Silks b. Town Green Concert c. 24 Hours of LeMons d. Sidewalk Sale e. Town Green Programming 5. New Business a. At-Large Membership Meeting Date b. Approval of Quarterly Newsletter 6. Other Business 7. AdjournmentEdward Hinson called the meeting to order and the roll was taken, Betsy Greenway,Jonathan Bazinet and Ann Temple were not present.The March minutes were approved with the addition of Ann Temple’s absence.The minutes were approved by Wade Luther and second by Patricia Richardson.Wade stressed for members to review the attendance policy in the By-Laws. Board needsnotice of absentee prior to meeting.
  2. 2. Officer Reports:President’s Report - Edward discussed the attendance at this year’s Carolina Cup. Hecommented on the media coverage and how it helped influence the conduct during theevent.Treasurer’s Report - Beth stated she still needs confirmation of receiving funds fromKershaw County Library from last year’s jockey silk event. Wade stated the Cityreceived the funds, however they were posted incorrectly and the issue has been resolved.Beth stated she has a difference of $651 between her records and the City’s records. Itappears there is a formula error in the City’s spreadsheet. Wade will make contact withthe City to resolve the addition error. Beth stated she needs additional information fromthe first quarter 2011 in order to prepare quarter-end financials.Wade discussed the $1,200 American Heart Association check presentation. He statedthat KershawHealth was not included in the photo opportunity in error.Old Business: a. Jockey Silks – Wade stated the hanging hardware of the jockey silks will need to be re-addressed next year. He also stated the expenses were higher this year as opposed to last year’s event. This increase in expenses was due to the painting cost of the remaining un-sponsored 20 silks, which were painted at $20 each. Also this year we incurred a $900 fee for hanging the 45 silks and a $900 fee to remove the silks. Media cost was $500 for the ad in the Carolina Cup special edition newspaper. Matching contribution is still in question for this year’s event. Edward stated he would like to see the silks hanging for a longer period of time next year. He also stated we may want to consider re-hanging the jockey silks for the fall race for added exposure. Wade discussed the Silent Auction for the jockey silks. The auction will take place on April 23rd, opening day of the Town Green. The board discussed how to conduct the auction this year. It was decided to auction the sponsored silks not being retained by the sponsoring entity. The City will retain the 20 un-sponsored silks for re-hanging next year. b. Town Green Concert – The concert event will be held Saturday, April 23rd, beginning at 4:00 pm and ending at 10:00 pm. Wade stated that the promoter for the event is in charge of the catering services. The promoter decided to use Hudson’s Smokehouse due to previous catering engagements and the professional services provided by them. He stated that some of the local restaurants are not in favor of this and were concerned about not having the opportunity. Wade stated that the promoter
  3. 3. is in charge of all media publications and to date he has not been provided flyers and posters. c. 24 Hours of LeMons – The race event is scheduled for May 20th, 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm. d. Sidewalk Sale – Wade stated that he will be sending email notification to the local business owners to promote having an informal sidewalk sale on opening day of the Kershaw County Farmer’s Market to be held April 9th. e. Town Green Programming – Wade stated that currently there are no fees to use the Town Green for public events.New Business: a. At-Large Membership Meeting Date – May 5th @ 5:30 pm at the First Community Bank Community Room. b. Approval of Quarterly Newsletter – Wade stated that the newsletter is currently in production and will be emailed to all Board members for approval.Other Business:Indian Summer Festival – Wade stated that the initial plans were to have a free event,however, due to the jockey silk expenses, it may need to be a ticketed event. The cost isanticipated to be roughly $8M - $10M to promote the event.Streets of Camden – The go-kart racing event is still in the early stages of conversation.Edward expressed that he felt the event would bring in large crowds to Camden. He alsostated the event could possibly bring national exposure to downtown Camden. Hevolunteered to contact ESPN2 for media coverage of the event.Dot discussed hobby airplanes and the possibility of a future event.Wade encouraged the Board to communicate with each other throughout the month inorder to discuss any ideas that arise between meetings.Meeting adjourned at 10:15 am