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06 oct09

  1. 1. DCG / Executive Board MeetingMeeting MinutesOctober 6, 2009 at 3:30 PMMeeting held at the 1011 GalleriaPresent: Edward Hinson, Jamie Bennett-Bane, Edwin Kohn, Carol Jellenik, JonathanBazinet, Nelson Lindsay, and Wade LutherNext meeting: November 3, 2009, 8:00 a.m., TBAI. AgendaThe meeting was opened by Wade Luther, City Manager. He thanked everyone forcoming.II. Discussion 1. Overview of Halloween Event: Jamie read the minutes from the Halloween meeting. We discussed the placement of activities and again the street closings. The rules of not being able to have vendors. 2. Christmas Tree Lighting: The event will be held on November 4, 2009. Wade submitted a proposal to Jack Brantley and waiting on his decision. Our main goal for planning any event is to make sure that we are coordinating with all entities that may have a part in the decision making. Will be a two week event 3. Activities: October 19, 2009 there will be a Social Function at the Crescent Grill for a Meet and Greet for Downtown Business owners. From 6-9 Happy Hour Prices for the cash bar) Edward suggested that we think about a project called “Hands on Camden”. This would consist of business coming together and cleaning up Or doing some sort of community service. Then at the end have a celebration. This will be brought up to the Events committee. Edward Kohn, suggested that we focus on lobbying with the city council to get them to agree to allow vendors on the street when there are functions downtown because that was a complaint for the blues festival and a concern of our group. Having vendors would generate funds for our organization. 4. Budget/ Finance: Suggestions made were Individual $15.00 Business, $30.00 and Corporate, $100.00. This is just a discussion a final decision will be made when we get
  2. 2. the bylaws written. Also Wade will check with the City about where and how funds raised by us, will be available to us if we put it in the city’s account. 5. Marketing: We need to decide on the branding for the group. DOCA is still on the table. Will be discussed at the At-Large meeting Brittany Stewart will work with Wade to come up with a LOGO. Advertising that is available to us is: radio, tv and newspaper 6. Open discussion/ conclusion: We must make sure that there is no overlapping with other organizations We need definite names on the committee list Procedure in street closings Concentrate on Fundraising Driven EventsMeeting was adjourned