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Dcg ec minutes 14 oct10


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Dcg ec minutes 14 oct10

  1. 1. Downtown Camden Guild Executive Committee Meeting Thursday, November 4th 2010 @ 9:00 AM First Community Bank Boardroom In Attendance: Edward Hinson, Wade Luther, Beth Lee-Moeller, Dot Goodwin, Betsy Greenway, and Jonathan Bazinet Agenda: 1. Call to Order/Roll Call 2. Approval of the Minutes 3. Officer Reports a. Treasurer Report – Approval of Quarterly Financial Statement b. Executive Director – City policy report 4. Director Reports 5. Old Business a. Halloween b. Membership Drive Update 6. New Business a. Town Green Update b. At-Large Membership Meeting c. Other Business 7. Adjournment Meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by Edward Hinson and roll was taken. Gail Carter was absent. The minutes were approved with a motion by Wade Luther. Officer Reports: A. President – Chamber Board of Governance presentation discussion Formal presentation to follow at a later dateB. Treasurer – a. Method developed for tracking tickets at BSTOT b. Presented updated Guild Membership list c. Fiscal Calendar was adjusted i. Action Items 1. Provide copy of printing costs for membership brochures
  2. 2. 2. Provide updated September financial statements 3. Collection letter for jockey silk outstanding accounts a. Mary Ellen McCuen and KC County LibraryDirectors ReportsA. Wade Luther – a. Presented City’s Financial Policy with regard to DCG operating budget: DCG operates as non-profit under the guide of the City until further review. b. Coordination on Member newsletter c. Blues Festival Recap – awaiting final numbers from FACB. Jonathan Bazinet – Fall LeMons Race summary – the festival will occur only once a yearC. Other – Does the DCG want to sponsor a tree in the Town Green?D. Other – Status of Hands on Camden?Old BusinessA. Nominations for Board Vacancies a. Robin Wilson Brown b. Teri TeedB. Broad Street Trick-or-Treat Marketing Recap a. TruVista Channel 39 b. Camden Media Company c. WPUB d. Chronicle-Independent WebsiteNew BusinessA. Town Green Update a. Newsletter
  3. 3. b. Camdentowngreen.blogspot.comB. Blue Laws a. Secure letters of support from local restaurant owners and managers – Candy Van Nort, Mike Jones, Dimitri Voulgarelis, Jonathan BazinetC. Meeting Schedule a. Nov. 4 – EC Meeting b. Nov. 11 – At-Large MeetingMeeting was adjourned at 9:50 am