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Personal Branding & You-How to use social Media to create tour own personal brand
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Personal Branding & You-How to use social Media to create tour own personal brand


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Billy Blue College of Design Presentation Aug 2009 …

Billy Blue College of Design Presentation Aug 2009
How to create your own personal brand using social media

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  • Couple of quick questions How many people are on at least one social network How many people here have a blog
  • What is a brand These are just logos Coke is a product Harley davidson is a good logo nice design distinct colours Google on the other hand is a company that has done no advertising and is an example of a brand that reiles on interactions Try a brand out & the interaction is good oyu get to trust it has a good reputation & credibilty amongst people
  • Thinking about brands it is not just famous people like Obama and Ophra Thinking about these as people who have influence
  • Hers where things get interesting everyday people are thinking of themselves as brand and acting as brands producing content , Thousands of follwers on twitter and vey infleuntial in entertainment circle even has music companies coming to him to help promote artists now Classis Andy Wharhol Statement "In the future, everyone will be world- famous for 15 minutes ." Everyday person has potential to be a micro celebrity and influence their peers May have 30 forends infleunce each other or potential infleunce key infleuncers a lot of chater can infleunce Top 10 signs you might be a web Celelebrity You stop thinking about yourself as a person but a brand Becoming self aware about how you come across as a person The web thrives on niche Guy Kawasaki start up Signature shirt laid back and humourous Every though that pops into his head is broadcast to 30,000 people Seth Godin action figure Mimum of one blog post a day new one Writing his books in real time having a micro interaction with him on a daily basis and this is one of his success factors
  • Think of people as brands we have to think of the idea of influence as well Oprah Obama Hers where things get really interesting and its mostly due to the web is the rise of web celebrities perez hilton can be famous in their own niche communities
  • So What is it that is unique about you ? Coke vrs pepsi analogy How can you stand out from the crowd? What tools & technologies & platforms should we use to share our story? What content can we create to make it easy for people to get us? So if your interested in using digital media to create your own personal brand the following frame work will help you do that
  • How do we do this
  • Not enough to simply put up a website or start a blog U need to know where your audience is and how to market to them Fish where the fish are Can’t expect people to just find you - you have to make it easy for them Web is the opposite of mass media you have people who are important to their communities who would be unknown to other people Micro Celebrties on YouTube so people like David Carson & Steven Sagmeister well known in multi media & communication design circles but outside this not very well known What are the topics of interest people are talking about online What are the top design blogs What are the main communities people are talking about design or your specialist area What does this tell you about the importance of Google and how can you get your content featured? Do a search about a top designer David Carson Google search
  • So as well as the website and blog there is a whole host of different social media technolgies out there that we can use to distrubute our technolgies
  • One of the best examples of a celebrity at work in today’s new media landscape is President Obama & the way he has embraced has embraced social technologies new media In the short time he has been in power he has appeared in 800 images on the Whitehouse flickr stream He has sent a video message to the people of Iran You can see him and hear him everyday and if you missed one of his speeches He is the epitome of the media world we live in today he is a new media president He has amassed a body of work online & And in the process he has turned himself into a brand Apply on a personal level it today’ online word we have the opportunity to a create & define what are own personal brands are
  • When a organisation becomes faceless they lose their authenticity and Gary Vander chuck With digital technology we have an opportunity to create & define what are own PBS are to do this pre emptively before somebody in your space does it Google some bodys name and doing all the things they have talked about can infleunce what people thing about you It matters basuse it ia easy for some one to do a search ion Google and find out some thing about you
  • Increases There’s a reason why when u search in Google around specific keywords some people rank higher then others
  • Which life streams work best for you ?
  • To be authentic you have to embrace your personality and be true to your personality and let it shine through
  • Take aways Being more aware of your online environment and the possibilities Be consistent Work hard not easy Constantly evaluate and monitor your progress With digital technology we have an opportunity to create & define what are own PBS are
  • Transcript

    • 1. Personal Branding & You How to build a personal brand using Social media Billy Blue Design school Presentation August 12 2009
    • 2. Agenda
      • Introduction
      • What is a brand
      • What is personal branding
      • Why create a personal brand
      • How -The five steps to success
      • Summary
      • Resources
    • 3. The intro Hi I’m Dave Wesson @wess
      • Social Media Marketing Consultant
      • Family Man
      • Ocean swimmer
    • 4.
      • “ A brand is a persons gut feeling about a product, service or organisation”
      • ‘ The brand gap’ - Marty Neumeier
      What is a brand Interactions + feelings = Brands
    • 5. Some examples of brands
    • 6. The rise of the web celebrity Acts as a brand Publishes content Very influential 1.3 million followers on twitter Perez Hilton
    • 7. The Micro Celebrity
      • The web thrives on niche
      • Every person has the potential to influence their peers within their own niche
      • Warhol “everybody will be Famous for fifteen minutes”
      • May have 30 friends but you can influence each other or key influencers through chatter
      • Six degree of separation
    • 8.
      • Personal branding is the process of how we market ourselves to others. 
      • Yourself self impression = How People Perceive You
      What is personal Branding?
    • 9. Why create a personal brand?
      • Stand out from the crowd/be memorable
      • Share what you have to offer the world
      • Tell your story
      • Make it easy for people to get you
      • Drive Your Career
    • 10. How –The Five Basic Steps to Success
      • Research
      • Create Content
      • Optimise & Distribute
      • Engage & Influence
      • Monitor & Evaluate
    • 11.
      • Research
      Where are the audiences you want to speak to? What are they saying ? Who are the key influencers within your Community? What forms of content are they using to communicate?
    • 12. Monitor your environment Subscribe using the RSS feed to the top blogs & sites in your niche area Subscribe to your favorites blogs & sites by setting up a Google reader account User twitter tools like Tweep Search to find out who’s talking about your area of design on twitter & follow them Set up Google alerts around your keywords & your brand
    • 13. 2. Create Content “ The web allows us to create multiple streams & every time we activate a online profile we are creating a life stream” David Armano
    • 14. All these life Streams are connected
    • 15. The New Reality
      • Are we living in Planet Obama ?
      "(Obama) recognizes that, in the same way a blog can’t survive on just one post a day, a presidency can no longer survive on one message per day or one press conference per year. Instead, you have to turn on a fire hose.“ New York Times
    • 16. Some Basic Rules to apply
      • Set up your home base foundations & move out from there
      • Create new content regularly
      • The more other can use your content the better they will adopt it
      • Consider adding audio & video to the mix
      • Mix up the kind of pieces you put on your site/blog
      • Think of yourself as a publisher for your audience
      • Write passionately
      • Be yourself
      • Don’t be afraid to experiment
    • 17. 3. Optimise & Distribute
      • Optimisation is t he process of choosing targeted keyword to increase ranking or online visibility search.
      • Steps to achieve this include:
        • Attach keywords to text documents, video’s, photos and in setting up any online profiles.
        • Include keywords in all file names
        • Tag articles in social bookmarking sites like delicious & Digg
        • Distribute content through your life streams
    • 18. David Carson Google Search
    • 19. David Carson Images in Google
    • 20. David Carson Wikipedia page
    • 21. Which Platforms?
    • 22. 4. Engage & Influence
      • Join the conversation
      • Start by Commenting on other peoples blogs builds awareness fast
      • The more valuable your comments the more it reflects on your credibility online
      • The aim is to build trust and credibility over a period of time
      • Manage your social systems and add value to them
      • with your content
    • 23. Manage your Social Systems Work out which ones work best? Do they aligns with your Personal brand goals?
    • 24. Rules of engagement
      • Be authentic and personal
      • Be honest and transparent
      • Conversations, not push messages
      • Avoid advertising-driven messaging
      • Add value to the community
      • Understand & respect the community’s rules of the engagement
      • Make no assumptions
    • 25. 5. Monitor & Evaluate
      • Google Analytics
      • What’s worked what hasn’t
      • Monitor buzz
      • Engagement metrics
      • Identify trends/themes
      • Future opportunities 
    • 26. Summary
      • Starting today start thinking of yourself as a brand
      • With social media you have an opportunity to create & define what your personal brand is
      • Create life Streams
      • Experiment
      • Don’t forget how important Google is
      • You have the power to influence & be your own brand .
    • 27. Lastly
      • “ You have to embrace your personality and be true to your self and let it shine through”
      • Rohit Bhargava. “Personality not included”
    • 28. Resources
      • Chris Brogan -Social media Guru
      • Steve Rubel’s Lifestream
      • Adaptive Path (UI design) http:// /blog/
      • David Armano (designer/communicator)
      • Seth Godin (marketing guru) http:// /
      • Anna Fraser Design
    • 29. Find me here
      • Blog:
      • Email: [email_address]
      • Twitter
      • Linked in http://www.linkedin/in/davidwesson
      • Thank you