Social Media Marketing Basics


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The basics on how to incorporate social media into your marketing through content creation and distribution to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other appropriate networks. Learn how social media can complement your existing marketing efforts to accomplish business goals.

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Social Media Marketing Basics

  1. 1. The Four “C’s” of Social Media  No matter what platforms you choose, these four things will keep your strategy moving in the right direction: 1. 2. 3. 4. Consistency Customization Community Content
  2. 2. Consistency
  3. 3. Create a Schedule (and stick to it!)
  4. 4. Customization Set Yourself Apart!  Facebook Cover Photo  Tabs on Facebook  Twitter Background  YouTube Skin  LinkedIn Header photo
  5. 5. Community com·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyunti/ noun, plural -ties. ɪ a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists
  6. 6. It’s Ok to Eavesdrop!
  7. 7. Google Alerts
  8. 8. What Should I Post? Almost Anything!
  9. 9.  Information, News and Announcements  Blog Posts You’ve Written Events/Promotions Quotes Stats Industry trends Behind the scenes at your office     
  10. 10. Share from Other Pages
  11. 11. Make your content work overtime
  12. 12. Start with an authentic glimpse at something special and unique to your brand.
  13. 13. Use that content creation to inform visitors on your website and boost SEO.
  14. 14. Seek conversations for opportunities to share and interact with visitors to provide customer service and serve as a resource.
  15. 15. Post to Facebook and encourage engagement and action.
  16. 16. Post the photo to Pinterest linking back to your content to drive traffic to your website, increase inbound links and encourage sharing.
  17. 17. Content DON’T’s  DON’T schedule all of your content through 3rd party apps – people can tell it’s not “real” • DON’T delete things you don’t like – address them • DON’T go days without posting – you have to be consistent • DON’T be negative about your brand, your competitors, your city or anything else • DON’T be that guy at the party – talk about things other than yourself
  18. 18. Content DO’s  DO post consistently and post as often as you have content • DO put some of your personality behind the content • DO post with a PURPOSE – you must have a strategy behind the post • DO respond when people comment, like or share • DO post photos and video – they are the highest engaged pieces of content
  19. 19. DO… Spread the Word
  20. 20. Print Materials
  21. 21. Email Signature
  22. 22. Website (above the fold!)
  23. 23. TV Ads
  24. 24. Radio Spots Fan us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for more information!
  25. 25. Outdoor
  26. 26. Anywhere Relevant