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Plan clases ingles orinson valenciano

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Plan clases ingles orinson valenciano

  1. 1. CLASS PLAN: IDENTIFICATION<br />NORMAL SUPERIOR DEL DISTRITO DE BARRANQUILLAEducation: PrimaryRating: 4°Teacher in Training: ORINSON VALENCIANOTeacher advisor: ANALIDA CARVAJALAREA OF KNOWLEDGETopic - Project - Teaching unit - Theme Generator.FESTIVALS OF THE WORLD, Secretary's DayACHIEVEMENTS, SUCCESS INDICATORS:Identify the main features of the day of the secretary.<br />Differentiate the variants of the day of the secretary.<br />Reflecting on the importance of this celebration<br />
  2. 2. SECRETARY´S DAY<br /> <br />Secretary's Day is celebrated on 26 April each year, mainly in Latin America, this date can vary by country and is the opportunity for leaders to recognize his secretary all the daily effort for your input.   The first impression a person has a business, is given by the contact with the secretary, who believe that with his attitude when we meet reflect the personality of its own boss, it is assumed that many secretaries mimic the behavior and Chief attitudes, if this is so nice secretary shall, if the boss is arrogant in dealing will also be the secretary. But nothing actually wrong, because the good secretary is always sympathetic to their partners, knowing that a bad attitude will expose the quality of the head you have.   But it means to be secretary, is the question asked by many, hence the word secretary ask others, since when it has knowledge of the existence of the secretary. These are the questions we will attempt to respond to having a secretary who know and value it as such for those having to constantly linked with a secretary is for business or administrative clearly understand what their role and when their day's holiday to congratulate you feel to be free squeamishness. <br />
  3. 3. Secretary´sDays<br />Beautifull<br />Fantastic<br />
  4. 4. METHODOLOGICAL PROCESS (Steps, steps or actions for the construction of knowledge)<br />I will use a simple approach, open dynamic in which students learn, not bored in class, through technology, and that like children, I will use computer slides, videos, etc.EVALUATION PROCESS<br />(Criteria for assessment: participation, group work, individual work, relationships, etc.).I will assess student behavior and participation during class.RESOURCES:<br />VideosSlidesInternetLyricsBIBLIOGRAPHY<br /> <br /> <br />