4 Cs Of Smm


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4 Key techniques to promote success in social media marketing. not a technical guide, rather suggestions on how to build content and trust.

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4 Cs Of Smm

  1. 1. 4-Cs ofSocial Media Marketing Mary Winingham Mirror Consulting
  2. 2. Generate Exposure Increase traffic to all of your sites Bring in new relationships People need to know you People need to like you People need to trust you People are going to start working with you How Social Media helps your organization
  3. 3.  SMM Now a proven method of building your brand and attracting new clients Key to success is education and execution Simple tips and tools will guide you to success in Social Media Marketing SMM role in attracting opportunities
  4. 4. Social Media Spending
  5. 5. Inbound Marketing is drawing them into you! Inbound marketing is more than 50% less expensive than outbound efforts such as direct mail, conferences and telemarketing to new inbound methods that include blogging, search engine optimization and pay-per-click. Inbound marketing accounts for more than 1/3 of all leads. HubSpot – 2009 (www.hubspot.com) Draw them in!
  6. 6. Social Media is for B2B and B2C Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report Http://bit/ly/aewfHR
  7. 7. SMMA (Social Media Martial Arts) 4-C’s of SMMA Consistency Connections Content Courtesy
  8. 8. SMM is not your stand alone marketing plan, but a part of a comprehensive marketing and branding plan Same basic rules apply Have a plan Have a message Select your target audience Drive great content Monitor and track results Your success in social media will depend on your ability to make valuable engaging contributions, beyond simply promoting your brand. Consistency
  9. 9. Focus your profile message on Your brand and Value Proposition Target audience Target partners Your other profiles What is it your audience wants to know? - How does it work? - What will it do for me? - What will I gain from my affiliation with you? - Who else says so? Your Profile is Key
  10. 10. Make it a habit of searching your name and company periodically online Google, BING, ASK, AOL Check SMM sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter Check YouTube!!! Monitor and protect your online identity! Who are you today on-line?
  11. 11. Institute a standards and practice policy for anyone in the company using your organizations name in their social media profile If you have an email policy – extend it to Social Media as well Periodically monitor and search your organizations name and what your employees are saying Web Security – Norton, WebRoot, McAffee Consistency and Organizational Policy
  12. 12. Think in terms of who can best help you achieve your goals Ask yourself: Who is the idea connection? Where are they today? How are they communicating today? Think in terms of attributes Age group, geographic group, like-minded groups Connections
  13. 13. Connections means more than having 5000 connections on Linked-in Who should you connect with? Your target audience Join Groups Invite group members Invite mutual shared contacts Be visible in discussions Use search tools to identify individuals, companies and groups Then Engage! Connections
  14. 14. Social media campaigns improve your standing on search engines like Google, they enhance your brand, they sell your products, they drive traffic to your website and they can help you gain new customers and serve current customers. Drive great content – have something to say Consistent with marketing plan Decide what you want your online image to be Schedule it Review for comments and revise as needed Content is KING!
  15. 15. Begin and end with a focus on your brand, your goals, your audience Remember this is part of a larger plan not a plan in and of itself. Be clear about your Value Proposition Use language of engagement – our, we, you, us…less “I” Who should you differentiate yourself from? Who is your competition? Who is getting the ‘wallet share” or “time share” that you are looking to leverage? Could be time sensitive – you are delivering real time info while others are not How to Deliver Great Content
  16. 16. How to Deliver great Content List 5 things people want to know when searching for your products or services Answer questions that are being asked Be sure this is consistent with websites and other marketing efforts – if not they should be List 5 things you want people to know about you when they find you Goals, events, how to get involved, what they gain from involvement Repurpose Content Content from newsletters, websites, marketing materials should be used across channels Reduces effort while reinforcing brand awareness
  17. 17. Engage in and start conversations Personalize Give an opinion Ask Questions/ initiate a poll Blog Use Key Words consistently in your postings, updates, profile and comments Key word density and related words Searching your key words and see what comes up, then try multiple variations of the same thing. Think about it from a non-insider perspective Google AdWords How to Deliver Content
  18. 18. Google Ad Words toolhttps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
  19. 19. Real time results
  20. 20. When you are driving personal content it’s most important to reach out. When driving organizational content, it’s most important to listen first. Organizational Content
  21. 21. To reach the best internet optimization and reach the front page of search engines, cross-pollinate content For example: Linked-In profile, website, blog Facebook fan page, website, twitter Linked-in Profile, YouTube video of my presentation, blog Maximize content of things you are already doing Three is the key. But be consistent and focus on content not numbers Triangulate
  22. 22. While the internet can be impersonal, it is also personal. You must learn to connect in a positive way. Be personal When you invite someone, send a personal invitation stating why you want to connect with them and what you may be able to offer Make it mutual – it’s an exchange not just a one way connection When you are invited, send a personal response Engage in conversations and comments Courtesy
  23. 23. While you will be representing an organization, an individual will be managing content – be mindful that there are real people out there looking at and reacting to your posts! Organizational Courtesy
  24. 24. Work in time blocks Learn efficiency best practices Use a systematic approach Utilize tools Hootsuite Use outside help SMMA time management
  25. 25. Allows you to schedule updates weeks and months in advance across social media sites Free, simple to use SAVES TIME Ensures consistency Hootsuite
  26. 26. HootSuite
  27. 27. Hootsuite
  28. 28. Hootsuite
  29. 29. Hootsuite
  30. 30. SMM Management tools Marketing Plan Establish a 3 – 6 months plan Decide who will drive content Decide who will create posts Decide who will monitor and respond Utilize SMM tools to make best use of your time HootSuite allows you to schedule posts in advance, decide what sites will see what content Dedicate time to this effort No more than 30 minutes a day should be devoted to SMM once plan is established Once you get the hang of it you will only be posting “realtime” updates Should end up with about 30 minutes a week maintenance
  31. 31. Site Tutorials Free Webinars Free Social Media Articles Look and Learn from others ASK!!! Knock-Out Punch - Education
  32. 32. LinkedIn Groups Social Media for Non-Profits Non-Profit Tech 2.0 – Social Media Guide for Non-Profits HubSpot – general social media insights Tutorials Google for Non-Profits Facebook LinkedIn Resources
  33. 33. HubSpot example
  34. 34. SMM is not going away and will only have more impact in the future It’s part of your overall marketing plan It’s truly about connections – not spam Content is king It may take a while for you to see the impact, but with a consistent approach you will see results. Summary