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Listening Lesson Plan

Listening Lesson Plan






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    Listening Lesson Plan Listening Lesson Plan Presentation Transcript

    • Lesson plan- Shopping Instructor: Po-Yi Hung Presenter: Sadia Date: November 19, 2008 Listening
    • Lesson Plan
      • Objective: Students will able to understand the
      • simple conversation and acquire
      • listening strategies.
      • Number of students: 20 college students
      • English level: basic
      • Vocabulary level: 800-1000
      • Time: 2 hr
      • Materials: Songs, handout, and websites.
      • Evaluation: Activities (50%) Assignment (30%)
      • Attendance (10%) Interaction (10%)
    • Introduction
      • Listening Skill Tips
      • Listen to something you enjoy
      • By listening to something you enjoy, you are also likely to
      • know a lot more of the vocabulary required!
      • Listen for Keywords
      • Use keywords or key phrases to help you understand the
      • general ideas.
      • Listen for Context
      • If you focus on the word tuner you might become frustrated.
      • However, if you think in context you probably will
      • understand.
    • Procedure Warm up 15 mins 1 Activity I 20 mins 2 Activity II 30 mins 3 Activity III 30mins 4 Evaluation 25 mins 5
    • Warm up
      • Asking some questions about shopping experiences and situation to the students. When do you go to shopping? Where do you go to shopping? How do you bargain with the salesclerk? Than Students share their own experiences or opinions with the teacher and classmates.
    • Activity I
      • Vocabulary
      • II. Pre-listening
      • III. Handout
      • IV. Listening again & Check the answer
    • Vocabulary sweater scarf boots put it on credit card gifts discount
    • P re- L istening
      • The teacher try to help students to understand the general ideas by listening at first, so teacher will play the song before giving students the handout.
    • Handout
      • 1. How much time they can go shopping?
      • A.30 minutes B.10 minutes
      • 2. Why did they go shopping? Because ____ is coming.
      • A. New Year B. Christmas
      • 3. Which product is on sale? A. Scarf B. hat
      • 4. Where can they get coupons?
      • A Counter in department store B. Download from website
      • 5. What did Ren buy for his sisters?
      • 6. Did Stimpy buy the sweater? A. YES B. No
    • Listening again
      • The students have to listen again after finishing the handout to check their answers. And students will know how their listening comprehension is.
    • Activity II 2. Listening: Clothes Shopping 1. Vocabulary Activity - Colors
    • Vocabulary Activity - Colors
      • Teaching the vocabularies of color before the activity
      • Black Green Red
      • Blue Orange Turquoise
      • Brown Pink Yellow
      • Gray Purple White
      • http:// fog.ccsf.edu/~lfried/vocabulary/vocabulary.html
    • Let's Listen Listening Answer Questions Check Answers immediately Evaluation Listening Again to correct F ollow Directions
    • Activity III 1.Listening-shopping for the day 2.Work In Pairs
    • How often do you go shopping for the following items and where do you buy them: clothing, gifts for friends and family, music, DVD movies, electronics?
      • Listen to the
      • conversation
      • Read quiz script
      • Do text completion
      • quiz
      With a partner, decide on a particular item you want to buy. Then, asking students to practice it in pairs, using the substitution. Pre-listening Listening exercises Post listening S hopping Online
    • Work In Pairs
      • Clerk : I really like that jacket ! It looks good on you.
      • Customer : I don’t know. It’s more expensive than the other one.
      • Clerk: But it makes you look thin . I’ll tell you what: I’ll give you a
      • 10% discount.
      • Customer: Alright. I’ll take it. How much is it?
      • Clerk: With tax, the total comes to $48.50 . How would you like
      • to pay?
      • Customer : I’ll put it on my credit card . Substitution
      1. Sweater shirt . 2 not as stylish as much brighter than 3.it goes well with your pants it matches your shoes 6. write a check pay with cash 5. $38.62 $28.87
      • 25%
      • 15%
    • Assignment & Evaluation
      • 1 . Listening Conversation after class
      • 2 . Teacher will test students in next class
      • 3 . Peers discussion & Role play
      • Thanks for your listening