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Connie Grammar

  1. 1. imagination
  2. 2. Lesson Plan 20 students Time: 50 minutes Basic( Students have Level of students known :800 ~1000 words) 1. To identify and correct common grammar errors. 2. To use punctuation properly. Objectives 3. To produce daily conversation with correct grammar. 4. To correctly express ideas in simple sentences.
  3. 3. Lesson Plan 1. Let’s Talk 1 (Cambridge) Teaching 2. Language in Use materials 1. Quiz, Evaluation: 2. Participation, 3. Assignments
  4. 4. Warm up New Year is coming, make the students present their hopes for new year. • What do you want to do next year? • what is your plan for next year? • Where do you want to go in New Year vacation?
  5. 5. Grammar Checklist would What would you do? I’d speak to his teacher. I wouldn’t let her use the phone. I wish + could/would → for things you want to do and things you want to happen. I wish I could go abroad. I wish I wish + past→ for talking about the present. I wish I had more friends. I wish the roads weren’t so crowded. 2nd conditional If + past, ….would(n’t)…→ for imaging unreal or unlikely situation. If I had a car, I’d take you to the station. If you didn’t drink so much coffee, you’d sleep better.
  6. 6. Practice Reason Advice If you turned the sofa on its side… ….It would go through the door •Your parents would be able to get in. •Turn the sofa on its side. •It would go through the door. •Take your jacket off. •Your wouldn’t forget so many •Don’t hit your children. •Take your dog for a walk appointments. •Get a diary •You wouldn’t have mice in your flat. •Don’t drink so much coffee. •They wouldn’t be frightened of you. •Leave a key with a neighbour. •You’d be more popular with your •Don’t leave food lying around. •Don’t play music after neighbours. •You’d sleep better. midnight. •You’d feel more comfortable. •It wouldn’t bark so much.
  7. 7. Activity I  Find out whether your partner would do these things: • Give money to a beggar in the street. • Swim in the sea in winter. • Drive a car after drinking alcohol. • Give up a seat on a bus for an elderly person. • Kill someone in self-defence.
  8. 8. Activity II Your 14-years-old daughter Some older students at school thinks that the only reason you are bullying you. You would like have a phone is so that she can to ask your parent’s advice, but talk to her friends all evening, you’re afraid that they might Your’ve told her that she cant’ rush round to the school and phone them any more –so now make a big fuss, and that this her friends phone her instead. might only make things worse.
  9. 9. Activity II Your 3-year-old daughter won’t eat You belong to a very close family who her meals. Apart from cheese, she have always done things together. will only eat junk food like You’re 15 now, and you would like to chips, crisps, cake, sweets and ice- spend more time with your friends, cream. You’ve told her that she especially at weekends. But your can’t leave the table until she eats parents always organise family her meal, but that doesn’t work; activities that fill up the whole she just sits and looks at it without weekend, and say you’re too young to eating. go off on your own.
  10. 10. Quiz
  11. 11. had What if I ____ never let you go be Would you ____ the man I used to know had What if I ____ never walked away can 'Cos I still love you more than I ____ say stayed If I'd _______ If you'dtried ____ could If we ______ only turn back time But I guess we'll never know We'll never know