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Lesson Plan Listening

  1. 1. NG Sum Yi Cindy 11001748 Asia’s World City - Listening LESSON PLANClass: Secondary 3 (Average to above-average)Lesson Duration: 40 minutesTextbook: Oxford English 3A (Worksheet)Previous Students have learnt:knowledge: 1. popular local tourist attractions such as The Peak and Victoria Habour 2. detailed description of a particular placeLearning By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:objectives: 1. identify keywords and information in recordings and complete the information sheet 2. extract specific information in the travel guide to complete the information sheet 3. express their views on local tourist attractions verbally 4. design an information sheet for a tourist attraction with the help of online travel and audio guidesLanguage 1. Targeted listening: keywords and numbersFocus: 2. Reading: skimming and scanning 3. Speaking: discussion and reportingTeaching PowerPoint slides (Appendix I), Worksheet (Appendix II)Materials: 1
  2. 2. NG Sum Yi Cindy 11001748Procedures: Time Teaching Steps PurposeAllocation Pre-listening 4 minutes 1. T shows a Youtube video to Ss. Get Ss’ attention in the beginning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= of the lesson T8yeS3LXHZU T asks the following questions: Let Ss recall vocabulary covered in i. What adjectives have you the Reading lesson learnt in describing Hong Kong? ii. Can you notice any tourist attractions in the video? 2 minutes 2. T tells Ss the following: Provide instructions to Ss i. Uncle Alan in the US watched this video and found Hong Kong very attractive. ii. He planned to visit Hong Kong and have sent an email to you. T shows the email on the PowerPoint slides (Appendix I); asks Ss to read through it. 1 minute 3. T asks Ss to tell what is going to Q&A to check Ss’ understanding of happen and what they need to do. the instructions T tells Ss that they have collected Provide instructions to Ss some information about the two tourist attractions and their audio guides from the website: i. http://www.discoverhongkong.com/ eng/attractions/museum-hongkong- history.html ii. http://www.discoverhongkong.com/ eng/attractions/outlying-giant-budd ha.html 1 minute 4. T tells Ss that they want to prepare Introduce the purpose of listening to an information sheet for each Ss tourist spot with the help of collected information. 7 minutes 5. T asks Ss to read through the travel Let Ss practise skimming and guides and the information sheet scanning skills 2
  3. 3. NG Sum Yi Cindy 11001748 first on P.2-5 of the Worksheet (Appendix II) before listening to the audio guides.0.5 minute 6. T introduces the first listening skill: Provide instructions to Ss listening for keywords on P.1 of the Listening Worksheet (Appendix II)0.5 minute 7. T gives Ss examples of keywords: Present the new language: listening for keywords i. Listening for location: located in/at, seated on ii. Listening for weight and height: weigh(s), tall iii. Listening for components: comprise(s) of0.5 minute 8. T introduces the second listening Provide instructions to Ss skill: listening for numbers on P.1 of the Worksheet (Appendix II).0.5 minute 9. T reads the numbers aloud slowly Present the new language: listening and writes them on board such as for numbers 123=one-two-three/one hundred and twenty-three.1 minute 10. T writes a few more three-digit Check Ss’ understanding of reading numbers such as 768, 941 and 475 three-digit numbers aloud on the board; asks Ss to call them out. While-listening10 minutes 1. T plays the audio guides; asks Ss to Let Ss practice the new language(Duration of listen for necessary information and (listening for keywords andthe audio complete the two information numbers) in the listening exerciseguides: 6 sheets on P.4-5 of the Worksheetminutes) (Appendix II). Post-listening4 minutes 1. T goes through answers of the Assess how much Ss can achieve in listening exercise with Ss. the exercise0.5 minute 2. T asks Ss if they know such detailed Prepare Ss for discussion information about the two tourist attractions.2 minutes 3. T asks Ss to discuss in pairs to Let Ss practice discussing skills choose which place they prefer to visit and why. 3
  4. 4. NG Sum Yi Cindy 110017484 minutes 4. T asks a few pairs to report their Let Ss practice reporting skills preference and reasons. Closing0.5 minute 1. T reminds Ss that they have learnt Review the lesson quickly to about listening for keywords and strengthen Ss’ memory numbers in this lesson.1 minute 2. T assigns homework to Ss: Let Ss produce the new language at home on their own Information Sheet Design i. Choose one tourist attraction that you are interested in ii. Find its information and audio guide from the Hong Kong Tourism Board website iii. Design an information sheet (no fixed format; pictures may also be included) iv. Upload the homework to the blog 4