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Romanian presentation


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Sightseeing and food presentation

Sightseeing and food presentation

Published in: Education

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  • 2.  In Caracal you can visit: The National Theatre of Caracal is an architectural vanity of the town . It was designed by the Austrian architect, Franz Billek and built in eclectic style with neo-baroque and neo- Renaissance accents in the nineteenth century . In 2009 it was reopened, after a great fire, and so all the city’s emotions were focused on it and the curiosity of all great Romanian actors too.
  • 3. “Constantin Poroineanu” Park Constantin Poroineanu Park is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Romania, being recognized in Europe as the third natural park, by dimension . The name was chosen in the memory of Constantin Poroineanu, who donated land and his entire wealth to the city .
  • 4. The Museum of Romanaţi The Museum of Romanaţi was founded in 1949 in the building that belonged to the Jianu family, on the Negru Voda, no. 1 . Re-founded in 1990, today is located on the Iancu Jianu street no. 24, in the house of Dorbrudeanu N. Iancu, Iancu Jianu`s grandson . It shelters inestimable values, history`s testimonies of those old times, discovered, collected, preserved and exhibited with professionalism.
  • 5. Mountain sightseeingBABELE . Meaning ‘The old women’, is situated on the Bucegi Mountains plateauBabele is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The namecomes from some mushroom shaped rock formations, the result of erosion andvarying hardness of the rock layers.
  • 6. The Sfinx from Bucegi, another strange shaped rockformation, named for its sphinx-like appearance..
  • 7. PelesCastle
  • 8. Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)
  • 9. Romanian monasteries
  • 10. The Danube Delta
  • 11. The Black Sea
  • 12. The Obelisc from Costinesti
  • 13. Black Sea shore
  • 15. “SARMALE”You make it with one large pickled cabbage, 1kg ground meat (pork), 2large onions (finely chopped), 50 grams rice, lard, 5 tomatoes (or a can ofpealed tomatoes – I do not recommend ready-made tomato sauce), four-five slices of smoked bacon, salt, pepper, water. Fry the onion in lard till itgets gold brown, then mix it in a bowl with the meat, rice, salt andpepper. Caution with the salt: sour cabbage is already salty and too muchsalt in the meat mixture could ruin your meal. Carefully remove thecabbage leaves one by one, paying attention not to tear them. Dependingon how big your cabbage is you need whole leaves or halves to make therolls. Remove cabbage core – it is hard to roll the meat mixture if youdon’t. they are good with ‘mamaliga’.
  • 16. “MAMALIGA” Here is a famous food specialty of my country. It is calledMămăligă . You make it just with water and corn flour. Put the water to boil in a large pot with the salt and the butter . Pourabout 1/3 of the maize flour and mix it continuously . After approx. 1-2minutes pour the rest of the maize flour without mixing it . After about 10minutes mix it again for 2-3 minutes, but carefully not to burn it .Flip it overon a wooden board. It’s great with cheese, sour cream and butter, with anykind of steak or fish or with “sarmale”, the previous recipe,or “mititei”, thenext one!.
  • 17. MITITEI” Here is a famous food speciality of my country. It iscalled mititei or mici. Mititei (Romanian pronunciation: [miti/tej]) or mici ([mitʃʲ]; Romanian for little or small ones) is a traditionalRomanian dish of grilled minced-meat rolls made from beef(usually mixed with lamb and pork), which contain garlic, blackpepper, thyme, coriander, anise, savory and sometimes a touch ofpaprika. Sodium bicarbonate (and sometimes broth or water) isalso added to the mixture.It is best served accompanied bymustard. Ideally the mustard should not contain too much vinegar,because the sour taste does not fit with the Mititei. The mititei arevery popular in Romania.
  • 18. “PIFTIE”You make it with any kind of meat with bone, carrots ,parsley root, salt, garlicBoil the meat until the bone can rip on. In another pan boilthe carrots and the parsley root too, until they get soft. Afterthe meat and vegetables are cooked you put them in a platewith how much salt and garlic do you want and pour the soupyou made. Let the ‘soup’ at the refrigerator a few hours tobecome like a jelly.
  • 19. “COZONAC”Ingredients8 cups flour8 eggs The recipes differ rather significantly1 cup sugar between regions in what concerns the1 cup butter trimmings. The dough is essentially2 tbs. oil similar throughout the country: a plain2 cups milk sweet bread made with flour, eggs, milk,50 gr. yeast butter, sugar and salt. Depending on the1 tbs. salt region, one may add to it any of the1 tbs. rum following: raisins, Turkish delight (Rahatvanilla extract Lokum), grated orange or lemon rind,1 lemon scraped skin walnuts or hazelnuts, vanilla or rum flavor. Cozonac may be sprinkled with poppy seeds on top.
  • 20. “PAPANASI”Here food is a famous speciality of my country. It is called Papanasi (Cottage cheese dumplings) . Mix the cottage cheese with the 4 cups fresh cottage cheese sugar and the baking powder. After 1 cup sugar that add the eggs and the vanilla 2 eggs extract and at the very end the flour.You can mix it with a mixer for 1/2 teaspoon baking powder better homogeneity. In a deep pan 1 teaspoon vanilla extract heat some oil. 1-1/2 cup flour Make small balls of dough, a size sour cream that would fit in your hands. Make a jam whole through the center of it with your finger and take it through flour. Enlarge carefully the whole and flatten the ball of dough a little. Fry them in hot oil on both sides until they get color. (aprox 5 minutes) Serve with sour cream and jam on top.
  • 21. ROMANIAN DISH The best way to enjoy a Romanian speciality is in a Romanian dish called “strachina”, They are made of burnt clay and richly decorated.
  • 22.  “POFTA BUNA!” “ENJOY!”