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Prezentacja tradycje kulinarne podkarpacia


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Prezentacja tradycje kulinarne podkarpacia

  1. 1. Traditional cuisine of Podkarpacie
  2. 2. Visiting antique baronial mansion walls on Podkarpackie, walking trough old living rooms, parlor and dining room we can taste a dish, which sometime the former owners was eaten sitting at big, a sumptuous tables. Visiting ancestral Krasickis’ headquarters, later Potockis and Sapieha in Krasiczyn around Przemyśl, in restaurant you should taste aromatic mushroom soup, pork of boar, baked pig or salomon with saffron milk cap. Amateur of wild meat food invite to taste leg of deer in juniper sauce with buckwheat and salad with sauerkraut.
  3. 3. Pickled dogwood, a polish dishes called proziaki, chrupaczki, krężałki, knysze, Pamuła, panepuchy and bryndza kozia – it’s just a few popular delights on Podkarpacie which is truly crucible of tradition, culture and tastes. That is exactly where tourists - gourmets can find the most various types of food in Poland, in which typical polish court-borderland food entwine with peasent's (for example lasowiacka or rzeszowska); pastoral wallachian (from which derived Lemki and Boykos food), also armenian, jewish, german, hungarian and austrian.
  4. 4. Vlachs-cowherds following behind their herds they defeat another hogback. In second half XIV age they appear on Sanok land, on the beginning XV age they reached to Biecz. They bring to Poland cheese tradition. Feature assign to this nation was „violent lifestyle, barbaric custom, keep up from pastoral life and also living in mountians”. Vlachs wander of Carpathian ridge, spread forms of pastoral economy on all of their area. Later culturs of Rusyn (Boykos and Lemkis), found on this tradition, they owe a skill of making cheese. From basic stock – milk – they making cheese (cottage cheese), butter, nuttermilk, whey. Sheep gazed on mountians meadow, after splited from lambs, they give milk from half of may to half of september between 6 to 30 liers of milk, which is making 6-12 kg of raw cheese called bundz. During storage bundz dry and lose 25% of wage. The best produced from this milki is cheese type called smoked ewe's milk cheese made in the Tatra Mountains.
  5. 5. Carpathian goat was very popular in mountian in Carpathia and good adapt to hard climatic conditions. This indiscriminate animal can live there where cows and sheep doesn’t have a chance to live. Goat cheese are soft, usualy have silky crust and intensive, lightly salty, spice flavor. Sometimes it’s coat in ash from charcoal, dredge spice, herbs and fold into leaves. A stock is goat bundz made from milk. Characteristic tase of milk and their products is result of specifics of podkarpackie’s meadow and pasture.
  6. 6. Legends of Bieszczady, Beskid Niski, Pogórze and Roztocze for the last 50 years are eye-catching a lot of tourist impulse in this part of Poland. Old mosaic of nations and ethnos area of polish-slovak and polish-ukrainian borderland isn’t fortunately a completely closed card. The history from the ages change humans relations of this region and there is no longer that scale of element boykos, lemks or jewish. However heritage of this nation is still here, the food tradition and products made by Rusyn mountaineer stayd. It’s a simple, cheap and filling dish. They was results of tradition, availability of products, walth of pantry in different seasons, geographical location, dominant breeding in the part of region.
  7. 7. The Podkarpacki region is most famous for original dish names, behind them we can find very simple meals deriving from Rusyn mountaineer food called: hreczanyki (chop with groats and minced meat, eggs, garlic and spices), knysze (deep fried dumplings with filling from buckwheat, cottage cheese and onion), kugiel (cake from potatos with sauerkraut filling ). There can be mentioned meals called krĘŻaŁki, haluszki małdrzyki, szbanka or krupniak.
  8. 8. For a lot of people borderlands starts very close. Przemysl land, a part of old russian voivodeship from the 1 Republic times, for a some historian its the beginning of Borderlands – border Republic of both nations. Historical and ethic tradition of this area had influence also on image of food. Borderlands food characterized by simplicity and economy, it was based on a few basic, universally available and cheap ingredient. On of this ingredient was potatos. From borderlands their beginning take a popular potato pancakes, served in roadside bar, a fancy restaurant or served as hungarian pancakes. Eastern lineage have also potato’s cake, simply meal to make, which was made, on the beginning from grated potatos and fired pork fat. Later people started add a flour and eggs, and also added a sauce, onion or bacon. Combination potatos with flour creat meal called kartacze – its noodles about elongated shape with filling from meat and onion. They captivate by taste and aroma.
  9. 9. Jewish started settle on the land of today’s podkarpackie in a half of XVI age. Their centuries- old stay had influence on culinary tradition of this region. Trait of jewish food is substantial using some spice (nutmag, cloves, saffron, cumin), using often onion and garlic, and instead illicit lard, they used poultry fat, they added sugar or honey to fish or meat meals. Very different dishes of jewish food came to polish tradition. The most populare are: jewish carp, matzo, jewish caviar – liver paste or galician salad and slivovitz.
  10. 10. Proziak is a pie made from flour with baking soda. They came from Podkarpackie, where they have documented tradition of making for more than 150 years. We only need to mix flour with a little baking soda, salt, make a dough, seperate for piece, roll out to a flat circle and bake on hot sheet. Now, proziak are baked on frying pan. Proziak was often made when there wasn’t bread. Shape of proziak should be circle, square, oval or rhomboid. They can be made as a sweet delight, when you add more sugar to dough. The taisties are warm and buttered. There are gourmets which like eating proziak with honey or jam. The prefect ectra is garlick butter, which is very simple to make. Proziak proves basic rule in kitchen - delicious taste often is in simply components and excution.
  11. 11. Ingredients: 0,5l buttermilk or sour milk; 4 yolks; salt to taste; 1kg wheat flour; 2 tsp banking soda; 2 tsp sugar; oil to fry Preparation: Heat the buttermilk and sour milk up so it is warm. Add the 2 teaspoons od baking soda, 2 teaspoond of sugar and a bitof salt. Thenadd such amount of flour so the mixture is not too thickor too thin. Shape small pastries for the soda farls. Put in a previously greased baking tray. Bake on both sides.
  12. 12. Dough: 1kg flour; 0,5l warm water; 3 tbsp oil; a pinch of salat Stuffing: 2kg potatoes; 0,90kg cream cottage cheese; salt; pepper; fresh or dried dill; 2 onions; oil Preparation: Knead the dough from the ingredients. Boil the potates, press and cool. Fry the onion in fat until it is transulcent. Wash and chop the dill. Mix together all the stuffing ingredients: potatoes, cream cottage cheese and dill. Season to taste. Roll out the dough and cut out circles. Stuff tchem, fold and press together the edges to seal. Cook in lightly salted water.
  13. 13. Shortcrust pastry: 1 glass of icing sugar; 3 glasses of wheat fllour; 250g margarine; 2 eggs; 1 tsp baking powder Cheesecake: 3 glasses of icing sugar; 2kg ground; semi-skimmed cottage cheese; 2 blocks of margarine; 12 eggs; 2 packets cream custard. Preparation: Knead the dough from the ingredients. Divide it into parts. Put one galf into the frezer. Beat eggs with sugar and add the custard, margarine and cream cottage cheese in turn. At the end add the beaten whites and mix. Put one piece of the dough into a baking tin, place the cheese mixture on top of it and then grate the frozen dough on the top of the cheesecake. Bake at 180 °C for about 60 minutes. Bake at 180 °C for 1 hour 20 minutes. Serve with curds or butter.
  14. 14. Ingredients: 1 carrot; 1 celeriac; 1 onion; 2 beaten whites; 4 whole eggs; a ring of white sausage; 2 garlic cloves; a small handful of dried boletus mushrooms; 2 bay leaves; 3 bay leaves; 3 grains of allspice; 500ml leaven for sour flour-based soup (can be ready made); 2 tgsp cream (12 percent); a pinch of marjoram; 4 round loaves of bread Preparation: Clean and peel the carrot, celeric and onion. Cook the vegetables in a large pan until they become slightly soft. Put the mushrooms, allspice and bay leaves into the pan, season with salt. Cover the pan with its lid leaving a slight opening and cook over a low heat for over an hour. When everything is soft and the stock has inflused the flavour of all the ingredients press through a sieve. Grate the Garlic or press it and add to the stock with the leaven. Wgiten the soup with cream and season.
  15. 15. Ingredients: 1 glass of „Jaś” beans; 3 mid-size beetroots; 2 mid-size carrots; 1 mid-size parsnip; 0,5 celeriac; 0,25white cabbage; 4mid-size potatoes; 2,5l water; seasoning Preparation: Soak the cabbage overnight. In the morning don’t pour the water out but add the coarsly grated vegetables, shredded cabbage and diced potatoes. Cook until tender, thicken with cream, add a lot of parsley and seasoning- lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  16. 16. Ingredients: 1kg sauerkraut; 0,5kg raw cabbage; 0,5kg pork(collar, shoulder,ham); 300g sausage; 200g smoked bacon; 100g lard; a handful of dried mushrooms(boletus); tomato concentrate; salt; pepper; hunters’ stew seasoning; „maggi”; ground caraway seed; marjoram; onion Preparation: Wash the cabbage, pour over water and boil until soft. First peel and chop the raw cabbage then pour water over it and cook. Wash the dried mushrooms, soak and cook. Wash the meat, dice and fry in fat. Then add some water and add the onion fried in bacon fat. Stew under the lid until tender. Mix the cooked and slightly squeezed out cabbages(both fresh and sauerkraut). Add the cut mushrooms with the stock, stewed meat, fried bacon and sausage. Add the tomato concentrate and spices. If the cabbage is too thick add a bit of wather and bake in an oven at 120°C for half an hour. Hunters’ stew tastes better if contains meats of different kinds.
  17. 17. Ingredients: 0,5kg beetroot; 2l water; 0,5kg bones with meat( can be smoked ribs or culinary bones); 300g greens; 100g dried mushrooms; onion; beetroot vinegar or citric acid; salt; pepper; sugar; 1 large Garlic clove; bay leaf; marjoram Preparation: Wash the beetroot and cook until soft. Pour water over the previousy soaked mushrooms and washed bones and cook a stock. Add the vegetables and bay leaf to the slightly cooked meat. Peel the cooked beetroot and add to the stock. At the end of cookind add a bit of citric acid so the borscht keeps its nice colour. Press through a sieve, season with salt and pepper, add the garlic (pressed or finely chopped) and marjoram.
  18. 18. Ingredients: 0,5kg pork fat; 0,5kg bacon; 1 onion; 1 large apple salt; pepper; marjoram Preparation: Melt the pork fat and bacon together. Grate the apple. Mix together the pork fat, bacon, translucent onion and apple. Fry for a few minutes. Season with salt, pepper and marjoram. Set aside to cool down. Serve with bread and a gherkin.
  19. 19. Ingredients: 1,5kg carp ; vegetables(carrots, parsley, leek, celeriac, onion) ; bay leaf; allspice; 3tsp gelatine; salt; pepper; 2 hard boiled eggs; 0,75 lemon; sliced; parsley. Preparation: Skin the fish and slice. Cook a stock from the vegetables and seasoning. Put the slices into boiling stock. Simmer for 25 minutes (counting from the moment of boiling). Then take the slices out, put the head (without eyes and gills), tail and fins into the fish on a plater, decorate with egg, lemon and parsley. Pour the stock over it and leave to solidify.
  20. 20. Dough: 0,5kgflour; 30g yeast; 3 eggs; 0,5 glasses of sugar; 0,25 glass of cream; 9tbsp milk; 0,5 block of margarine. Melt the margarine. Mix the yeast with cream, beat the whole eggs with sugar, add the yeast, margarine, flour, mil and salt. Mix the dough well, stand in a cool place overnight. Poppy seed filling: 0,5kg poppy seed; 100g sugar; 50g margarine; 2 eggs; 0,25 glass of honey; almond essence; raisins; nuts. Blanch the poppy seed and grind twice. Mix the yolks with sugar, add poppey seed, melted margarine, liquid honey, beaten whites, nuts and raisins and almond essence. Divide the dough into two parts, roll out to create 1cm thick rectangles, put the poppy seed filling on, fold and stand to rise. When the cakes have risen glaze tchem with the egg and bake.
  21. 21. Ingredients: 1,5 carp; 3 eggs; 2 tbsp butter; lemon juice; salt; breadcrumbs; fat for frying Preparation: Clean and gut the carp, divide into slice, sprinkle with lemon juice and stand in the fridge for 30 minutes. Coat the slices with flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Fry in deep oil until golden. Put the carp in a saucepan, add butter and bake in an over for 15-20 minutes.
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