Traditional Turkish Food


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Traditional Turkish Food

  1. 1. Culinary CultureTurkish Cuisine is very rich there are a lot offactors for this:*The variety of products in Asia and Anatolia.*Interaction with numerous different culturesover a long historical process.*The new tastes developed in the palacekitchens of the Seljuk and Ottoman Empires.
  2. 2. Sauced DishesPrepared by:-Cereals-Vegatables-MeatSoupsDishes madefrom wildvegetablesHealth Food:-Pekmez- YoghurtCold DishesCooked With:-Olive Oil-Pastry Dishes
  3. 3. Food and Beverages Eaten at MealsUntil late Ottoman times there were generally two meals:* in late morning* dinnerToday the main meals are*breakfast, lunch and dinner.- Cheese- Olives- Bread- Eggs- Jam- Honey- Tomato- Sausage- Cucumber- Pepper- Tea- Soup- Stews- Salad- Dessert- Soup- Lamb & Beef- Kebab- Meatball- Olive Oil Dish- Pilaf- Salad- Dessert
  4. 4. Food and Beverages Peculiar to Special Days*Some foods and beverages, peculiar to special days and whichhave a symbolic meaning although they take much more time toprepare, are part of Turkish cuisine.*Food peculiar to such special days is prepared communally,known as called “imece.”At engagement, wedding and circumcision ceremonies, atRamadan with its deep religious meaning and other religiousand seasonal festivals, food is prepared with more attention,more special assortments are served, and tables are speciallydecorated. Birth, death and wedding meals can be cited asexamples.
  5. 5. Friends, relatives and neighbours visit women who have givenbirth, and bring soup, milk, yogurt and eggs. During “loğusa”(women recovering from childbirth) time, guests are servedloğusa sherbet (a non-alcoholic drink made with spices andfruit juices), biscuits, milk and desserts. It is believed that awoman who has given birth must have milk, onion, sherbet,wheat and lentils and must not eat garbanzo or beans nor drinkcold water if she wants to have sufficient milk to feed herchild.Ramadan Loğusa Time
  6. 6. Breakfast SpicesLoğusa SyrupPekmez
  7. 7. At weddings, rice, vegetables, beans or garbanzo and fruitjuices are served with a main course of meat. In nearlyevery region, vermicelli and yogurt soups, keskek (poundedwheat with meat), rice and meat are served at weddingmeals. Desserts are usually helva, zerde (a gelatinousdessert colored with saffron), rice pudding and baklava.ZerdeKeşkek
  8. 8. In addition to these, some other foods areserved in funerals. In a funeral house, foodis not cooked for 3-7 days (depending on theregion), and neighbors bring food instead.The tradition of cooking flour helva whenthe body is taken from the house andserving food on the 3rd, 7th, 40th and 52nddays after death still continues.
  9. 9. The Turkish cuisine which is a heritage of theOttoman culture has both affected and hasbeen affected by the Balkan and Middle Eastcuisines. The Turkish cuisine has got a lot ofdifferent food.
  10. 10. Soups (Çorbalar)A Turkish meal usuallystarts with a thinsoup. Soups areusually named aftertheir main ingredient,the most commontypes being lentil,yoghurt, or wheat(often mashed) calledand tarhana soup.
  11. 11. Tarhana Soup (Tarhana Çorbası)It is a famousTurkish soup. Youcan have it at everymeal, includingbreakfast. It ismade of yoghurt, mint,flour, red pepper,green pepper,tomatoes. If you want,you can put onion on it.
  12. 12. Yoghurt Soup (Yoğurt Çorbası)It is a kind ofTurkish soup.You can find, alot of differentkinds of yoghurtsoup.It is made of rice, yoghurt, chickpea, parsley,and mint. It tastes delicious.
  13. 13. Anchovy Soup Black Cabbage SoupChicken Soup with Vermicelli Okra Soup
  14. 14. Red Lentil Soup Soup With Home-Made NoodlesSpinach Soup Tandir Soup
  15. 15. Toyga Soup Tripe SoupVegetable Soup Wedding Soup
  16. 16. Kebabs & Beefs (Kebap & Etler)Most of themeat dishes inTurkish cuisinekebabs,meatballs andjuicy meatdishes are inthe class.
  17. 17. Döner (Döner)Döner is a kind ofTurkish kebab. You canfry it by putting thefat, meat and spices ona stick. Döner meat canbe eaten in a sandwich(pita or bread) but alsowith rice. Döner is aneating out Turkish food.You can have it in fastfood restaurants.
  18. 18. Cağ Kebab (Cağ Kebap)Cağ kebab, is arotating kind ofkebab,originating inErzurum, Turkey.Cağ Kebab isprobably by theway is the ancestorof the Döner as weknow it.History:Ottoman Travel books of the 18thcentury, cite a kebab cooked onwood fire consisting of horizontal stack of meat, known as "CağKebab”.
  19. 19. Skewer Kebab (Şiş Kebap)Şiş Kebap (şiş,pronounced "shish",means "skewer" inEnglish) consists ofmarinated chicken orlamb meat. Meat onskewers are grilledover an open fire.
  20. 20. Çiğ KöfteIt is a kind ofIt is a kind ofTurkish kebabTurkish kebabwhich is kneadedwhich is kneadedand mixed meat,and mixed meat,tomatoe paste,tomatoe paste,parsley and spices.parsley and spices.History:According to lore, çiğ köfte was invented in Urfa at the time of prophetAbraham. When Nimrod collected all firewood in Urfa in order to build amonumental execution pyre, the wife of a hunter had to prepare venisonraw. She mixed the meat with bulgur, herbs and spices and crushed themixture with stone implements until it was palatable.
  21. 21. Chicken And Mixed Vegetable Casserole Chicken StewChicken with Walnut Sauce Stuffed Chicken-Court Style
  22. 22. Pilaf With Lamb MeatPilafsWheat Pilaf with Chickpeas
  23. 23. Vegetable Dishes (Sebze Yemekleri)Turkish cuisine in agreat variety ofvegetable dishes isa kitchen withdolma and sarma,meat and vegetabledishes, friedvegetables andcountless varietiesof olive oil areavailable.
  24. 24. Stuffed Food (Dolma)Dolma has a specialplace in Turkishcuisine. It can beeaten either as a mezeor a main dish. It canbe cooked either as avegetable dish or meatdish. If a meatmixture is put in, it isusually served hot withyoghurt and spicessuch as oregano andred pepper powderwith oil.
  25. 25. Grape Leaf Rolls with Olive Oil(Zeytinyağlı Yaprak Dolması)Zeytinyağlı dolma(dolma with oliveoil) is the dolmamade with vineleaves cooked witholive oil and stuffedwith a rice-spicemixture. Such atype does notcontain meat, isserved cold andalso referred to assarma, which means“wrapping” inTurkish.
  26. 26. Squash Blossoms Stuffed CabbageStuffed Celery Roots Stuffed Eggplant
  27. 27. Stuffed Green Peppers Stuffed SquashStuffed Tomatoes Wrapped Vine Leaves
  28. 28. Alinazik Cut - Belly EggplantsFresh Beans with Olive oil Stuffed Squash With Olive Oil
  29. 29. Pastries (Hamur İşleri)Lahmacun, SuBöreği, Mantıand pies areamong themost popularof Turkishcuisine.
  30. 30. LahmacunIt is a famousTurkish foodtoo. It is madeby puttingmeat, pepper,parsley andspices on acircle dough.
  31. 31. Su BöreğiIt is also a veryIt is also a veryfamous Turkishfamous Turkishfood. It is madefood. It is madeof dough, which isof dough, which isput in boiledput in boiledwater for a fewwater for a fewseconds, egg,seconds, egg,cheese or meat.cheese or meat.OOld women usuallyld women usuallydo it it excellently.
  32. 32. MantıMantı is a kind ofTurkish mealwhich is boiled inwater. You can putsmall pieces ofmeat in dough.You can serve itby putting(dropping)yoghurt, tomatopaste, and butter.Mantı tastesdelicious.
  33. 33. Mezes & Salads (Mezeler & Salatalar)Meze is a selectionof food served asthe appetizercourse with orwithout drinks.Some of them canbe served as a maincourse as well.
  34. 34. Shepherds Salad (Çoban Salatası)It is one of themost popularsalads in Turkey.It is consideredby many as light,refreshing andeasy to make andis especiallypopular duringsummer.It is a combination of finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions,green peppers and flat-leaf parsley. The dressing consists of asimple mix of lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and salt.
  35. 35. Piyaz (Piyaz)Piyaz is a kind of Turkish salador meze that is made from anykind of dry beans with hard-boiled egg and vegetables.Common additional ingredientsinclude onion, parsley andsumac. In Antalya province ofTurkey it is prepareddifferently from other regionswith other ingredients likesesame oil. During the Ottomanperiod, piyaz was also madefrom artichoke, pea, chickpea,broad bean and potato, whichwas introduced to Turkey inthe last quarter of the 19thcentury.
  36. 36. Cacık (Cacık)Cacık is a Turkish dish ofseasoned, diluted yoghurt,eaten throughout the formerOttoman world. Cacık is madeof yogurt, salt, olive oil,crushed garlic, choppedcucumber, dill, mint, and limejuice, diluted with water to alow consistency, and garnishedwith sumac. Among theseingredients, olive oil, lime juice,and sumac are optional. Dill andmint (fresh or dried) may beused alternately. Cacık, whenconsumed as a meze, isprepared without water butfollows the same recipe.
  37. 37. Bulgur Salad (Kısır) Cabbage-Carrot SaladEggplant Salad Green Lentil Salad
  38. 38. Potato Salad Purslane SaladTomato Salad Wheat Salad with Walnuts
  39. 39. Drinks (İçecekler)At breakfast and allday long Turkishpeople drink black tea.Tea is made with twoteapots in Turkey.Turkish coffee,Turkish tea and Ayranare the most populardrinks in Turkey.
  40. 40. Turkish Coffee (Türk Kahvesi)Turkish coffee is aworld-known coffeewhich can be servedsweet or bitter.Turkish coffee, it isdifferent in aroma andtaste from the classicalTurkish coffee. It is thefirst ( only ) coffeewhich is served withcoffee ground.
  41. 41. Turkish Tea (Türk Çayı)Turkish tea is a typeof tea that is popularmainly in the Turkish-speaking countries. InTurkey, Turkish teatends to be morepopular than Turkishcoffee among theyounger generation.
  42. 42. Ayran (Ayran)Ayran (salty yoghurtdrink) is the mostcommon cold beverage,which may accompanyalmost all dishes inTurkey. Ayran is amixture of yoghurt,water, and sometimessalt. It is thought tohave originated as away of preservingyogurt by adding salt.
  43. 43. BozaRose SyrupLemonadeSalep
  44. 44. Desserts (Tatlılar)One of the world-renowned dessertsof Turkish cuisine isbaklava. Turkishcuisine has a rangeof baklava-likedesserts whichincludes Sütlaç,Turkish Delight.
  45. 45. Turkish Baklava (Baklava)It is made ofwalnuts, Antepnuts, almond orhazelnut. Ittastes delicious.Baklava isprepared on largetrays and cut intoa variety ofshapes.
  46. 46. SütlaçSütlaç is themost famousmilky dessertin Turkishcuisine. It ismade of, milk,rice and sugar.You can serveit puttingcinnamon on it.
  47. 47. Turkish Delight (Lokum)Turkish delight isone of the mostfamous dessertsin the world. It ismade of water,sugar, starch andsalts of lemon.Turkish peopleusually serve it totheir visitors.
  48. 48. Asure Chicken Breast PuddingGullac Halva
  49. 49. Kemal Pasha Dessert Pumpkin DessertSemolina Halva Stuffed Figs
  50. 50. Prepared By:İdea Nehir Özliman