Flashmarkets - Socon09 Keynote


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Christopher Carfi's keynote presentation from the SoCon social media conference in Atlanta, GA in February 2009.

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Flashmarkets - Socon09 Keynote

  1. 1. “Market” was a noun, long before it was a verb…
  2. 2. Connecting… In real life: SF Bay Area (Half Moon Bay, CA) Online: @ccarfi on Twitter http://www.socialcustomer.com (blog) http://www.cerado.com (URL) Hashtag for today for Twitter, Flickr, etc.: #socon or #socon09
  3. 3. FlashMarkets From the Roman Agora to the Mobile Web
  4. 4. About Chris Christopher Carfi is an entrepreneur and is currently the CEO of Cerado, Inc (http://www.cerado.com). His blog, The Social Customer Manifesto (http://www.socialcustomer.com), is a quot;Top 25quot; marketing blog, and has won numerous other awards including quot;Top CRM Blogquot; in 2005, 2007 and 2008. He is also an active contributor to the ProjectVRM (http://www.projectvrm.org), based at the Berkman Center at Harvard University, which focuses on improving customer-vendor relationships and is creating tools to equip individuals with tools of both independence and engagement. Chris grew up in Chicago, holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Northwestern University, and currently lives in the Bay Area with his family.
  5. 5. Roman Agora
  6. 6. tsukiji
  7. 7. aalsmeer
  8. 8. All these markets were set up by Vendors.
  9. 9. Customers learn about the markets (perhaps through marketing), and go to them to interact with vendors.
  10. 10. Yesterday’s vendor-driven world had three things. • Marketing • Sales • Support
  11. 11. But…what happens when markets are instead driven by customers…
  12. 12. Search Converse Shop Connect Support
  13. 13. How do we let them know about us? How do we let them know what we’d like them to do? How do we then do it?
  14. 14. Do individuals need PR and Market Communications teams in order to inform the market?
  15. 15. What happens when markets are driven by customers?
  16. 16. Related Projects ProjectVRM (thanks, Doc!) http://www.projectVRM.org Public Radio Tuner (thanks, Keith!) http://www.publicradiotuner.com/ The Mine! Project (thanks, Adriana!) http://themineproject.org/ Mydex (thanks, Iain!) http://mydex.org/
  17. 17. “Market” was a noun, long before it was a verb…
  18. 18. FlashMarkets From the Roman Agora to the Mobile Web
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