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An	  Ant’s	  Eye	  View	  of	  SXSW	  2011	                                                                   A	  Top	  10...
#1:	  SXSW	  is	  starting	  to	  mirror	  the	             Internet	  itself.	    Image:	  Christopher	  Carfi	  
It’s	  big.	  Photo:	  Jim	  Merithew/Wired	  
It’s	  messy.	  Photo:	  Christopher	  Carfi	  
It’s	  overwhelming.	  Photo:	  Christopher	  Carfi	  
The	  entire	  industry	  is	  here.	  
It’s	  a	  PLATFORM.	  Image:	  
#2:	  Gameification	  is	  everywhere.	  
SCVNGR	  keynote	  =	  Worldwide	    Trending	  Topic	  on	  Twitter.	    Image:	  Computer-­‐	  
Foursquare	  =	  Google	  for	  the	  real	                  world.	  Image:	  
We	  are	  wired	  to	  love	  games.	            Photo:	  
#3:	  QR	  Codes	  are	  everywhere.	  Photo:	  Christopher	  Carfi	  
#4:	  Trailer	  food	  rocks.	  Photo:	  The	  Smart	  Kitchen	  Blog	  
#5:	  Serendipity	  happens.	  
#6:	  Small	  is	  the	  new	  big.	  Photo:	  Christopher	  Carfi	  
#7:	  Logistics	  matter.	  
#8:	  There’s	  no	  way	  to	  do	  everything.	  
#9:	  Inspiration	  can	  come	  from	           unexpected	  places.	  
#10:	  Pitches	  still	  suck.	  
An	  Ant’s	  Eye	  View	  of	  SXSW	  2011	                                                                   A	  Top	  10...
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An Ant's Eye View of SXSW 2011


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After not being at SXSW the last couple of years, I went back to Austin in 2011 to find the event had exploded in size and breadth in the interim. Here is my Top 10 list of what I took away from it.

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An Ant's Eye View of SXSW 2011

  1. An  Ant’s  Eye  View  of  SXSW  2011   A  Top  10  List  Christopher  Carfi  (@ccarfi)                    Senior  Strategist,  Ant’s  Eye  View            
  2. #1:  SXSW  is  starting  to  mirror  the   Internet  itself.   Image:  Christopher  Carfi  
  3. It’s  big.  Photo:  Jim  Merithew/Wired  
  4. It’s  messy.  Photo:  Christopher  Carfi  
  5. It’s  overwhelming.  Photo:  Christopher  Carfi  
  6. The  entire  industry  is  here.  
  7. It’s  a  PLATFORM.  Image:  
  8. #2:  Gameification  is  everywhere.  
  9. SCVNGR  keynote  =  Worldwide   Trending  Topic  on  Twitter.   Image:  Computer-­‐  
  10. Foursquare  =  Google  for  the  real   world.  Image:  
  11. We  are  wired  to  love  games.   Photo:  
  12. #3:  QR  Codes  are  everywhere.  Photo:  Christopher  Carfi  
  13. #4:  Trailer  food  rocks.  Photo:  The  Smart  Kitchen  Blog  
  14. #5:  Serendipity  happens.  
  15. #6:  Small  is  the  new  big.  Photo:  Christopher  Carfi  
  16. #7:  Logistics  matter.  
  17. #8:  There’s  no  way  to  do  everything.  
  18. #9:  Inspiration  can  come  from   unexpected  places.  
  19. #10:  Pitches  still  suck.  
  20. An  Ant’s  Eye  View  of  SXSW  2011   A  Top  10  List  Christopher  Carfi  (@ccarfi)                    Senior  Strategist,  Ant’s  Eye  View