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VRM Workshop Feb2008


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Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) workshop slides for the 2008 "Customer Service is the New Marketing" conference in San Francisco.

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VRM Workshop Feb2008

  1. 1. Vendor Relationship Management Enabling buyers and sellers to build mutually beneficial relationships.
  2. 2. Background Berkman Project Started by Doc Searls Reciprocal of CRM “Manage vendors as least as photo: debs well as they manage us” Intersects with identity, marketing, support, sales…
  3. 3. me-ville customer control the global village relationships transactions minority the matrix report vendor control (blue pill) CRM / VRM Scenarios
  4. 4. Goals Define and advocate a clear vision for VRM Ensure the development and publishing of open standards and specs for VRM services Create a lightweight and photo: gaurang effective VRM org structure Drive VRM usage Create and oversee a VRM compliance program
  5. 5. Potential Initiatives Personal Knowledge Banks Personal Health Records Digital Receipts Personal RFPs Support Beacons
  6. 6. VRM Session Internet Identity Workshop (2007)
  7. 7. Getting Involved Project VRM Site - Mailing List - Blog -
  8. 8. Christopher Carfi photo: dsearls