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Anatomy Email Newsletter–Getting Your Emails Opened and Read by Designs for Growth
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Anatomy Email Newsletter–Getting Your Emails Opened and Read by Designs for Growth


This presentation shows the viewer where items should be placed in an email newsletter, how to increase open rates and how to decrease spam flags.

This presentation shows the viewer where items should be placed in an email newsletter, how to increase open rates and how to decrease spam flags.

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Anatomy of an Email Newsletter Getting Your Emails Delivered and Read 1
  • 2. Email Marketing –  According to 2011 Marketer’s Agenda by Aberdeen Group, 74% of organizations with less than 100 employees use email marketing –  Who here sends email newsletters? –  Send through service provider or regular email? –  Who is your service provider? Source: 2011 Marketer’s Agenda by Aberdeen Group 2
  • 3. Email Providers’ Sites Great resource for white papers and e-seminars X X X X X X X 3
  • 4. –  Easy to Use and Saves me Time and Money –  Constant Contact user get •  36% higher open rates (Aberdeen Group) •  60% greater click-through (Aberdeen Group) –  Industry leader, serves 450,000+ small organizations –  They keep up with regulations, let me know about them and customize their tools for compliance –  Templates professional and work across all platforms –  Spam ratings tools are included –  Social media is integrated –  Can track metrics for each email campaign –  Reasonably priced –  Wealth of training materials in their learning center Source: Designs for Growth and : 2011 Marketer’s Agenda by Aberdeen Group 4
  • 5. Regular Email vs. Email Service Provider Email marketing services automate best practices –  Provide easy-to-use templates –  Reinforce brand identity –  Email addressed to recipient only –  Manage lists – add new subscribers, handle bouncebacks, remove unsubscribers –  Improve email delivery, track results and obey the law Source: Constant Contact, Inc. 5
  • 6. Types of Email Newsletters –  Educational Answer question or solve problem –  Informational Short and don’t require recipient action: webinar reminders, why someone should follow your company on twitter, or wish "happy holiday” –  Promotional Get the recipient to take some action around a new product, service, event, or special deal –  Lead Nurturing Correspond to the sales cycle, are content-rich and try to get leads to take action –  Newsletter Sent once a month and includes a couple of pieces of content you published Goal: Build Relationships! Source: HubSpot, Inc. 6
  • 7. Retail Educational, Informational, Promotional, Lead Nurturing, or Newsletter? Source: Designs for Growth 7
  • 8. 1 2 Anatomy of Promotional Newsletter 3 1.  The top left of an email is what your customer sees first. It’s where your logo should be. 4 2.  The viewer’s eye then moves right, in the direction we read 3.  Product categories available is 5 listed underneath 4.  Promotional offer is in the center 5.  Offer time-sensitive sale 6 6.  Free shipping included 7.  Social media is included, many 7 brand put this at the top right 8.  Bottom has address, disclaimer 8 and other store brands Source: Designs for Growth 8
  • 9. Design Your Emails And Your Website in a Consistent Manner Email Web 2 2 1 3 1 3 4 4 2 5 5 2 6 6 9
  • 10. Your Email is Laid Out Now Let’s Get it Delivered Decrease the Odds of Your Email Being Marked as SPAM –  Words to Avoid –  Subject Lines –  From Lines –  Spam Is in The Eye of the Receiver •  Recipient •  Email Service Provider Source: Constant Contact, Inc. and Designs for Growth 10
  • 11. Avoid Spam Trigger Words in Subject Lines #1 Congratulations Legal Print out and fax 100% satisfied Cost / No cost Lose Profits 4U Dear friend Marketing Real thing Accept credit cards Do it today Marketing solutions Removal instructions Act Now! Extra income Message contains Remove Additional Income For free Money Risk free Affordable Form Month trial offer Sales All natural Free and FREE Name brand Satisfaction guaranteed All new Free installation Never Save $ Amazing Free leads No gimmicks Save up to Apply online Free membership No Hidden Costs Search engines Bargain Free offer No-obligation See for yourself Best price Free preview Now Serious cash Billing address Free website Offer Solution Buy direct Full refund One time / one-time Special promotion Call Get it now Opportunity Success Call free Giving away Order / Order Now / Order The following form Can’t live without Guarantee today / Order status Unsolicited Cards Accepted Here Orders shipped by priority Unsubscribe Cents on the dollar Hidden mail Urgent Check Increase sales Performance US dollars Claims Increase traffic Phone Wife Click / Click Here / Click Information you requested Please read Win Below Insurance Potential earnings Winner Click to remove Investment / no investment Pre-approved Work at home Compare rates Investment decision Price Source: Mannix Marketing, Inc. 11
  • 12. Good Subject Lines –  Action-oriented Include action verb such as learn, download, or sign up. Use an active tone. –  Compelling Include the email’s offer –  Consistent Because of preview, people see subject line and the first sentence or two in the email. Make both match. –  Short Keep under 45 characters so viewers see entire subject line. Put most important info first Emails with shorter in case subject line does subject lines significantly get cut off. outperformed emails with longer subject lines. – MailerMailer (2008) Source: HubSpot, Inc. and Constant Contact, Inc. 12
  • 13. Bad Email Subject Lines Can get your emails caught by spam filters, not opened, or get people to unsubscribe from your list. AVOID: X  The words: free, guarantee, spam, credit card etc. X  ALL CAPITAL LETTERS X  Excessive punctuation !!!, ??? X  Excessive use of “click here” X  $$, and other symbols X  No “From:” address X  Misleading subject lines Source: HubSpot, Inc. and Constant Contact, Inc. 13
  • 14. From Name & Email Address –  Use a name your audience recognizes –  Include your organization name or brand –  Refer to your business the same way as your audience –  Be consistent •  The “from” name and email address should be consistent. For example, “from” name is: Christine Labate – Designs for Growth, “from” email address is Both match X  AVOID: X  Generic addresses like noreply@, sales@ and marketing@ Source: HubSpot, Inc. and Constant Contact, Inc. 14
  • 15. Email I Send Regarding Today’s Presentation From: "Christine @ Designs for Growth” Email: Subject: Your Invitation to Labates Email Marketing Presentation Tomorrow Better Subject Line? Attend Labate’s… 15
  • 16. Stats 16
  • 17. Stats 17
  • 18. Test Your Emails to Determine What Elements Need to Change to Generate Better Results. Why test? –  Increase your click-through rate –  Decrease your unsubscribe rate Method–A/B Testing –  Send one email to 10% of your email list –  Change one element of this email and send to a different 10% of your email list –  Determined which email performed better –  Send the remaining 80% of your list the better performing email Source: HubSpot, Inc. and Constant Contact, Inc. 18
  • 19. Email Elements You Can Test   “From” Name and From Address •  Remember to keep consistent   Subject Line •  Personalization, line length, call to action or wording   Email Design •  Bolding, capitalization, font size and color or images   Email Content •  Headlines, placement of content, call to action, type of content, placement of social media links, number of images (if any), number of links or length of email   Timing •  Day of week and time of day Source: HubSpot, Inc. and Constant Contact, Inc. 19
  • 20. When to Send, Day and Time What day and time do you get the most emails? –  Monday mornings When is your audience most likely to read it? –  When they get less email •  Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday •  10am–3pm •  Sunday, mixed reviews Test to confirm your audience is consistent with industry standards Source: Designs for Growth, Benchmark Email, HubSpot, Inc. and Constant Contact, Inc. 20
  • 21. Formula for When to Send, Day and Time The formula consists of four variables –  Recipient factor, Delivery duration, Queue factor and ISP factor •  DOT – (IF + DD + QF) = ST Where •  DOT = desired open time IF = ISP factor DD = delivery duration QF = queue factor ST = scheduler or send time Example: 1 p.m. – (1 Hour + 1 Hour + 0.5 Hour) = 10:30 am Source: G-Lock Software 21
  • 22. Case Studies from Which Test Won 22
  • 23. Which Landing Page Increased Sales – Video vs Copy Source:’s-landing-page-test 23
  • 24. Actual Test Results: VIDEO significantly increased sales. Other Factors: Credibility: Badges icon above the fold are more visible and have higher-impact. Cleaner Design: A lot of the clutter that was caused by all of the descriptive text Source:’s-landing-page-test 24
  • 25. Ecommerce Store Page Template Radical Redesign Test Source:’s-product-page-test-results 25
  • 26. Actual Test Results: Version B resulted in a substantial increase in purchases because of removing extraneous navigation, increasing image size and clarifying the order process. Source:’s-product-page-test-results 26
  • 27. Who Has a Question that May Apply to Everyone in this Group 27