RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDIn the latest report from ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS research series, Retail...
marketer’s Challenge: promotionalthe solutionThe success of a promotional email campaign hinges on twoelements: frequency ...
RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: acquisitionTHE CHALLENGELooking to engage with consumers, nurture brand ...
marketer’s Challenge: acquisitionthe solution                                                                  ONLINe. Be ...
RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZED    MARKETER’S CHALLENGE: the first impression    THE CHALLENGE    Welcome emails are the best...
marketer’s Challenge: the first impressionthe solution                                                                   I...
RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: AbandonmentTHE CHALLENGEIf you’re like most retailers, you struggle with...
marketer’s Challenge: abandonmentthe solution                                                                  the BOTTOM ...
RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: post-purchaseTHE CHALLENGECompetition is steep for retailers across all ...
marketer’s Challenge: post-purchasethe solution                                                           the BOTTOM LINET...
RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: reengagementTHE CHALLENGEIt’s easy to think that once a subscriber provi...
marketer’s Challenge: reengagementthe solution                                                                the bottom l...
RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDCLIENT SUCCESS: BUYAGIFT.COM                                                                  ...
client success stories                                                                                                    ...
THE POWER OFONE SOLUTIONThe ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub® provides a single view of yourcustomers that can help t...
Retail Marketing Touchpoints Optimised
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Retail Marketing Touchpoints Optimised


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Retail Marketing Touchpoints Optimised

  1. 1. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDIn the latest report from ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS research series, RetailTouchpoints Exposed, we take an in-depth look at the interactive marketing practices of the fastest-growing retailers in the US—identifying what they’re doing well and where they’re missing the mark. Inthis companion piece, Retail Touchpoints Optimized, we’ve identified the biggest opportunities gleanedfrom the research and created six reports, each providing tactical advice aimed to help you improve theeffectiveness of your marketing practices.MARKETER’S CHALLENGE: promotionalTHE CHALLENGE daily. The problem with this approach is that many marketers begin down this path only to later realize that their messages don’t align withThe email marketing scene is more competitive than ever, especially their overall marketing goals, and lack relevance or personalization—for retailers. So how do you cut through the clutter and make your generating subscriber fatigue, deliverability issues, and a generalmessages stand out in the inbox? For many, this means blasting lack of ongoing engagement.promotional content or coupons to their subscriber base—sometimes Email Volume Over First 30-Days of Opt-In Of the Hot 100 Retailers sending email 34% 21% 13% 15% 8% 5% 4% Zero emails sent 1-4 emails sent 5-10 emails sent 11-15 emails sent 16-20 emails sent 21-29 emails sent 30-35 emails sent (11 retailers) (18 retailers) (29 retailers) (13 retailers) (7 retailers) (4 retailers) (3 retailers) 2
  2. 2. marketer’s Challenge: promotionalthe solutionThe success of a promotional email campaign hinges on twoelements: frequency and relevancy. Which is most important? Think “One way to sell a“quality over quantity.” consumer something inrelevancy. There’s a big difference between sending targeted, the future is simply torelevant promotional messages and “batch and blast” emails—oneis relevant and the other isn’t. To ensure your promotional messages get his or her attentionare compelling and consistent with the goals of your email marketing in advance.”program, follow these basic guidelines: seth godin - author, permission marketing Step 1: Evaluate Your Email Design Ensure your primary message and call to action are easily recognizable within the email, and use lifestyle and product imagery to support your messaging. Frequency. Sending frequent messages is acceptable if you have something meaningful to say. Work first on driving relevancy with Step 2: Add Value each message, then test to determine a send schedule that balances Focus on achieving each aspect of your the goals you’re trying to achieve with the value of each message. value proposition: promotional, connection, relationship building, etc. the BOTTOM LINE Step 3: Assess Your Current Data Determine how to make your communications relevant, optimize your Review the data you have within your content by performing tests, and then start to integrate multivariate data organization and use it to drive personalized to further refine your messaging. You don’t have to tackle all three at messaging. Using simple data points like gender once. After all, enhancing, testing, and measuring your campaign can and location can really improve the subscriber take time. As the needs of your subscribers evolve, so should your experience and is easy to execute. promotional email campaigns. Step 4: Look for Further Data Opportunities ze optimi Consider if there are other ways to gather to Ready ogram? data that can be used to enhance messaging. You might start with web analytics to capture r your p ) 558-9834 or vrisitmore. browse history, point-of-purchase systems to capture purchase history, or social data nto lea mining to determine brand affinity. Each of at (866 these can be used to enhance the relevancy Call us of your messages. www.E 3
  3. 3. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: acquisitionTHE CHALLENGELooking to engage with consumers, nurture brand relationships, Data requestedcreate social buzz, and drive repeat purchases? Of course you are! of the hot 100 retailer’s email opt-in formsBut are you getting the most from your in-store, online, and crosschannel customer interactions?If you’re like most other retailers, you’re probably missing valuable Sign up today! First Name Last Nameopportunities to acquire new email subscribers, mobile subscribers,and social advocates. And, each missed opportunity can lead to one 38% 40%less conversation and one less purchase. Zip Code Confirm Email Address 43% 28% Frequency Preferences Shopping Preference or Interest Email Acquisition on website 2% 18% of the hot 100 retailer websites: Multiple Email List Options Discount For Signing Up 15% 11% 74% SMS Alerts include an email opt-in form on the homepage 9% Opt-In ► 67% include an email opt-in form on the homepage plus other pages To determine where your brand ranks, ask yourself these questions: 11% • Do you promote digital engagement in-store? This could include include an email opt-in form with first purchase incentive discount posting opportunities for email opt-in, your website URL, Twitter 8% handle, etc. provided no email opt-in opportunity • Are you asking for customers’ email addresses at the point of sale? We found that fewer than half of the top retailers were! • Do you have an email opt-in form on your website? How easy is it to find, and how quickly can someone complete it? In-Store signage: calls to engage 95 of the hot 100 retailers with brick and mortar stores 18% 5% 5% 8% 2% 2% promoted promoted a coupon promoted promoted promoted Facebook promoted email opt-in via SMS messaging a YouTube channel a mobile app and Twitter engagment website URL 4
  4. 4. marketer’s Challenge: acquisitionthe solution ONLINe. Be respectful of consumers’ time.If improved customer acquisition is a priority for your business, thebest place to start is by analyzing where your consumers are already TIP 1:engaging with your brand. Then, determine how to enhance the customer Make your email opt-in form easy to find on your website.experience and drive interactive engagement. TIP 2:Here are a few ways to get started: Request only the data that you plan to use—and actually use it! If you request a name and zip code, useIn-Store. Engaging consumers who are already interacting with personalization and geographic segmentation to makeyour brand is the ultimate win-win. And, your physical store provides your messages more relevant and a competitive advantage over your eCommerce competitors. Takeadvantage of the time a consumer spends in your store and promote TIP 3:opportunities to interact with your brand after they walk out the door. Communicate the value of what you’re offering up front—make sure your customers know why they should provide you their information. TIP 1: Promote your website URL, email opt-in, SMS messaging programs, social channels, and more Cross-channel. Consumers want different things from different within your store, specifically at places where channels, so make goals and priorities for each while utilizing the consumers are waiting (e.g., near the check-out). strengths of one channel to promote another. TIP 2: Evaluate if collecting data at check-out is right for your business (via sales clerk, SMS capture, etc). TIP 1: Whether you collect personal data or geographic Take advantage of your consumer’s down-time and data, it should lead to more personalized promote your mobile and social programs across all communications—if it doesn’t, you’re just of your commonly-used mediums—in-store, print, TV, inconveniencing your customers with a lengthier display advertising, etc. transaction process. TIP 2: TIP 3: Include an email opt-in form on your Facebook Offer to send in-store receipts to consumers via Tab and follow the same principles you do for your email. This is a great way to provide value and website opt-in form. added convenience to your customers’ shopping experience, plus it gives you an opportunity to gain feedback, promote special offers, and drive web traffic. Not quite ready for digital receipts? the BOTTOM LINE Then focus on including a digital call-to-action Your customer relationships are your most valuable asset. Don’t miss on your in-store receipts to encourage further the opportunity to engage with customers and build a brand experience brand interaction. that drives loyalty. ize to optim? Ready ogram r your p 4 or vis it 66) 558 -983 arn mor e. us at (8 to le Call xactT www.E 5
  5. 5. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZED MARKETER’S CHALLENGE: the first impression THE CHALLENGE Welcome emails are the best opportunity to solidify your relationship with a new subscriber. They tend to record higher open and click- TO MEASURE THE SUCCESS through rates than any other emails, and are sent to your most captive audience. Remember that at the time the welcome email OF YOUR onboarding sends, you’ve just been invited into the subscriber’s world, and they PROGRAM, CONSIDER: want to hear from you—as long as your content is relevant. The stakes are high! welcome email highlights Messaging 74 of the retailers that sent welcome emails Ensure your content benefits both the consumer and your included value proposition of email program brand. 67% incentives sent an incentive within the email for future purchases 35% asked to update preferences If you offer incentives, they 26% should be consistent with your marketed rewards program value proposition. 21% marketed recommended products 9% cadence used first name within email text Send real-time messages. Or, 9% if sending a drip campaign, test your frequency. 6
  6. 6. marketer’s Challenge: the first impressionthe solution If you’re unable to address each of these within a single, real-time message, you might consider an onboarding drip campaign thatAlign your onboarding program goals with your overall marketing goals. spans across an acceptable “new subscriber” timeframe.Test to make sure you have the right messaging, incentives, and cadence.To achieve success onboarding your newest subscribers, there are two timing. If possible, messages should always be sent in real time.elements to take into account: content and timing. Remember that initial engagement decreases with every moment that goes by. If you’re waiting a day to send a welcome email, you’veContent. Work to strike a balance between the needs of your already missed the moment of engagement.subscribers and your company goals. Remember that content within awelcome email should be advantageous to both parties and, generally,achieve the following: the BOTTOM LINE Remember that first impressions last—and a welcome email may be the first one-to-one communication a consumer has ever had with your 1 CONFIRM brand. Don’t lose sight of the importance a welcome email can have on Confirm the opt-in action and thank the establishing a relationship for years to come. subscriber for providing their information. Include an easy-to-identify opt-out option to stay true to permission-based marketing. ize o optim? 2 UTILIZE t Ready ogram Utilize personalization—if you asked for a first name in your opt-in form, use it. r 3 SET your p 4 or vis it 66) 558 -983 arn mor e. us at (8 to le Set expectations about frequency and content, and reinforce the value proposition Call xactT of the program or communication. www.E 4 EDUCATE Educate the subscriber on other opportunities to engage. Consider promoting social or mobile campaigns. 5 LEARN Learn more about the subscriber. Drive them to a preference center or other location where they can provide more information about themselves. Use this information to strengthen the relationship. 6 FEATURE Feature “Add to Address Book” links prominently so you’re treated as a trusted sender. 7 DRIVE Drive customers to your other channels—social, mobile, or in-store. 7
  7. 7. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: AbandonmentTHE CHALLENGEIf you’re like most retailers, you struggle with cartabandonment. And whether you’ve had a cart abandonment Cart Abandonment Email Features Of the 16 retailers that sent cart abandonment emails:program running for years, or are just considering the idea,almost everyone can be doing it better.In analyzing research gathered for Retail Touchpoints Exposed,we found that most retailers don’t have cart abandonmentprograms running at all. This is a huge missed opportunity!But, even among those retailers that have active campaigns, 44% contained an image of themany are missing the mark in a number of ways, including: abandoned product 25% • Timing. Waiting too long or not long enough to send a communication. Timing should match the product that is abandoned—complicated product purchases can require more time to consider, but simple or highly- competitive products need immediate follow-up. contained the customer’s • Messaging. Sending generic messages that don’t name include personalization, images of the abandoned 25% product(s), incentive to purchase, or recommendations of similar products. • Reason for Abandonment. Lack of consideration for the different types of abandonment. Each consumer’s contained an incentive to browsing and buying behaviors are different, and the purchase time spent on a page can be an indication of whether 13% your consumer was simply browsing, or is perhaps a more serious buyer. contained other product recommendations number of Cart Abandonment Emails of the 16 Retailers THAT SENT CART ABANDONMENT EMAILS: 69% consisted of one email 13% consisted of two emails 19% consisted of three emails 8
  8. 8. marketer’s Challenge: abandonmentthe solution the BOTTOM LINEThere’s no magic formula that will reengage consumers once they’ve left Don’t stop analyzing your eCommerce data once you have a cartyour site, but there are key elements that all successful abandonment abandonment program running smoothly. Remember that consumersremarketing campaigns possess—well-utilized data, a compelling don’t need to have something in their cart to be considering amessage, and proper timing. purchase. Evaluate how to capture and re-engage interest with consumers who browse product detail pages, ask product questionsHere’s how to get started: on social networks, or browse in-store without making a purchase. Step 1: Capture the Event ze optimi Abandonment events can be identified and captured to Ready ogram? through eCommerce, web analytics, and other platforms. r your p ) 558-9834 or vrisitmore. Step 2: Integrate Your Data Data makes your remarketing messages compelling and nto lea relevant. Integrate the data you capture in Step 1 into at (866 your messaging platform of record (e.g., ExactTarget). Call us www.E Step 3: Select Your Channel Consider how subscribers interact with each channel to determine the best way to deliver this type of message— email, mobile, or social? Think about privacy concerns and the strengths of each channel to drive conversion. HINT: email is probably your best option! Step 4: Design for Relevancy Customize your imagery, pricing, and supporting content to match the specific product(s) abandoned. Consider purchasing hurtles and offer information or incentives to help buyers overcome these. Or, if your product has a lengthy buying cycle, offer customers alternative conversion options such as low inventory alerts, price change alerts, or updated model alerts to keep them engaged. Step 5: Schedule the Message The higher the competition and lower the complexity of the product, the quicker you should send your message. Purchases that typically have a longer sales cycle should correspond to a longer wait between messages. Also, consider assigning a cadence or an ongoing drip campaign around an abandon event— especially for larger purchases that warrant two or three communications. 9
  9. 9. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: post-purchaseTHE CHALLENGECompetition is steep for retailers across all industries, and becausemarketers are vying for a piece of the same pie, communications are POST-PURCHASEoften narrowly focused on capturing the sale. But what happens after COMMUNICATIONS SHOULD:the purchase? • Reinforce positive feelings from • Are you sending confirmation messages? the purchase. • Are they personalized to the buyer? • Maximize the value or utility of • Are you highlighting complementary products in subsequent the product. marketing messages? • Obtain customer feedback. • Are you asking for product reviews? • Enable customers to share their • Are you maximizing the value of the product your customer purchase or product experience. just purchased? • Promote cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. “Every year the marketing landscape changes, every year the customers become more demanding, every year If you answered no, you’re missing a huge opportunity to develop [they want] more things. You have to brand advocates through post purchase communications. always be sprinting to stay ahead of Consumers are more informed than ever before. They’re the competition.” comparing prices in-store and online, reading product reviews, Jacob Hawkins - VP of eCommerce, and looking to their social networks to determine which product is best for them. To become the subject of those discussions, you must have advocates who are passionate enough about your brand to want to tell the world—even well after a purchase has been made. personalization of email after in-store purchase after online purchase 95% did not personalize email after in-store purchase 79% did not personalize email after online purchase 5% personalized email after in-store purchase 21% personalized email after online purchase 10
  10. 10. marketer’s Challenge: post-purchasethe solution the BOTTOM LINEThe buying cycle shouldn’t end after a purchase is complete. To When considering ways to improve your post purchasedevelop brand advocates, you must first nurture their positive communications, keep in mind the impact that a positivepurchase experience, combat buyer’s remorse, and provide experience can have on a consumer. If a communication isn’toutlets for customers to share their experiences. Often this is adding to the experience, it may be time to re-evaluate theachieved through a series of tactics that aim to maximize the function of that message.value of the purchase.Here are some ways to get started: Tactic 1: Confirmation Messages Send these messages immediately, and customize the content in order to provide optimal value to the customer. If you’re sending a confirmation message, chances are high that you already know a little about their purchase behaviors and have obtained their name, credit card number, email address, mailing address, and more. Utilize this data to add value to future communications through personalization. Tactic 2: Value-Add Messages Ensure that your customers get the most out of their purchase. Send tips and tricks that maximize the value of the product they purchased, and work toward nurturing a positive brand experience. In doing so, you’ll not only deepen your relationship with the customer, but also drive repeat purchases. Tactic 3: Product Reviews Give your customers a voice and increase your company’s user-generated content by encouraging product reviews. Make it convenient for them to provide input, but be deliberate with your timing. This type of message should be sent after the customer has had the opportunity to experience the product, but before they no longer feel an association to the purchase. Tactic 4: Sharing Make it easy for customers to tell their friends about their recent purchase through social sharing. In doing so, customers become brand advocates and extend the reach of your brand to their social networks and beyond. ze optimi Tactic 5: Cross-Sell and Up-Sell to Ready ogram? Inform the customer of additional products or add-ons associated with the purchased product. Be informative r your p 6) 558-9834 or avrisitmore. and make it easy for the customer to research and buy what you’re recommending. When sending this type of 6 n to le communication, remember that relevancy and selectivity at (8 are very important—don’t bombard your active customers Call us with irrelevant promotional information. www.E 11
  11. 11. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDMARKETER’S CHALLENGE: reengagementTHE CHALLENGEIt’s easy to think that once a subscriber provides you with theiremail address, they’re yours for life! But in reality they could un- A reengagement message should include:engage and start ignoring your communications at any moment.Subscribers stop engaging for a number of reasons—message STRONGvolume, frequency, irrelevancy, etc. But many retailers are sittingback and watching this happen, without adjusting their programsto reengage these subscribers. In fact, many marketers continuesending the same messages at the same frequency to lists wheremore than 50% of the subscribers haven’t opened or clicked on an subject lineemail in more than six months. Engage subscribers even before they open theimplications email through subjectRevenue. Consider this—if over half of your subscribers aren’t lines that pique curiosity.opening your emails, then over half of the cost you spend to send reminderthese emails is being wasted. Now consider these costs over asix or twelve-month timeframe, and it’s easy to see how lack ofengagement has a negative effect on your bottom line.Deliverability. Internet service providers (ISPs)—Gmail inparticular—increasingly use engagement data to assess sender of value propositionreputation. If ISPs start to notice that a high percentage of your What benefit doesemails are being ignored by their user base, they’ll start sending your message bring toyour messages to the junk folder—or even block your sends subscribers?altogether. STRONG call-to-action Be clear about the action you want the subscriber to take—confusion could lead to inaction. 12
  12. 12. marketer’s Challenge: reengagementthe solution the bottom linEBefore you start a reengagement campaign, you must identify your If a subscriber reaches your full definition of unengaged, youaudience and start to understand when and why they’ve lost interest. should greatly reduce the frequency of your communications orAs you begin, you’ll want to follow these basic steps: stop sending to them altogether. This will reduce marketing costs, increase deliverability, and therefore increase the performance of your entire program. Step 1: Define Your Audience Create a definition for an “unengaged subscriber,” and ensure that it aligns with the purchase cycle for your company’s ize products or services. t o optim? Step 2: Segment Your List Ready ogram r Determine the point when subscribers begin to disengage. Is it after one month, your p 6) 558-9834 or avrisitmore. 6 n at (8 to le six months, or a year? Examine the history Call us of your currently disengaged subscribers to www .E determine when they began to lose interest, then use this data to segment your lists. Step 3: Design for Engagement Design a messaging program to communicate with subscribers during times when they’re most likely to start disengaging. Each message’s sole focus should be to bring the subscriber back into the engaged subscriber mix—so ensure that you’re providing value. Step 4: Send at the Right Time Implement a program that automatically triggers reengagement messages to subscribers who reach specific un-engagement thresholds. Step 5: Test, Test, Test! Test different types of reengagement messages. Try an opt-out campaign or an opt-down campaign to identify which subscribers would simply like to hear from you less, as opposed to not at all. 13
  13. 13. RETAIL TOUCHPOINTS OPTIMIZEDCLIENT SUCCESS: BUYAGIFT.COM “Authentic, consumer-challenge: driven content hasBuyagift sells gift experiences such as extreme driving packages, hot air balloon rides and spa a better effect onservices, to online consumers in the UK, and three sister sites across Europe. Like many online customers because itretailers, they found success using email to build their subscriber base and deliver regular mass- is written in a voicecommunications, but in recent years struggled to create cross-channel marketing campaigns that they’re familiar with.”leveraged their customer data and drove engagement beyond email. Max Sydenham Digital Content Manager, BuyagiftThey knew they had a unique opportunity to break into social due of the experiential nature of theirproducts. Buyagift consumers have exciting and passionate stories to share about their experiences,and social media has proven to be their channel of choice. Buyagift had an opportunity to do muchmore than simply place a Facebook or Twitter link in the header of their emails, prompting theiradoption of ExactTarget’s integration with Bazaarvoice.solution:Today, Buyagift uses ExactTarget and Bazaarvoice to request consumer product reviews via email.Once a review is submitted, it’s then disseminated across all of Buyagift’s social communicationchannels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (Buyagift’s blog platform). Buyagift then usesreview information stored in Bazaarvoice to send a regular newsletter via ExactTarget, whichfeatures a “Top Rated Products” section.By integrating email with social, Buyagift is able to encourage consumers to interact acrossmultiple channels to build a brand experience that’s engaging and consumer-driven. Buyagiftsets their brand apart by creating a truly authentic cross-channel presence with content that’sconstantly being updated by their biggest brand advocates.RESULTS:While many marketers still question the impact social can have on overall campaign success, Buyagifthas seen phenomenal results: • 150% higher conversion rate for consumers who interact with Buyagift consumer- generated content • 33% higher conversion rate for consumers who come to directly from social channels • 10% higher average order size for customers exposed to socialSince experiencing success with their cross-channel strategy, Buyagift has continued to focus onimplementing campaigns that further integrate email consumers with social. As part of this strategy, they’llbe adopting ExactTarget SocialPages™ to capture customer and prospect data in Facebook, to growtheir email campaigns. “We want to optimize SocialPages so that we can turn social followers into emailfollowers and vice versa,” says Max Sydenham, Digital Content Manager at Buyagift. The company is alsocurrently working to utilize their product review data to drive content for a cart abandonment program,utilizing ExactTarget’s Automation Studio functionality.These strategies, powered by ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub® technologies, allow Buyagift todrive cross-channel engagement and boost revenue. 14
  14. 14. client success stories ze to optimi Ready ogram? r your p 6) 558-9834 or avrisitmore. 6 n at (8 to le Call us www.ECLIENT SUCCESS: carhartt “The joint solution ofCHALLENGE: ExactTarget and AdobeWith four sewing machines and five employees, Hamilton Carhartt founded his namesake company SiteCatalyst gives me thein 1889. Although much has changed since then, the company’s dedication to creating exceptional data I need to very quicklywork wear apparel has remained the same. Carhartt’s eCommerce department, established in make decisions and target2005, had a similar opportunity to grow its side of the business from the ground up. my consumer base.” Anna ColeThe team quickly established that it needed to expand and streamline its email marketing. Its eCommerce Business Manager,subscriber list was in need of growth, and the process for updating each email with tracking code Carhartt(which included 20 or 30 links in the header and footer) was time consuming. The company alsowanted a better way to gather data from online shoppers to further target its marketing campaigns.solution:Since partnering with ExactTarget in 2007, Carhartt has seen its email subscriber list grow to 15xits starting size. In 2011, the team turned to the ExactTarget + Adobe SiteCatalyst Integration tofurther improve eCommerce performance.This combined solution enables the company to collect valuable customer data, such as purchasehistory, browse history, and cart abandonment. With this data, Carhartt gains a single view of eachcustomer and can easily send personalized and triggered emails—which are automatically taggedwith tracking codes for easy reporting.“The joint solution of ExactTarget + Adobe SiteCatalyst gives me the data I need to very quicklymake decisions and target my consumer base,” says Anna Cole, eCommerce Business Managerat Carhartt. “Without browse and purchase data, we wouldn’t be able to segment our campaignsto the specific interests of our customers.”RESULTS:With this integration, Carhartt has seen tremendous results, including: • 6x higher click-through rate for abandoned cart campaigns • 3x higher click-through rate for targeted emails vs. general promotional emails“Our emails wouldn’t be this successful without the ExactTarget + Adobe Integration,” says Cole.“We’ve seen tremendous click-through rates, and the number of campaigns we’ve been able toexecute has increased substantially.”Carhartt plans to push its campaigns forward by testing different offers in remarketing campaigns,and continuing to collect demographic data to send customers the most relevant offers. Carhartt experiences a 3x higher click-through rate with targeted messages than general promotions. 15
  15. 15. THE POWER OFONE SOLUTIONThe ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub® provides a single view of yourcustomers that can help transform your interactive marketing campaigns andonline conversations into real-time, targeted, cross-channel marketing. TheHub gives you:UNITY. Integrate data from disparate sources—from CRM and social medianetworks to point-of-sale information and web analytics to gain a single,unified view of each consumer.CONTROL. With access to real-time tracking and first-class, graphicalreporting, the Hub gives you immediate visibility and ultimate control over allof your marketing campaigns.SPEED. Ensure your communications are as relevant as they are timely.Automate advanced, sequenced programs and deliver personalized cross-channel messages from a single, intuitive console. to GET Ready D? START E 4 or visit e about 5 58-983 b to learn mor b. at (866) Hu Hu Call us ive Marketing a t www.Ex tTarget Interac c the Exa