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\'\'MyPC\'\' email marketing


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This presentation, is one of my projects created during ma scholastic year.

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\'\'MyPC\'\' email marketing

  1. 1. Hitting the bulls-eye in E-mail
  2. 2. Communicating with Millions 1. What is e-Mail Marketing 2. Defining e-Mail Marketing Objectives 3. Determining Effective Strategies 4. Reaching your Target Audience 5. Designing e-Mail Content 6. Evaluating Results
  3. 3. Communicating with Millions It is a blend of
  4. 4. Communicating with Millions @ Build brand awareness @ Acquire new leads/ registrants/ customers @ Drive immediate sales @ Enhance customer retention @ Build stronger relationships with existing customers @ Provide company or product information @ Increase revenues by up-selling to existing customers @ Post-order targeted e-mails @ As part of an integrated marketing strategy
  5. 5. Communicating with Millions
  6. 6. Communicating with Millions Everyone is doing it! E-MAIL ME THAT • 75% of businesses have email lists • 13% of total marketing budget is When asked e-mail usage in daily spent on email Business activities, 85% said they use e-mail to communicate with When asked what consumers would Customers. like email to replace: 71% of online consumers spent 20 • 54% replace telemarketing minutes or more weekly • 45% replace in-person sales calls exchanging email with friends • 40% direct mail and family in 2009. Source: Association for Source: Interland and new survey from Merkle Interactive Marketing, DoubleClick Study
  7. 7. Communicating with Millions Increase Sales Successful e-mail marketing is a strategic process that can and will: @ Increase online sales – shortens sales cycle @ Reduce marketing costs @ Produces customer retention and loyalty @ Helps acquire new customers @ Announces new products Acquire new customers @ Save time by automating your marketing @ Can be the most powerful and cost effective marketing method that marketers have available today– particularly in an economic downturn
  8. 8. Communicating with Millions e-Mails have different models: @ Sales Promotions We must @ Transaction confirmations stand out @ Account status e-mails @ Recommendations from friends @ (viral marketing) @ Scheduled corporate newsletters @ Time-based reminders @ Rewards program @ E-mail discussion groups @ Product updates of interest @ Entertainment (humor, film clips) @ E-Mail education series
  9. 9. Communicating with Millions 1.Creating MyPC 2. Sending an 3. Tracking Results customer Database e-mail campaign • On service • Newsletters • Messages sent/ • Trade Shows • Promotional bounced • Guestbook Messages • Delivery rate • Networking events • Discussion forum • Forwards • Website Signup posts • Unsubscribed • Spam complaints
  10. 10. Communicating with Millions It is important to define a plan, “roadmap” before starting an e-mail marketing How will the campaign message be Define the delivered message Define the audience Define our goals
  11. 11. Communicating with Millions • Motivate purchases • Mainly home users, • Reinforce myPC i.e families and brand students. • Bring visitors back Goals Audience • Also there is a to the site range targeted to • Prompt request for business people more information • Post-order • targeted e-mails Message Tools to convey the message • Our message will An e-mail can take the form of: be that home • Newsletter computing is easy • Promotion and reliable • Announcements (the form will be adjusted according to what we need to convey.)
  12. 12. Communicating with Millions How do we increase performance? How do we measure performance: • Segmentation • CTR (click through Rates) - type of user • Open Rates • Website Traffic • Personalisation • Calls/ Service conversions - Attributes for a user ex: Dear • E-Mails delivered (name of recipient) • Unsubscribed users - Fully dynamic e-mails is our goal • Deliverability - getting the e-mail into the inbox and not as a spam • Design/ content - crucial to engage the recipient
  13. 13. Communicating with Millions Which marketing campaigns are delivering the best result? 4% 4% 11% 11% 14% 23% 33% Source: Sapient Interactive "Smart Agency survey"
  14. 14. Communicating with Millions Having found out that one of the best results is being achieved by e-Mail, one has to build a contact list @ Build in–house opt-in list @ Capture web site visitors @ Ask already made contacts for authorization @ Use database to collect demographic & behavioral information @ Re-confirm subscription requests @ Offer easy unsubscribe option
  15. 15. Communicating with Millions E-Mail Message Content @ Subject Line – getting recipients to open mail is half the battle @ Creativity @ Personality and dynamic content @ Keep it short and use links to draw reader to your web site @ Keep it fresh – don’t re-use the same content @ Relevance – the more you understand your customers, the more targeted and relevant messages will be @ Frequency @ Test messages
  16. 16. What is your preferred format for receiving e-mails? HTML 18% 26% Plain Text 50% 6% No Preference Don't Know this Means Source: Epsilon Global e-Mail Study, 2009 (North America)
  17. 17. Communicating with Millions How to measure the effectiveness of e-mail marketing campaigns @ Click-through rates - unique and sum of events & comparisons @ Unsubscribe rates @ Open rates @ Conversion rates (website tracking) @ Click-stream analyses @ E-mail pass along rates –viral marketing @ Coupon codes @ Unanimous tracking to respect privacy
  18. 18. Communicating with Millions E-Mail Marketing Metrics Branding Value Visitor Demographics Bounce Rate Time spent on Site Click Path Analysis Conversion 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% Source: Marketing Sherpa, Search Benchmark Guide, June 2008
  19. 19. Communicating with Millions • Create a bigger Database • Proper HTML Coding & Design - It is important to see how users view our company emails - Including in our newsletters interactive media such as videos. • Relevant Content • List Segmentation • Deliverability & Sender Reputation • Lifecycle Marketing Customize email marketing messages based on subscriber preferences and segments.
  20. 20. Communicating with Millions
  21. 21. Communicating with Millions