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How to Unlock the Power of Email Marketing


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The major basics, trends and practices of Email Marketing that boost conversions and ROI.

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How to Unlock the Power of Email Marketing

  1. 1. /vboutcom vbout Unlock the Power of Email Marketing
  2. 2. Table of Contents 2 Intro 1) 7 Reasons Email Works……………………………………….………… 5 2) 6 Goals to Achieve with Email…………………………….………. 9 Strategies for Success 3) Grow your email list …………………………………………….…… 12 4) Timing and Frequency ……………………………….……….……. 17 5) Content ……………………………………………………….….………… 21 6) B2B vs B2C……………………………………………………….………… 25 7) Top 10 Tactics for Success ………………………………………… 27 8) Additional Tips ……………………………………………………….… 34 9) How to avoid being spam………………………………….……… 36
  3. 3. Table of Contents 3 Improving Campaigns 10) Email Trends in 2016 and examples………………..….… 38 11) Common Mistakes to Avoid…………………………….……… 43 12) Optimizing with A/B Testing…………………………….…… 45 13) Analytics For Email…………………………..………....……… 46 14) 20 Email Marketing tools ……………….………….…….…… 48 Conclusion………………………………………………………..…….…… 51
  4. 4. /vboutcom vbout
  5. 5. 7 Reasons Email Works 5 Easily reach mobile customers without investing in new technology. Keep loyal customers informed as consumers actually read email from their favorite brands. Graphics and Image Here
  6. 6. 7 Reasons Email Works 6 Email coupons drive online and in-store sales. According to Deloitte, 65% of consumers say email coupons are important when grocery shopping online.
  7. 7. 7 Reasons Email Works 7 Email is versatile. It’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics. Personalized emails with names and recommendations work even better. According to Forrester Research, 85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.
  8. 8. 7 Reasons Email Works 8 • Email marketing is inexpensive! It allows business owners to reach a large number of consumers for pennies per message. Allows tracking and relationship building as you start to understand a user’s needs and wants. Can be automated and setup with smart hooks and triggers.
  9. 9. 6 Goals You Can Achieve 9 Maximizes ROI. Email is inexpensive especially compared to paid ads, and engagement can be much higher. Increases customer loyalty and profitability. Provides a deeper and longer relationship with customers which increases profitability. Source: Experian
  10. 10. 6 Goals You Can Achieve 10 • Leads prospects though the sales process and drives more conversions. Provides important info that bring traffic to your site. Build data on users based on their interactions with email.
  11. 11. 6 Goals You Can Achieve 11 Allows easy, consistent brand outreach and messaging. • More accurate tracking and feedback than social media. Responses generally happen within 48 hours, but with social media, you first have to wonder if the post was even seen. Graphics and Image Here
  12. 12. How to Grow your Email List? 12 In order to have an email campaign, you first need email addresses. Growing a robust email list can take time, and deciding which offline or online tactics to use can be daunting.
  13. 13. How to Grow your Email List? 13 1. Customer Request Downloads. When visitors visit your site seeking information, ask or require and email address to access the item. Examples: Whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, infographics and case studies. web-design/ Here are some tips to try:
  14. 14. How to Grow your Email List? 14 2. Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails. Include a share button that makes sharing simple and clear. 3. Promote an online contest. To enter, entrants are required to provide an email address. 4. Create a free tool/resource. Sign up is necessary to utilize the tool.
  15. 15. How to Grow your Email List? 15 6. Promote lead generation offer on social media. Ex: Facebook lead gen tool. (to the right) 7. Increasing your landing pages. Improves SEO, gives people more reasons to find you and give you an email address.
  16. 16. How to Grow you Email List? 16 8. Host an in person event like a conference, meetup, or panel discussion. Collect emails during registration and at the event. 9. Create smart popups, opt in forms on your site.
  17. 17. Timing and Frequency 17 Many marketers deliberate about the correct amount of email to send and when. The most important question is who. After that, answering what, when and how often becomes easier. Know your buyer persona’s (the who) behavior to determine the rest.
  18. 18. Timing and Frequency 18 We all receive tons of email. Don’t annoy or overwhelm your subscribers. Use these guidelines for frequency : 1. Companies that send between 16 – 30 targeted campaigns monthly see a click rate of more than 2x greater than companies that send 2 or fewer.
  19. 19. Timing and Frequency 19 2. There is a median open rate of, 32.4%, and a median click rate 6.5%. 3. Based on research, if a company sends more than 30 targeted email campaigns a month, there is a drop in open rates. 4. Tuesday – Thursday are the best days to send. More people will open. Graphics and Image Here
  20. 20. Timing and Frequency 20 5. Test out Sunday as people often check email and catch up on events. 6. This is an example of how marketing automation becomes a marketer’s best friend. Emails can be scheduled in advance, which is extremely valuable if you have a global audience or weekend readers.
  21. 21. Content 21 We know that content needs to be what your target market will view as valuable and relevant. What you share in emails should follow these guidelines first. Here are a few more tips : 1. Stay focused and keep the format simple: headline, image, teaser, button.
  22. 22. Content 22 2. Use behavioral data. Personalize email based on your subscribers’ preferences. Make sure to send what they signed up to. 3. Use compelling images. Images should be part of you content strategy. It has higher engagement than text alone. Video and gifs even more.
  23. 23. Content 23 4. Take conversions seriously. Include CTA in the email to drive conversions. (sign up, go to website, etc.) 5. Put content ahead of design. Great design will improve results, but a clear purpose, interesting subject line and direct CTAs are most important to influencing action.
  24. 24. Content 24 Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your subscribers. Some tips: • Keep it to one specific topic. • Balance it: 90% educational, 10% promotional. • Set expectations with consistency in timing and frequency. • Keep design and copy at a minimum. It’s less time consuming and easier on the eyes for your readers.
  25. 25. B2B Email Campaign Success • Moz is a B2B company that sells inbound marketing tools. • They use their platform to curate interesting marketing content and package it into the "Moz Top 10". • They show they are industry experts and people really enjoy the newsletters. • They also display what you can do with their products. 25
  26. 26. B2C Email Marketing Campaign Success • Sephora is a global beauty brand with a loyal following, and perfectly executed emails that keep them engaged. • First, they make things “exclusive” and call their followers “beauty insiders.” • They created a lot of buzz around their "win a trip to Paris" competition with this email campaign. • They strategically marketed their products below the fold, giving subscribers plenty of content with which to engage. 26
  27. 27. Top10 Tactics for Success 27 • Our inboxes are cluttered with solicited and unsolicited email and sometimes desired email can get lost. • The main question always asked is: How can I get my emails seen and read by my audience? Graphics and Image Here
  28. 28. Top10 Tactics for Success 28 • Here are 10 tips for better open and click through rates: 1. Send your email from a real person, not a generic “info” or general company address. Recipients are more likely to trust a personalized sender. Example: John Doe, vs. Sales Dept,
  29. 29. Top10 Tactics for Success 29 2. Use a preheader. If your audience uses Gmail or iPhone Mail, then they will see the text from the body after the subject line. This provides a short, synopsis of your offer. It increases open rates if this is something enticing, and if you don’t, information from the body will show and could look messy. .
  30. 30. Top10 Tactics for Success 30 3. Write clear, interesting subject lines and use these general rules: • 50 characters or less. • Language that resonates with your buyer persona. • Include their first name or location and personalize. • Include action words/verbs to create a sense of urgency and excitement. • Use Emojis to express an emotion and make your email standout.
  31. 31. Top10 Tactics for Success 31 4. Keep emails short. People are busy and like concise, short emails. Also, too much copy is a red flag for spam filters. 5. Include one, clear CTA. Most people do not read email, they scan or skim it. Make sure your CTA isn’t missed. Check out our guide on CTA design and use: better-web-design/
  32. 32. Top10 Tactics for Success 32 6. Add alt text to your CTA button. Some providers may block them by default. Set an image’s alt text to let your reader know where to click to complete an action. 7. Add links to your images. Don’t put a lot of links in the email. Have an image to click that drives traffic back to your site.
  33. 33. Top 10 Tactics for Success 33 8. Add social sharing buttons. This increases the number of people who see your link and click. 9. Optimize for mobile. More than 50% of email is viewed on a mobile device. 10. Preview and test. Make sure everything looks good and links work. There are tools that let you do email inbox preview. (Litmus mail, Vbout.)
  34. 34. Additional tips 34 Using the 10 Tactics and want even more engagement? Try these out: 1. Make exclusive offers. These reward your subscribers, and allow them to share in social media. 2. Announce contests. Announced over email, these could engage a “sleepy” subscriber.
  35. 35. Additional tips 35 3. The reader should know in 7 seconds (or less!) the purpose of the email: what’s being offered, how to get it, and where to find additional information. 4. Look into design rules for mobile and CTAs as well – the right colors, wording, placements, technical tools, etc. For more info on CTAs, color and general design please see: Conversions-With-Better-UX-design/
  36. 36. How to Avoid Being Spam 36 • Tactics: spam filters • Understand spam compliance once and you will do it right forever. • Always include unsubscribe link inside your emails. • Include your address and contact information in the footer of your emails. • Avoid attachments when sending mass emails.
  37. 37. How to Avoid Being Spam
  38. 38. How to Avoid Being Spam 38 • Keep messages short so they don’t get cut out before the LOAD MORE option on many devices. • Optimize photos to decrease the size of your messages. • Use spam scoring tools provided by your email provider, ex: • Set-up your SPF and DKIM records on the domain level. Ask your domain administrator or your email software team to help you. • When growing a lot, consider a dedicated IP with a warm-up mechanism. • Handle unsubscribe, bounce emails and complaints seriously.
  39. 39. Trends in 2016 39 5 Top trends in 2016 for email: 1. Hyper targeted emails are the norm. Customers want unique, personalized interactions with brands. We’ll see more trigger based campaigns. Graphics and Image Here
  40. 40. Trends in 2016 40 2. Interactive emails will elevate brand experiences. Going beyond animated GIFs, sometimes called kinetic email, allows marketers to create eye-catching and engaging campaigns that stand out in your customer’s email. • Enhance form submissions through emails. • Deeper e-commerce integrations.
  41. 41. Trends in 2016 41 3. Personal experiences. Increased use of marketing automation enables companies to give consumers what they want: more personalized and relevant experience. Automation is by far, the most effective way to deliver this through email marketing. Graphics and Image Here
  42. 42. Trends in 2016 42 4. Coding HTML is dead . Coding emails are a thing of the past and email design becomes simple. Powerful drag-and-drop technology unleashes the email designer in everyone and enables marketers to create professionally designed email campaigns that deliver results. Graphics and Image Here
  43. 43. Trends in 2016 43 5. Email campaigns will predict content. Marketers won’t struggle as much to deliver value as machine learning predicts the right content. Insights come from data and content can be automated per user. Currently used in ecommerce, but new to email marketing and data mining. Graphics and Image Here
  44. 44. Common Mistakes to Avoid 44 • Certain tactics backfire and lower open rates. Such as: 1. Using words like cash, quote and save in the subject. These are spam triggers. 2. Emails that are inaccurate, or replete with errors. (grammatical, erroneous links, etc).
  45. 45. Common Mistakes to Avoid 45 3. Not monitoring/reviewing the results constantly and using the data to improve future work. 4. Delivering sporadically. If subscribers expect daily, weekly delivery, be consistent. 5. Not segmenting your email list. Together with your buyer persona, this enables you to deliver relevant content.
  46. 46. Optimizing with A/B Testing Enhances your campaigns performance. Whether you test your landing pages, offers, headlines or CTA, it is important to test. Test everything in fact. With email marketing, some things to test: subject lines, images, CTAs, content. 46
  47. 47. Optimizingwith A/BTesting 47
  48. 48. Analytics 48 Measure and Optimize. Review the results from your tests and use them to improve future content. Analyzing helps your determine how certain elements (landing page, offer, etc) impact customer behavior. You can alter content and design in the future to match the more successful elements and continually improve success rates over time. Graphics and Image Here
  49. 49. Analytics of Email 49 Graphics and Image Here
  50. 50. Analytics 50 Measure open rate, bounce rate, click rate, complaints, unsub, conversion, engagements (length of time reading emails). Check out this resource: og/Understanding-Your- Email-Marketing- Performance/
  51. 51. 20 Email Marketing Tools 1. Mail chimp (online email marketing solution) 2. Litmus (tracking and testing email campaigns) 3. Bomb bomb (video email marketing; set up a video email autoresponder and then a series of video emails on a future “drip” schedule) 4. Vertical response (email and social media tool, create, send, and track emails and social posts that look great on every device) 5. Get response (email marketing software; email creator, email marketing and automation) 6. Simply cast (marketing automation software) 7. I contact (email marketing software; create, send, and track newsletters) 51
  52. 52. 20 Email Marketing Tools 8. Red Cappi (email marketing service; easy to use tools, including drag & drop email builder) 9. Mail VU (video email service) 10. Dyn (email services, email reputation management) 11. Vbout (marketing automation, email, mobile, and social) 12. Yes mail (email and cross-channel marketing solutions) 13. Stream send (Email and behavioral automation) 52
  53. 53. 20 Email Marketing Tools 14. A Weber (email marketing and auto responder tool) 15. Mail machine pro (email marketing software; everything you need to manage your mailing lists and send professional email campaigns) 16. Success By Email (email marketing software; create striking email campaigns, invites and promotions using templates) 17. Mail Dog (Permission Email Marketing, Online Video, Social Media) 18. Campaigner (email marketing tool; send email campaigns) 19. Contact29 (Drip email campaign software) 20. Send loop (email list management and email creation) 53
  54. 54. Conclusion 54 Email is far from dead. It has the highest ROI in digital marketing. • Make your content clear, engaging, and relevant for your audience. • CTAs need to clear and viewable on all devices: PC, mobile, tablet. • Marketing automation is a marketers best friend to assist in email marketing; scheduling, tracking.
  55. 55. Conclusion 55 • Personalized emails are best for conversion. • It is important to conduct A/B testing frequently. Marketers cannot have a “set it and forget” mindset. • Use marketing automation technology to streamline your marketing tasks and for hyper- personalization.
  56. 56. www.vbout/p/request-a-demo /vboutcom vbout
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