Behavioural marketing: beyond email - 20 March 2013


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Behavioural marketing: beyond email - 20 March 2013

  1. 1. Data protection 2013 Behavioural marketing: beyond 8 February Friday email Wednesday 20 March #dmadata #dmaemail Sponsored by by Supported
  2. 2. Welcome from the ChairSkip Fidura, Vice Chair, DMA Email Marketing Council#dmaemailSponsored by
  3. 3. Agenda8.30am - Registration and breakfast9.00am - Welcome from the Chair Skip Fidura, Vice Chair, DMA Email Marketing Council9.10am - Good Behaviours: Marketing with Intent 5 Behavioural Actions to Automate Antonia Edmunds, Director of Client Relationships EMEA, Silverpop9.40am - If you got to know me… Jonathan Lyon, Global Director of Strategic Insight, LBi10.10am - X Marks the Emotional Hotspot Michelle Hawkins, Head of Happiness, The Flying Dodo10.40am - Panel discussion Antonia Edmunds, Director of Client Relationships EMEA, Silverpop Jonathan Lyon, Global Director of Strategic Insight, LBi Michelle Hawkins, Head of Happiness, The Flying Dodo James Bunting, Member, DMA Email Marketing Council10.55pm - Closing comments from the Chair Skip Fidura, Vice Chair, DMA Email Marketing Council Sponsored by
  4. 4. Good Behaviours: Marketing withIntent5 Behavioural Actions to AutomateAntonia Edmunds, Director of Client Relationships EMEA,Silverpop#dmaemail Sponsored by
  5. 5. Message Overload
  6. 6. Some Consumers are Tuning Out
  7. 7. Pounding isn’t the answer…
  8. 8. …because hope is not a marketing strategy.
  9. 9. Batch& Blast Behaviour & Automation
  10. 10. Behavioural Marketing Real-time, cross-channel, insanely relevant campaigns to one person at a time automatically driven by analytics of their actions, preferences and profiles. ~ Silverpop
  11. 11. Broadcast to Behaviour Marketing Sophistication Bto1 Individual Messages Behaviour-based Messages (Multi-Track) Time-based MessagesAutomated (Drip, Simple Nurture) Manual Targeted Mailings based on Segmentation Mass Mailing to a broad database (E-blasts) Response Rates/ Engagement
  12. 12. Behavioural triggeredcampaigns perform 325%better than simple blastcampaigns (Silverpop B2B research)
  13. 13. Examples of Behaviour - Visited website / product page - Visited Blog - Clicked to Twitter/Facebook Page - Visited Community - Downloaded White Paper “XYZ” - Watched “7 Reasons” Video - Submitted Demo Request Form - Call Centre Conversation - Trial software login
  14. 14. Customer Behaviour Drives the Actions
  15. 15. 16
  16. 16. 5 Behaviours to Automate
  17. 17. Join / Subscribe Go BrowseInactive 5 Behaviours to Automate Abandon Purchase Basket
  18. 18. Behaviour 1: Join / SubscribeAction: Onboarding Emails
  19. 19. Within two months of opt-in, the open ratetypically falls 20% to 25%. Source: MarketingSherpa
  20. 20. 1/3 of U.S. largest retailers Send zero welcome emails
  21. 21. Single Email Welcome Email SeriesWelcome emails are one of the most important emails your company will send.
  22. 22. Move to onboarding basedon behaviour/preferences…
  23. 23. Web Tracking Behaviour?
  24. 24.
  25. 25. MintWelcome
  26. 26. Mint Activation 1Users who have not added their banks after 7 days
  27. 27. Mint Activation 2Users who have not added their banks after 14 days
  28. 28. Behaviour 2: Web Browse AbandonmentAction = Content-Based Nurture Series
  29. 29. Browse Abandonment: Expressing Interest Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Product Views Basket Additions Checkouts Orders Revenue Units
  30. 30. Browse Behaviour• 37.6% Open Rate• 7.35% CTR• $0.44 Rev/Email
  31. 31. Browse Behaviour
  32. 32. Browse Behaviour
  33. 33. Browse Behaviour
  34. 34. Behaviour 3: Shopping Basket AbandonmentAction = Remarketing Series
  35. 35. Abandoned Baskets = Lost RevenueUp to 70% of Shopping Baskets are abandoned before Checkout “60–70%” — Multiple Sources 38
  36. 36. Basket Abandonment: 1-step fromrevenue Sent Delivered Opened Clicked Product Views Basket Additions Checkouts Orders Revenue Units
  37. 37. Up to50%conversion!
  38. 38. DEMCO: Basket vs Broadcast Emails High % of sales relative to volume Relative Volume Relative Sales Abandon Cart Abandon Cart Emails Emails 0.3% 18.6% Promotional Emails Promotional 99.7% Emails 81.4%
  39. 39. Message A – 1 day after
  40. 40. Message B – 3 days after
  41. 41. Message C – 5 days after
  42. 42. DEMCO Cart Results Cart Email A Cart Email B Cart Email C Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 AVERAGEOpen Rate 40% 39% 32% 37%Click-to-Open 44% 47% 28% 41%Click-thru-Rate 18% 18% 9% 15%Conversion Rate 22% 15% 24% 20%Sales/email $8.60 $8.40 $5.04 $7.46
  43. 43. Behaviour 4: Make A PurchaseAction = Upsell Emails 47
  44. 44. SmartPaks Upsell Emails Customer orders supplements in buckets for their horse GOAL: Convert customer to order supplements in AutoShip SmartPaks
  45. 45. SmartPaks Upsell Emails• Focus on the most important product purchase• Suppress recipients who convert
  46. 46. SmartPaks Upsell Emails
  47. 47. Behaviour 5: Going InactiveAction = Automated Reengagement
  48. 48. Inactive customers are painful! 52
  49. 49. Typical Actives vs. Inactives Ratio
  50. 50. Impact of Inactives Lost potential revenue Inefficiencies/Reduced ROI Fuzzy metrics Potential reduced deliverability
  51. 51. Inactive Email recipient does not open, click or purchase inRe-Engagement 45 days Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Update Profile - 1.1• Goal: Reactivate customers Opens or clicks any email or makes a purchase in 75 before they become inactive days• Results: • Open Rate – 5.6% • CTR – 0.5% Inactive Re-Engagement Email: Pays to be Smart – 1.2 Exits Inactive Re- Enagagement Program Opens or clicks any email or makes a purchase in 90 days Inactive Re-Engagement Email: 10% off Order – 1.3
  52. 52. Inactive Re-EngagementDay 45: “Help Us Day 75: “It Pays toServe You Better” be Smart” Evaluate for 30 days for activity, Day 90: “We Miss move into once a month You! Come Back frequency for 6 months. and Save 10%”
  53. 53. More time on the beach
  54. 54. Behavioural Marketing Automation Is Going to Be VERY BIG!
  55. 55. Q & A / Contact Information Antonia Edmunds Twitter: @Silverpop
  56. 56. If you got to know me…Jonathan Lyon, Global Director of Strategic Insight, LBi#dmaemail Sponsored by
  57. 57. IF YOU GOT TOKNOW ME…Jonathan LyonGlobal Director of Strategic Insight
  58. 58. people are more than theactions we ask them to take
  59. 59. we need to understand thembeyond the context in which we asked them to act
  60. 60. the math and the music
  61. 61. the pixel and the portrait
  62. 62. It’s about data drivenstorytelling to uncover truth
  63. 63. mining and mapping digital desire paths
  64. 64. not charting customer journeys
  65. 65. It’s about going beyond the analysis of impressions
  66. 66. and mapping expressions
  67. 67. of intent, desire, passion and interest
  68. 68. mining the big data flows to create a representation…
  69. 69. not of all of us
  70. 70. but each of us
  71. 71. think, feel, say and do
  72. 72. With a more granular and forensicunderstanding of people as people we canarchitect new brand engagements... engineered serendipity anticipatory advertising personalised persuasion
  73. 73. “I AM THE QUERY”
  74. 74. Given data about me, find new things I willlike. If I like a thing, find more of it, orremove the thing I don’t.Hit me with me some serendipity.
  75. 75. the new imperative• Leverage data derived signals to uncover actionable insight• Understand people better, in depth, individually and at scale• Interrogate evidenced based behaviour to provide actionable intelligence that shapes, guides and informs strategy at scale and pace
  76. 76. the web is changing
  77. 77. big data landscape Implicit and explicit signals of - Behaviour - Interest - Lifestyle - Perception - Consideration - Recommendation - Advocacy - Purchase Propensity
  78. 78. evidenced insight through real data provides a unique opportunity to understand what people are paying attention to and engaging with. Not by asking them, but by measuring moment by moment what they engage with, when, where, with who for how long, and how it makes them feel and how it makes them behave.
  79. 79. our approach• Our approach is to provide a forensic understanding of consumers beyond transactional metrics and performance• By understanding the ‘whole’ consumer we provide an acute understanding of how best to drive Think engagement• We believe in moving beyond numbers and humanising data to understand people as people, Feel not metrics• In todays omni-channel, multi-device ecosystem, our marketing promise needs to be "right place, Say right time, right offer"• This requires forensic insight at scale Do
  80. 80. big data implications It’s not about BIGGER spread sheets, it’s about bigger ideas
  81. 81. data distinctionsocial media is the setof applications andplatforms allowing Vspeople to participatein online social activities social data is the collective information produced by millions of people as they actively participate in online activities
  82. 82. social data DNA demographic recommendation product location social intention data behavioural psychographic Interest
  83. 83. Data approach• We focus not just on collecting data on historical behavior, but on connecting data to anticipate how, where and when to engage consumers• We go beyond transactional and online behaviour• The true significance of the massive digital and big data flows is our ability to uncover the interests and passions through which brands can engage consumers
  84. 84. SO HOW DO WE THIS?
  85. 85. How?• Massive ingestion of social signals from across the social web• We classify, categorise and map all behaviours and actions to entities, people, places, cultural references and brands• We create interest maps and relationship networks for each identified profile• We then cluster these to create tribes with behavioural markers and augment and enrich prospect and customer profiles with this data
  86. 86. addressable audiencesIdentifying Brandaddressable Connectedaudiences beyondthe base is key. Brand AffinityKnowing who theyare, where they areand how to engagethem is today’s Brandmarketing Referencedimperative.
  87. 87. Addressable Audience Profiling Objective Identify prospects across social touch points and map interests, likes, behaviour, to better understand key drivers to improve conversion with context sensitive, relevant messaging across display, email, social and DM
  88. 88. Match Addressable Audience to Social Identities Social Identity Resolution + + additional known data points Circa 25% match rate to social identity Recursive Iterative Identity Resolution Circa 75% match rate to social identity
  89. 89. Profile Addressable Audience with Social Data social data ingestion At scale in real time Brand, app, tv, music page likes, engagement and sharing Following who classified by interest and engagement levels Pins pinned, on which boards, from where, which categories Brand / product tagged photos Following, circles, engagement by brand, interest, topic Channel subscriptions, video likes and comments by theme, subject area interest graph mapping passions, interests, consumer tribe Check-ins by brand centric location social social touch behaviour touch point point behaviour engage, share, like, comment, contribute
  90. 90. display experience continuationconfigurator CRM interest mapping
  91. 91. “mapping audiences –fashion retailer”
  92. 92. Audience Interest Mapping • Clustered Network Analysis for community detection using algorithmic approach to identify ‘communities’ of interests • Three can clearly be seen: - Football (blue) - Popular culture (largely females, yellow) - General sports and sport news channels (red) This gives us a solid foundation upon whi to understand at a higher level, what our audience is intersted in.
  93. 93. Interest Engagement BBCSporf JeremyClarkson 30% piersmorgan GNev2 GaryLineker 25% JodieMarsh Joey7Barton WayneRooney 20% footballacca 15% GazGShore UberFacts 10% Comedy/ banter SkySports SkySportsNews 5% Footy_Jokes 0% MarioBaloltelliFootball players/ pundits sickipediabot rioferdy5 Facts & news Lord_Sugar BBCSport Celebrities timlovejoy YouTube RoyCropperNOT themichaelowen rickygervais frankieboyle FootballFunnys RobbieSavage8 FootyAccums
  94. 94. Venue Identification
  95. 95. Content Engagement (video)
  97. 97. digital information is just people in disguise
  98. 98. THANK YOU
  99. 99. X Marks the Emotional HotspotMichelle Hawkins, Head of Happiness, The Flying DodoPlease find this at - Sponsored by
  100. 100. Panel DiscussionAntonia Edmunds, Director of Client Relationships EMEA,SilverpopJonathan Lyon, Global Director of Strategic Insight, LBiMichelle Hawkins, Head of Happiness, The Flying DodoJames Bunting, Member, DMA Email Marketing Council#dmaemail Sponsored by
  101. 101. Closing commentsSkip Fidura, Vice Chair, DMA Email Marketing Council#dmaemailSponsored by