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Digital Marketing Strategy Seminar- Presentation


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DIGITAL PLATFORM: Ways to Flood your Website with Traffic and Get Noticed in a Noisy World. This was a slideshow presentation given to a group of MBA students at the Asian Institute of Management. It’s an in-depth presentation on the digital marketing strategy formulation and implementation supported with concrete examples and E-marketing statistics.

This presentation goes through different strategies and tactics for getting visitors to your website or blog. There are various completely free strategies, and paid traffic strategies.

Not only do you get to hear about specific websites and strategies, but you also learn how to combine certain strategies to maximize your results. When you start to put everything together into one big super traffic strategy, you are able to drive traffic to your site(s) whenever you want.

This will give you an overview of the different types of strategies that work well, and focuses more on coming up with the best strategy for your e-commerce website or blog, and not just what worked on one guy's blog years ago. "Get Noticed in a Noisy World" -Rico Buraga

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Digital Marketing Strategy Seminar- Presentation

  1. 1. DIGITAL PLATFORM:Ways to Flood your Website with Trafficand Get Noticed in a Noisy WorldRico BURAGAeMarketing Marketing Strategy SeminarAsian Institute of Management123 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1260, Philippines
  2. 2. About Rico BURAGAAn eMarketing Specialist A full service digital marketing agency. Get fresh customers, not just leads. is the easiest way for global and locally focused businesses to reach new customers online.My philosophy: 1. make marketing people love 2. create content people want 3. always stay currentEducational Background: Undergraduate- Economics (Specialization: Marketing and Price Analysis), U.P. Los Baños guru „a religious leader or teacher in the Hindu or Sikh Los Baños Graduate- Management, U.P. religion or, more generally, a person who International Development, GSID- Nagoya University is respected for their knowledge of a particular subject and who gives advice‟E-marketing trainer and - 7 years relevant digital marketing experience. Majorityconsultant self-proclaimed guru clients are SMB‟s in United States, Canada, U.K. and I’m not a of but a Marketing Enthusiast. For China (jewelry, webhosting, automobile parts, self-help learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has tools, consumer electronics, non-profit , political no beginning and no end. campaign, retail and financial products). - UN Online Volunteer
  3. 3. The basics of promoting any business, whether itis web-based or brick and mortar, are prettystandard: a. Provide a quality product or service that will result in happy customers. Happy customers increase word-of-mouth advertising for you, and also result in repeat business. b. Remember the old adage, “the customer comes first.” While there are some people who you will never be able to satisfy no matter what you do, you can save yourself from negative feedback and thread posts by offering timely, responsive customer service, and making things that go wrong (because they do) right to the best of your ability. c. Offer added value or bonuses, where you can – things that your customers cannot get from your competition. One of the best is referral bonuses – when one of your customers sends another customer to you, reward them in some way.
  4. 4. How long do you have to engagea site visitor? ► 50 milliseconds ► 2 seconds? ► 7 seconds? Source:
  5. 5. 2013: Top 28 digital marketing tips Tips Watch out for…1. Strategy OVP2. Analytics GA, Bounce rates3. Findability AB, MVT4. Persuasion Cialdini, GCO5. SEO GWT, SEOMoz, GT6. Automation Aweber, MailChimp, Office Autopilot & etc.
  6. 6. Case study - Online ► One of the UK‟s leading nationwide laser eyeadverts surgery clinics treating over 100,000 UK patients ► One of the biggest advertisers on the UK Internet Email Consultation Web site booking Database Consultation Awareness Maintain share of voice Treatment Brand Drive purchase intent favourability Engage with brand Purchase personality consideration Product reassurance
  7. 7. 1. Strategy
  8. 8. Tip #1 Create website mobile and tabletversion (responsive design) 2 major problems we face in a multi-screen world 5 strategic approaches to deal with these big-picture trends mobile web design best practices that dig deep into the detailsof execution
  9. 9. Don’t believe it? Here are 6 reasons m-dot websites are adead end: a. Hurts your search engine optimization (SEO) b. Slows your website performance with DNS lookups and redirects c. Results in subdomain spaghetti and heightens the device diversity problem d. Erodes social media sharing because of misdirection e. Undermines email sharing between devices f. Clashes with the philosophy of the web
  10. 10. How do you measure website marketing success?Chaffey et al., Internet Marketing, 3rd Edition © Pearson Education Limited 2007
  11. 11. Tip #2 - Defining your OVP► Core brand proposition = eMarketing Mix: ► Who you are? ► What you do? ► Where you doit? ► What makes you different?► OVP - Online Value Proposition ► Reinforces core brand proposition and credibility, but messaging shows: ► Value that a site visitor get from your online brand or campaign that… ► They can‟t get from you offline? ► They can‟t get from competitors? ► Communicate message forcefully: online and offline
  12. 12. Does your message stand out?
  13. 13. Examples of Nielsen’s tests
  14. 14. What do you notice? Source: Etre (
  15. 15. Amazon exploits top-left, top-right Source: Etre (
  16. 16. Tip #3 Web usability Myths: a. Usability testing is pointless because we won‟t make changes anyway b. It will just get overruled through „design by committee‟ c. It takes too long d. It costs too much e. It‟s impossible to convince management to run tests
  17. 17. f. My site is perfect, there is no need to testg. It‟s impossible to show the value of testingh. Users don‟t care about usabilityi. You need an Human Computer Interaction degree tounderstand usabilityj. Designers already know what they are doing, they don‟t needto run usability tests
  18. 18. k. I‟ve already tested my website in the past, there is no need totest againl. It‟s too difficult to get started
  19. 19. Usability Testing ToolsA Paper and Pencil Mechanical TurkConcept Feedback MoraeChalkmark Open HallwayClickheat SilverbackClickTale Simple Mouse TrackingClixpy UsabillaCrazy Egg UserFlyEthnio UserTesting.comFeng-GUI UserVueFive Second Test Google AnalyticsFeedback Army Google Website OptimizerLoop11 Website Grader
  20. 20. Ultralase home page Run-of-Site Customer-centric copy Signup Questions answeredOutcomes + OVP
  21. 21. Tip #4 answer the visitors questions Ad Standard landing page Interstitial landing page
  22. 22. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) most e-marketing professional have design or PPC background but in CRO this is where rocket scientist meets the internet marketer a. Determine the rules of the game and how to win it b. Understanding existing traffic sources c. Understand your visitors d. Study your market place e. Expose the hidden wealth of your business
  23. 23. f. Create your experimental strategyg. Design your experimental web pagesh. Carry your experiments in your websitei. Transfer your winning campaign in other media
  24. 24. Tip #5 Content marketing Advance Blogging Tips: a. Start with pillar articles for each category on your blog b. Create “specialty articles” for each tip within your “pillar articles” c. Strategically interlink your pillar articles and specialty articles d. Point pillar article to a “squeeze page” e. Implement this strategy for each pillar article in each category
  25. 25. Tip #6 Use social media (Branded niche or verticalcommunities) Social Networking Tips for 2013: a. Make sure your social profiles are complete and up to date. b. Cross promote your social profiles. c. Check your email contacts for new people to connect with on social networks, and do this periodically. d. Stop buying followers and fans. e. Use Google Analytics to measure your social media efforts.
  26. 26. Facebook Tips: a. Use the official Facebook buttons on your website. b. Take advantage of custom tabs on your Facebook page. c. Experiment with Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, and regular advertising. d. Go beyond Facebook Insights e. Get alerted when your favorite fan pages have updates.Twitter Tips: a. Make sure your profile is updated to the new look – and is still legible. b. Manage your Twitter relationships in less time.
  27. 27. c. Start promoting your accounts and tweets with Twitter advertising. d. Land great clients by tweeting with them. e. Keep track of your follower trends.Google+ Tips: a. If you‟re a local business, encourage reviews on your Google+ local page. b. Share most updates publicly. And share the most important ones publicly and add specific circles
  28. 28. c. Take advantage of Google+ authorship. d. Use the official Google+ badge on your website. e. Add the +1 button to your website and its content.LinkedIn Tips: a. Take advantage of the new company page design. b. Post updates to your company page. c. Encourage people to endorse you based on your skills.
  29. 29. d. Add additional details to your LinkedIn profile. e. Try highly targeted LinkedIn advertising.Pinterest Tips: a. Thank those who pin images from your website. b. Make sure no one is using your images without giving you a link back. c. Schedule your pins. d. Use the Pin It button next to shareable images on your website. e. Localize your Pinterest page.
  30. 30. YouTube Tips: a. Set up Playlists. b. Play with the Annotation feature. c. Use the Bulletin feature – carefully. d. Share each video you upload to your other social outlets. e. Name your video file with relevant keywords before you upload to YouTube.
  31. 31. f. Title your movie with catchy keywords AND BE SURE TO DO YOURRESEARCH.g. Fill out the video description with at least 2 - 3 paragraphs of text.h. Put all the keywords from the title and description in the "tags"section.i. Share your video with all your friends - quickly!j. Make a video response to an already popular video on YouTube.k. Encourage sharing, allow comments, video responses and embeddingof your video.
  32. 32. l. Embed your new video prominently on your website to create 2 waytraffic.m. Have your fellow bloggers reference or embed the video on theirsite as well.
  33. 33. Tip #7 If you have a campaign fund,consider online advertising a. Affiliate Advertising (e.g., Commission Junction, ShareASale) b. Cost-per-Click (CPC)/Pay-per-Click (PPC)- (e.g. Google Adwords) c. Cost-per-Mil (CPM)/Cost-per-Impression (CPI) (e.g. d. Pay-for-Performance (P4P)- (e.g. e. Sponsorship- (e.g. sponsor a blog)
  34. 34. f. Search Retargeting i. Start with long windows, refine to shorter windows ii. Analyze recency by vertical and campaign iii. Analyze recency by keyword type iv. Adjust based on your goals
  35. 35. Tip # 8 Developing your local marketingstrategy Take some time to think about your local area and the people and businesses within it. You need to identify where the majority of your target market is; think about the type of people and businesses that are most likely to buy your products. Pinpoint those regions and focus your local marketing efforts on those regions. Breakdown your target market into distinct groups and develop campaigns to target each group. Consider the general public, local businesses, key stakeholders in the community, events and fairs, and community groups. How will you reach each group? Create a timeline for rolling out your strategies.
  36. 36. Tip #9 Use run-of-site Sign-up and OVPmessages OVP = Online Value Proposition
  37. 37. Tip #10 – Target using personasFor each persona, assess preferences for: Platforms (web, email, mobile) Platform usage (hours) Content consumption: General site types & category-specific Social media - content creation & participation Search behaviour Trusted brands
  38. 38. 2. Analytics
  39. 39. Tip #11. Reduce your bounce rate 20% = Great 40% = OK 60% = Spam► “Percentage of visitors who enter the site and who then immediately exit”► Should benchmark for different: ► 1. Digital channels (Search, ads, direct, email) ► 2. Different sites, placements or search terms ► 3. Creative ► 4. Different landing pages
  40. 40. Tip #12 - Tune► 1. Define conversion goals (including value) & funnels► 2. Define unique pages (e.g. remove Session IDs from URLs)► 3. Setup filters (e.g. new visitors only, paid search, campaigns)► 4. Put campaign tracking tags in placeVariable Meaningutm_campaign The name of the marketing campaign, e.g. Spring Campaign. Media channel (i.e. email, banner, CPC, etc).utm_medium What is the „distribution method‟ that is used to get our message out to our clients? Who are you partnering with to push your message. A publisher, or for paid search Google,utm_source Yahoo, Live Search, The version of the ad (used for A/B testing). You can identify two versions of the same ad usingutm_content this variable. The search term purchased (if you‟re buying keywords).utm_term This is not always used and is NOT included in the above example.
  41. 41. 3. Findability
  42. 42. Tip #13 - Use Scent trails Do you have the right scent? Tip: Use customer-centric language, Especially in nav labels and page headings
  43. 43. Tip #14 AB Test Which is best? - „Clean‟ or „Cluttered‟
  44. 44. Tip #15 Use Multivariate testing?
  45. 45. Tip #16 TIMITI = Flexible web layouts
  46. 46. Tip #17 Use secondary navigation tohighlight next steps
  47. 47. 4. Persuasion Persuasion Credibility + 6 “weapons of influence” • Reciprocity • Commitment and consistency • Consensus • Affinity (Liking & credibility) • Authority • Scarcity See:
  48. 48. Persuasion principle 1: Credibility► 1. Presumed General assumptions in the mind of the perceiver► 2. Surface Simple inspection or initial first-hand experience► 3. Reputed Third party endorsements, reports or referrals► 4. Earned First hand experience that extends over time
  49. 49. 2. Reciprocity Tip #18 Offer valuable, exclusive content or offers and your audience will remember you and be indebted to you.
  50. 50. 3. Commitment and consistency “Get initial commitment” “Set their alarm clock”: Tip #19 Provide reasons to Regularly ReturnQ. How can you highlight reasons to return to the site (which labels)?
  51. 51. Apply RF(M) analysis Recency (Date of Last Visit) 88% of “Fresh” “Loyal Stars” (Been in last 3 weeks) Use the forum “Stale” (3 weeks – 3 months) “Rotten” (> 3 months old) “Tried It” “Regulars” “Loyal” Proportion using (Once or Twice) (2-5 times) (More than 5 visits) Loyalty community tools (Number of Visits)
  52. 52. 4. Consensus and social proof Tip #20 Use independent accreditation Your audience will believe others more than they believe you!
  53. 53. Social media can helpwith conversion and SEO
  54. 54. 5. Affinity (liking) People are persuaded by other people they like. Anne Hathaway
  55. 55. Persuasion means to win others over, not to defeat them.Scarlett Johansson
  56. 56. Does SEX still sells?
  57. 57. 6. Authority Show off your Authority, Expertise and Status
  58. 58. 7. Scarcity Loss is more powerful than gain Show site visitors what they could miss
  59. 59. Tip #21 Webify your copyThe most common online copywriting mistakes► Copy not customer-centric (Use the “You Test”)► Not appealing to diverse audiences► Not highlighting your unique benefits► Making copy too long► Not chunking copy► Not engaging at start of para► Not using sub-heads► Not highlighting related content► Not integrating hyperlinks► Hyperlinks at start, middle and end
  60. 60. 5. Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
  61. 61. Tip #22 Search engine optimization…white-hat a. Find the best keywords for the product or service you offer by considering how relevant they are to site content and how likely folks are to use them while searching for products similar to yours. You can get some help with this from a couple of different tools that do this for you: (1) WordTracker; and (2) Keyword Research , both of which offer free trials before you buy. b. Ensure that your page titles start with targeted keywords, and that your permanent body copy is keyword rich. Repeating keywords throughout your copy may lessen the quality of your writing style (most of us who write tend to shy away from redundancy), but will ultimately pull in business, so there is a small trade-off here.
  62. 62. c. When using graphics and pictures, make sure that you includecaptions and that your captions are keyword rich.d. Include a site index which is formatted so that each index entryacts as a link back to a page on your site.e. Make sure that your website‟s filenames and directories arenamed with keywords.
  63. 63. Tip #23 Controlling your messaging inthe search results page Paid listings - Pay Per Click (PPC) Natural or organic listings - Search engine optimisation (SEO) <meta name=“description = > tags <title> </title> tags Or Snippets from page Or
  64. 64. Controlling messaging through document metadata Google <title> tag SERPS <meta name> description tag + snippet .HTML Source 1 “View 2 Source” 3 Visible 5 - <h1><h2> page 4
  65. 65. Practical tipTo evaluate use search + <keyphrase>
  66. 66. Tip #24 Analyse target keyphrases Tip: Use the Google keyword tool to inform copywriting: Source:
  67. 67. Which SEO ranking factors should Ifocus on? ► On page: ► 1. <title> tag = 4.9/5 ► 2. Meta name description = 2/5 ► 3. Meta name keywords = 1/5 ► 4. Keyword frequency and density = 3.7/5 ► 5. Keyword in headings = <h1> = 3.1, <h2> = 2.8 ► 6. Keyword in document name = 2.8 ► Off-page ► More backlinks (higher PageRank)= 4/5 ► Page assessed as a hub = 3.5/5 ► Page assessed as an authority = 3.5/5 ► Link anchor text contains keyword = 4.4/5 ► Link velocity (rate at which changes) = 3.5/5 See
  68. 68. Tip #25 Use footer links andprimary nav for SEO Home page Tip: Ensure primary and secondary Navigation labels include keyphrases within anchor text Current accounts page
  69. 69. Tip #26 Create link-bait?
  70. 70. Tip #27 Automate some e-marketingprocesses Increased adoption is made possible through low-cost email systems like Aweber, MailChimp and Office Autopilot.
  71. 71. Are you using Google Webmaster tools?► Reasons for using and distributing diagnosis: ► Crawl errors Practical Tip: ► Search query performance Essential to use: relevant anchor text for linking ► Internal and external link reports pages within copy
  72. 72. So… is your site successful?Tip #28 – Answer the 4 key customerquestions Can you locate Is the content what Are you answering these questions through Psyma? what you are you want?   looking for?   How satisfied are my visitors?  What are my visitors at my website to do?  Are they completing what they set out to do?  If not, why not?  If yes, what did they like best about the online experience? Can you interact as you want?   Are your needs anticipated  Will you make repeat visits? 
  73. 73. Thank you and Good Luck!► Follow me on Twitter: ►@RicoBuraga► Facebook me at: ►► Subscribe to eMarketing Mixology, weekly updates on what„s new in E-marketing ►► Myvirtual business card at:
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  77. 77. References: Chaffey, Dave. (2012). Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice, 5th Revised edition. Pearson Education. Kaushik, Avinash. (2009). Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity. Sybex. Mooiji de, Marieke. (2010). Consumer Behavior and Culture: Consequences for Global Marketing and Advertising, Second Edition. SAGE Publications, Inc. Strauss, Judy. 2011. E-Marketing, 6th Edition. Prentice Hall.