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50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits



Presented at Blackbaud's 2010 Conference for Nonprofits in Washington DC, this presentation contains 50 ideas nonprofits can use in the social media programs. For another 50 tactics, check out the ...

Presented at Blackbaud's 2010 Conference for Nonprofits in Washington DC, this presentation contains 50 ideas nonprofits can use in the social media programs. For another 50 tactics, check out the original at: http://slidesha.re/4eSZmt



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  • for non profits
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  • If you've enjoyed this presentation, be sure to check out the book: 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Field Guide. It releases in 2 weeks, and is available for the Kindle right now: http://amzn.to/101tactics
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  • Excellent ideas for nonprofits and others to integrate social media effectively into campaigns
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  • Chad,
    Sorry to hear people took your presentation and post it as their own. That is terrible. I completely understand your concern. The PDF format is great. Thank you. BTW, your presentation was awesome.
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  • Thanks Chad! I understand why you disabled the download feature, so providing the notes was very helpful of you. Great presentation.
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  • Twitter widgets are a great way to bring the Twitterverse onto your website are blog. You can setup and customize widgets at twitterm/goodies/widgets You can make it any size, customize the colors to match your site, and change the way it behaves. Great way to bring interactive dynamic content onto your site – it moves!!! The widgets include: - Profile Widget showing your last few tweets - Search widget showing tweets related to search criteria - Faves widget showing your account’s favorites - Lists widget showing the tweets of one of your lists
  • "- Tools like Cotweet and Hootsuite are essential for social media teams of two or more - Both support scheduled tweets (optimize delivery time or become more efficient with time), assigned tweets (delegate responses and monitoring) multiple users for team collaboration (unique accounts), monitoring, and social network aggregation. (Hootsuite more than Cotweet), Hootsuite also has a native iPhone app with standard edition."
  • What the Hashtag?! is a user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter that offers real-time feeds and analytics (for past 7 days and for top contributors and by type). This is a great way to anaylize hashtag activity for a particular hashtag in an attempt to measure it’s impact. Also a great way to identify your key influencers and staffers participating in the conversation. It can tell you: - Top 10 contributors by number of tweets - Total number of tweets - Total contributors - Tweets per day - % from the top ten - % of retwets - % that are mentions - % with multiple hashtags
  • "- We all know that the power of Twitter is rooted in the power of the RT. - RT's become a lot more meaningful when you can measure actual impressions. - With Tweetreach, you can query on a specific subject or hashtag (for free) - Tweetreach will give you a detailed report with key metrics like reach, exposure, and top influencers who are furthering your messages. - Up to 50 tweets are free, then you get into the paid model - up to 1500 for $20 or you can subscribe for $84/month"
  • Popular Twitter plugin inserts "Tweet This" links so your readers can share posts with one click. Can automatically tweet new posts via OAuth. - Twitter button from Twitter.com - The TweetMeme retweet button was popular first.
  • "- If you were at Wednesday's Ignite session, you got to hear about Twitter's social good initiatives (if not, you can catch the replay on Blackbaud.tv - Based at the center of it is the Hope 140 program - Twitter's homebase for case studies and opportunities for nonprofits - Currently, you can go there to see how some of the leading nonprofits like Room to Read and Charity Water are leveraging Twitter - There are also examples of some of the Twitter-backed campaigns like End Malaria. On April 25, each $10 donation tweeted to Malaria No More to help distribute life saving bed nets to those in need was matched by the Case Foundation (The campaign raised over $36,000) - So, what if you're not fortunate enough to be on Twitter's radar? Then, do your homework! There is a form that you can submit on the site to share how your organization is using Twitter. - The site mentions a special version of the new Promoted Tweets program ""Tweets for Good"" - be sure to sign-up for a chance to get involved. "
  • Tools like Twitterfeed will automatically send you blog posts to your Twitter and Facebook accounts via RSS This is a great way to ensure all your content gets to Twitter For organizations with a small staff, this is a real time saver. Also provides real-time stats on traffic and use. Be careful though – make sure you content is hitting Twitter at the time you want.
  • "- There are many tools that can help you identify your top influencers from free apps to more advanced tools like Vocus or Radian6. - They are designed to help you rank your top Twitter advocates and bloggers by the number of followers, retweets, blog comments and activity volume. - You may discover new influencers in your network that you should get to know better, or simply identify what subjects are resonating with your top supporters"
  • "- Believe it or not, not everyone will see every tweet you beautifully craft - and it's just getting noisier and nosier in the Twitterverse as everyone's parents are joining the party. -There is nothing wrong with giving them a ""heads-up"" or in Twitter-speak, a dm or tag (@reply at the end of the tweet) to make sure it gets on their radar - It's equivilant to a pitch in PR - press releases don't sell stories - As in PR, use this tactic wisely - don't spam your influencers, or you will likely work against you"
  • Visible Tweets is a visualization of Twitter messages designed for display in public spaces. This is great for events, presentations, or meetings. For people who are tweeting about you, this is a cool way to show off their contribution. These animations are mesmerizing, and are a great way to turn on new people to Twitter.
  • "- There are tons of tools that can help you organize a Twitter chat, but our favorite is TweetChat - Here's how it works: Login to TweetChat with your Twitter credentials and enter the hashtag for the chat - This will direct you to a TweetChat room where you can converse in real-time (the feed auto-updates) - The hashtag will be automatically added to each of your tweets. - You can use the ""User Control"" area to feature people you like or to block spammers. - When you scroll down the page, ""Smart Pausing"" activates so the page it will not refresh, helping you avoid replying to the wrong person. "
  • paper.li organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag. A great way to stay on top of all that is shared by the people you follow - even if you are not connected 24/7! This is a great link to send out to your followers, and doesnn’t require any work on your behalf to produce. Be careful though, the content can at times get off topic because it is not curated. - After creating it, watch it for a few days before you share it.
  • "- There are a couple of ways to promote your landing pages and calls-to-action in YouTube videos - A lot of sites use ""pre-roll"" or a short video ad before content is played. Overlays are an improvement that allows viewers to get right to the content. - YouTube overlays allow you to specify a ""call-to-action"" for viewers, helping generate engaged, well-targeted traffic for your website. - Through YouTube's nonprofit program, nonprofits can include a campaign-specific headline, ad text, and a destination url that will appear whenever someone watches your video. - This is designed to increase conversions - all of which can be tracked through YouTube insight "
  • Customize when and where on the screen the link appears. Drive traffic to a donation page, registration page, blogpost you're referring to, etc. Michael Hoffman of See3 called this a game changing feature for nonprofits – and I agree! You can customize when and where these links appear in your video. Nonprofits can only link to a donation page or sign up page - Regular YouTube users can only link to other YouTube pages
  • - This is a great way to engage your networks by asking them to share photos of their support of your issue - in this case, through a special group established on Flickr - You can do this a number of ways, but many organizations have asked their supporters to upload photos holding a sign with a specific message on it - In this case, Oxfam America launched a photo petition in support of a campaign aimed at empowering Ethiopian coffee farmers. - They wanted coffee industry leaders to sign an agreement that recognizes Ethiopia's right to control the use of its coffee brand names. - As part of the campaign, 578 photos were uploaded to the "Starbucks Photo Petition" Group on Oxfam's Flickr account. - People took pictures of themselves with signs saying "I support Ethiopian Coffee Farmers." - The overall campaign was a success and Starbucks and Ethiopia finalized a trademark agreement, ending their dispute and bringing both sides together in partnership to help Ethiopian farmers.
  • Creative Commons is a great way to increase the reach of your photos by using an alternative copyright. Creative Commons allows you to set rights to things like: Attribution, Non-Comomercial, No Derivative - This means people can use your photo with a credit to you, as long as they aren’t making money or changing it. - These attributes can be fine tuned to suite your needs. This will allow bloggers, presenters, media, etc to use your photo freely, which may drive more attention and traffic to your cause.
  • "- This one's easy and the reason for doing it is simple - brand integrity and accuracy - All you have to do is enter the name of your organization, its address and Twitter handle - Add the Tags “nonprofit” and “nonprofit organization” and “charity”, as well as any other Tags relevant to your organization and its mission (human rights, environment, peace, etc.). - Add the city and state of your organization as a Tag. It doesn’t make a difference in searches on the website version of Foursquare, but it does in the iPhone App version!"
  • Like other social networks, Foursquare loves helping nonprofits meet their missions. If you ask them nicely, they may help you setup a branded page at foursquare.com This is what NWF did for their Wildlife Watch program. They leave tips at key areas around the country that feature wildlife. When foursquare users checkin nearby these locations, they will get a message from NWF. This reinforces their mission to promote wildlife, and give supporters the VIP treatment. Notice the branding at the top of the page – you can’t do this on normal Foursquare pages.
  • "- The Brooklyn Museum does a great job of leveraging social media to engage their networks - They were one of the first nonprofits to create a custom badge, in partnership with Foursquare - To get The BK Art Star badge, all you have to do is check-in to the Museum location on Foursquare 3 times - Your avatar will then be integrated into the Museum's online community page - Right now, there are no clear guidelines for nonprofits on creating badges outside of purchasing them (which is pricey), but many have written about how the badging system is being reworked, so let's hope that means good things for nonprofits!"
  • This is one of the best ways a nonprofit can use Foursquare, especially if you have something advocating for. Tips are short messages left at locations that Foursquare users see when they checkin. One of my favorite local nonprofits is The Charleston Parks Conservancy., It is their mission to promote the use of amazing parks throughout the city. Their tips point users to nearby parks, and mention why they are great. This helps them meet their mission by driving more people to parks, who will hopefully then help preserve them.
  • "- Foursquare for Universities was designed to encourage students to explore their campuses - Right now, schools using this program include Syracuse, Harvard, Stanford, and Texas A&M - (May be Foursquare's attempt to follow the Facebook model) - Universities are encourages to setup a University Page on Foursquare where they can broadcast announcements - Another way universities can engage their students is by sharing tips, directing students to campus venues or events and providing more information on academic buildings, dining halls, residence halls, and historic landmarks around the university. - Finally, users can unlock Foursquare's new university badges like the Campus Munchies and Bookworm Bender badges"
  • Special offers in Foursquare are a great way for businesses to deliver coupons to users who checkin at their stores. But nonprofits are finding uses for these as well, especially Arts & Cultural organizations. The Vancouver Police Museum offers people who checkin a 25% discount at the gift shop. Not only does this make their social media users feel more special, but it drives more traffic to their gift shop.
  • "- Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm, has blanketed San Francisco BART stations with posters that instruct riders to check in to the “Earthjustice ad” on Foursquare to help the firm raise money to support its wildlife protection initiatives. - For each Earthjustice ad checkin, a company donor donated $10 to the cause in question — in this case, “unsafe oil drilling.” -Another example of this was the ""Check-In for Charity"" at SXSW.Every time people checked in on Foursquare in Austin, Microsoft and PayPal donated $0.25 toward Save the Children up to $15,000. - This is a great way to engage corporations in a cause-marketing campaign targeted at a younger demographic"
  • The Facebook like button is one of the best features to roll out in recent years. It allows you to put like buttons on your website and blog that allows visitsors to recommend your content. When they click the button, it appears on their profile page – which will encourage others to visit the page. It also can show site visitors which friends have already liked the content, which may increase their chances of reading it and liking it themselves. Mashable did a study which showed that these buttons increase traffic to blogs by 50% almost instantly.
  • "- To Mama With Love was a collaborative online art project to honor ""mamas"" around the globe and to raise money for one mama's dream to provide a home for children in Africa. ($17k was raised - enough to build a home for 17 children) - The campaign was launched by Epic Change - a group that holds the annual Tweetsgivivng campaign - Central to the campaign was leveraging social networks - The To Mama With Love webpage did a great job of pulling in all that activity into one central place by using video, a Twitter box and a Facebook activity plug-in. - This is just one example of Facebook's social-plugins that are designed to pull the Facebook experience onto your site. Everyone is familiar with the ""Like box"", but there are many other unique plug-ins including recommendation boxes and comment boxes. - Best part? You just need to add one line of HTML "
  • For social media managers and executives who worry about inappropriate comments on their Facebook walls. Including a commenting policy on your Info tab will set the expectations for your community’s behavior. This also gives you a simple justification for removing content that is undesirable. The Humane Society does this well, and has to use it often. - While they need it most, all nonprofits should do this.
  • If you don’t have calls to action on your Facebook page your missing a huge opportunity! By using the FBML application, you can create custom tabs that feature programs and calls to action. The Best Friends Animal Society do this affectively with their “Adopt!” tab. - This tab not only look great, but features animals that are looking for homes. You can do things like: - Sign up - Volunteer - Donate - Register
  • If you’re nonprofit has a supporter base that loves to share stories, check out Facebook Stories. This is a Facebook app developed with Involver, and does a great job of putting supporters stories directly on your page. The Red Cross does a great job with this with their Stories about Natural Disasters page. It allows fans to post content directly to that page in a easily readable format. It includes Geo-tagging and can drive a lot of traffic to your page via the feeds of people who participate.
  • "- Similar to claiming your location on Foursquare, it is very easy to claim your location on Facebook - Not just anyone can claim a page. You have to submit the right paperwork to Facebook for approval. (There is a link that says ""is this your business?"" - Aside from basic information like the name, URL, and address of the business, the Claim Place page also asks for the Federal EIN (Employee Identification Number), and requires that you upload a scan of official documents. - Doing so will allows you to publish content on news feeds of those users that have checked into your place. - You are also able to edit the address, business hours, profile picture, contact information, and other settings such as designating admins authorized to alter the Places page. - Lastly, you can advertise your place"
  • Share via wall post or message. On the bottom left of every Facebook page you’ll see a “Share” button. This is a simple, effective way to get your fans to share your page with their friends. Once a month, put a wall post up that encourages your fans to do this.
  • - Faced with massive cuts in state funding that threatened to close 220 California state parks, the California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) launched a multichannel effort to raise awareness and advocate the issue. - The “Friend Get a Friend” campaign launched on Facebook via an update to 517 fans – “This year’s cuts are ten times as bad, so we need ten times the fans on Facebook.” - With just two updates on Facebook (and smart cross-promotion through other channels), CSPF's fanbase grew from 517 to 33,000 in just two weeks, creating a proof point for keeping the parks open, helping them meet their “promote awareness” goal and gaining some valuable mainstream media coverage. They now have close to 60,000 fans. "
  • Some visitors need a little extra incentive to click on event links. By easily displaying whether they are free, ticketed, or require registration can help this. Especially if they are free. Simply add something like [FREE] to the title will show them on your main page what to expect. This will drive more traffic to your free events.
  • - Why? The average size of an in-house community is fifty percent higher than that of an equivalent Facebook® community. You have more control over privacy settings and branding, and with certain tools, (like Blackbaud Social, in this case.) You have access to the user data for broader cultivation. You can also provide an affinity-based community or a private place for sensitive discussions, as in the case of The Reeve Foundation, whose community is based around providing support and a forum for discussion around living with paralysis.
  • Social media isn’t just for your supporters – it’s for your staff too! Yammer is basically a private version of Twitter for your organization. - only people with yourorg.org email addresses can join. It works just like Twitter with status updates, tags, etc. It’s a great way to share program ideas, successes, and news. It’s also very useful for crowdsourcing.
  • "- G-Team campaigns range from ridiculous flashmobs to fundraisers that benefit local community organizations. Every G-Team campaign connects you with enough people to achieve something awesome that you couldn’t have done alone. A nonprofit can suggest a campaign on the G-team website by applying for a sponsorship. (Right now, piloting in Chicago and ""coming to a city near you."") - More ""real"" Groupon example - Groupon for acquisition - The Charleston Museum offered 50% off museum membership. 325 purchased (in one day!) - Causeon. Same concept as Groupon, but Causeon offers up to 20% of its revenues to causes. "
  • Crowdsourcing is a great way to use social media to get input from your supporters. The Obama administration famously used Google Moderator at Change.gov to bring in ideas from citizens. Users can submit ideas, then other users can vote up or down the content. - The best ideas then rise to the top. This is a great way to get your community together for good. Other tools include UserVoice, Pligg, and Crispy Ideas.
  • "- The SC Aquarium launched a multi-channel campaign to promote the opening of an albino gator exhibition - There are less than 50 albino alligators in the wild - To raise awareness for the exhibition, the Aquarium placed 50 Albino alligator stickers with QR codes around Charleston - QR codes (or quick response codes) are like barcodes and can be read by QR scanners (free apps via smartphones) Links can be embedded so users can easily navigate to a site. - Users were encouraged to log their ""sightings"" by scanning the QR code and entering them on the campaign landing page. - The more gators people found, the more points they received, with the winner earning a special up-close visit with the alligator "
  • If you’ve got a ton of social media activity, using a platform to help monitor the chatter is a good idea. Tools like Radian6 and Vocus do this well. Radian will collect social media mentions from across many platforms, and bring them into one place for analysis. This allows you to identify trends, sentiment, influencers, and more. Radian6 also offers discounts for nonprofits, so definitely check them out.
  • "- The best place to provide real-time updates to enhance communications is in your online press room - The American Red Cross did a great job with this in their Red Cross Disaster Online Newsroom - They built it on Wordpress for the ease of publishing and for SEO - They taught volunteers how to use it - With RSS capability, journalists and constituents can subscribe to tags and categories that interest them - Incorporated Flickr photos - Incorporated Utterli to allow field workers and volunteers to share text, pictures, audio, and even video via their mobile phones - Another great way to enhance your online news rooms is to incorporate incoming RSS feeds for dynamic content and Twitter and Facebook feeds for real-time activity updates in a centralized location."
  • Alternative giving is a great way to turn awesome supporters into awesome fundraisers. Heifer International has used this model for years – Give a gift as a gift. Facebook Causes takes this to another level, and helps you ask your friends for donations instead of gifts. Nonprofits are begging to do this more for birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc – all enhanced by social media.
  • "- Save the Children took three of the UK’s top mummy bloggers to Bangladesh to see first hand and raise awareness of the scale of child mortality in developing countries. The mums have already created a storm in the digital world talking about #blogladesh- over 10 million people have read and/or retweeted their blogs and tweets. - This is just a really smart way to engage your on-topic influencers in support of a greater cause"
  • Blog commenting tools like Disqus
  • - There has been a lot of criticism about giving contests - primarily because the community fatigue that they can cause. - Plus, in "fundraising contests" the average nonprofit has no power against the massive lists that some of the top nonprofits have - That said, there is a lot of money being given away through contests like Pepsi Refresh and JustMeans cause marketing "grants" and some contests offer matching grants or widespread consolation prizes. - Look closely at the positives and negatives - and timing of your participation - Geoff Livingston wrote a very insightful post on Mashable that provides some guidelines to consider - before you move forward with a contest, it is a good idea to ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a realistic chance of being successful in the contest? Do you have the necessary time and resources to engage intensively in the contest to maximize the chances of winning? Will the campaign help build a new set of donors? Will participating in a contest strengthen capacity to integrate social media tools and networks into overall strategy? What kind of publicity will be generated from the application? Is there strong alignment between the contest’s brand and your own? Does the contest align with your values, mission and goals? Will participation add to or detract from potential donor fatigue? Can your organization give up and share control? If your non-profit wins, can you implement any funding or other offering from the contest with your current infrastructure? If not, can your organization scale to meet the demands a winning opportunity brings?
  • "- At Mashable's Social Good Summit last month, Chris Hughes (on the team that supported the launch of Facebook) hailed his new project, Jumo as a centralized platform that ""makes it easy to find, follow, and support nonprofits."" A prescriptive social network of sorts. - He said that Jumo is launching later this year and will integrate with Facebook - This is one to keep on your radar - at the very least, go to Jumo,com and sign-up for updates and Like them on Facebook"
  • "- Not everyone qualifies for an entry in Wikipedia. Your organization must be ""notable"" or as defined by Wikipedia, it has been the subject of significant coverage in reliable, independent secondary sources that are verifiable. - If you meet that criterion, then you can setup a page focused on your organization, not your programs - Let others write about you - it is not a problem for you to write your own page, but you have to make sure the reliable references are there and that you are writing about something bigger than a program you just launched. - Another resource to check out (if your organization's work supports any of the UN Millennium Development Goals) is Umovement. - Umovement is a global grassroots movement to accelerate the achievement of the goals and is like a Wikipedia for nonprofits (minus the strict noteriety clause.)"
  • LinkedIn is a great place for nonprofits to setup groups, but also to show their expertise and help people LinkedIn Answers allows users to answer open questions to the community. By searching keywords related to your cause you can find questions that you can answer. - terms like animal welfare, sustainability, pregnancy, men’s health, etc. Other platforms include Facebook Questions and Quora
  • "- Like many other social networks, LinkedIn has a special program and learning center for nonprofits - Some of the ways LinkedIn seeks to help nonprofits leverage the platform are around using advanced search to find experts, partners, or corporations that may be prospective sponsors. - It also provides guidance for how to use questions to solicit feedback and receive advice - It guides you through how to start a LinkedIn Group, and encourage your organization to join so each member becomes an ambassador for your organization with a badge on his or her profile. "
  • http://www.slideshare.net/event/2010-nonprofit-technology-conference :: SlideShare is the world's largest community for sharing presentations. You can… * upload & share your presentations (ppt, pptx, odp, pdf, keynote) * embed on blogs & websites * use Leadshare & AdShare to generate customer leads * create branded channels for your company/product * create a webinar by linking slides with audio * embed YouTube videos into presentations And now SlideShare also supports all documents formats (doc, docx, odt, Apple iWork). And it's completely free.

50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Presenter Social Media Tactics 22 for Nonprofits 50 52 61 65 60 53 19 61 74 77 26 65 31 71 76 99 94 89 67 64 57 62 58 51 68 55
  • 2. #50smt If you’re tweeting:
  • 3. 50 Social Media www.blackbaud.com/50Tactics 21 32 50 8 15 27 10 43 14 33 37 26 22 20 18 44 39 5 11 41 You may remember… Tactics for Nonprofits
  • 4. So, you’ve got a social media plan, right?
    • * From Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff's book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies
    P = People: Who? O = Objectives: Goals? S = Strategies: Outcomes? T = Technologies: Tools? The P.O.S.T. method* Today, T is for “Tactics”
  • 5. 51 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use Twitter Widgets to display updates on your website or blog.
  • 6. 52 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Enhance team collaboration by scheduling and assigning tweets and monitoring.
  • 7. 53 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Learn what hashtags mean and analyze them in real-time.
  • 8. 54 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Measure how far your tweets travel.
  • 9. 55 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Help web visitors tweet about your content with one click.
  • 10. 56 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Register with Twitter's Hope 140 Program.
  • 11. 57 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Automatically feed your blog to Twitter and Facebook.
  • 12. 58 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Identify your top contributors and influencers.
  • 13. 59 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Ask your friends and top fans to share your news.
  • 14. 60 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Share the backchannel chatter at your event.
  • 15. 61 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Organize a chat room conversation around a hashtag.
  • 16. 62 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create and share a daily roundup of tweets important to your cause.
  • 17. 63 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use interactive video overlays to increase conversions.
  • 18. 64 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use video annotations for multiple calls to action.
  • 19. 65 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a photo petition in support of a campaign.
  • 20. 66 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Release your photos under a Creative Commons license.
  • 21. 67 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Claim your location of Foursquare to ensure accuracy and maximize exposure.
  • 22. 68 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a branded page on Foursquare to maximize your presence.
  • 23. 69 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a custom badge on Foursquare to encourage check-ins and repeat visits.
  • 24. 70 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Extend your mission by leaving tips at check-in spots.
  • 25. 71 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Encourage students to explore their campus with Foursquare for Universities.
  • 26. 72 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create special offers to reward your supporters.
  • 27. 73 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Raise money and awareness with campaigns geared around check-ins.
  • 28. 74 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Make your content shareable on Facebook by adding a Like button.
  • 29. 75 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Incorporate Facebook activity into your website with a social plugin.
  • 30. 76 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Display the rules for your Facebook community.
  • 31. 77 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Encourage action with a "Get Involved" Facebook tab.
  • 32. 78 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Support a specific call to action with its own tab.
  • 33. 79 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Provide a forum for sharing personal experiences with the Facebook Stories application.
  • 34. 80 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Officially "claim" your location on Facebook Places.
  • 35. 81 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Ask your fans to share your organization's page with their friends.
  • 36. 82 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Launch a friend campaign to broaden your audience.
  • 37. 83 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Add [TICKETED] [FREE] or [REGISTRATION REQUIRED] to your Facebook event titles.
  • 38. 84 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Create a branded social network around a specific topic or cause.
  • 39. 85 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Leverage social media culture in your organization's internal communications.
  • 40. 86 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Participate in social buying platforms to acquire new visitors and members.
  • 41. 87 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Crowdsource feedback from your social network with question platforms.
  • 42. 88 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use QR codes to provide instant access to information and engage supporters in a unique way.
  • 43. 89 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Monitor conversations about your organization and cause with social media monitoring services.
  • 44. 90 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Socialize your online pressroom to extend reach and to provide real-time updates and dynamic content.
  • 45. 91 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Encourage supporters to leverage their social networks for alternative giving.
  • 46. 92 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Involve your blogger community to share first-hand experiences with your organization and cause.
  • 47. 93 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Use universal commenting tools to encourage participation on your blog or site.
  • 48. 94 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Participate in giving contests (with caution).
  • 49. 95 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Livestream your events to extend your reach and engage your online community.
  • 50. 96 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Bookmark this website: www.jumo.com.
  • 51. 97 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Establish your presence on wiki communities.
  • 52. 98 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Add your organization's voice and expertise in forums and on social networks.
  • 53. 99 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Help your cause on LinkedIn by using the Nonprofit Learning Center.
  • 54. 100 SOCIAL MEDIA TACTIC Share your content and resources on the web's largest community for sharing presentations.
  • 55. Questions?
  • 56. Thank you! [email_address] twitter.com/chadnorman [email_address] twitter.com/melmatho Blackbaud.com/ChadNorman Blackbaud.com/BlackbaudNews Let’s keep the conversation going…
  • 57. Resources
    • Tools and Services
    • http://twitter.com/goodies/widgets
    • http://cotweet.com
    • http://hootsuite.com
    • http://wthashtag.com
    • http://tweetreach.com
    • http://hope140.org
    • http://twitterfeed.com
    • http://visibletweets.com
    • http://tweetchat.com
    • http://twitterfall.com
    • http://paper.li
    • http://youtube.com/nonprofits
    • http://foursquare.com/universities
    • http://developers.facebook.com/plugins
    • http://creativecommons.org
    • http://groupon.com/g-team
    • http://radian6.com
    • http://learn.linkedin.com/non-profits/
    • http://slideshare.net
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