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The People Channel: Using Social Media to Convert PBS Viewers into Members


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The world wide web show is here, and PBS members and viewers everywhere are using the social media channel to consume content, connect with each other, and share their passion with the world. The time is now to engage your audience through social media, and convert your fans into members. In this session, we’ll take a look at why social media is important, which platforms should be in your plan, how to produce the right content, and how to measure your results.

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  • offers som other unique no-cost ways for nonprofits including PBS to generate substantial unrestricted income from people who don't yet want to become members.

    Snoozegiver and Textgiver turn regular smartphone apps into painless ways for the users to direct small contributions (mostly from advertisers) to their favorite charity

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  • Nice presentation... but did I have a senior moment... when do they become members? They join the various social media. yes... but when or how does the station get the money and eventually a renewing member? Maybe I should look at it again. Meanwhile, thank you so much for sharing this.... lord knows we need it. David
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  • very interesting presentation! thanx for sharing..... :)
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The People Channel: Using Social Media to Convert PBS Viewers into Members

  1. Title subtitle Date Presenter’s Name Presentation Title or Product Name The People Channel Using Social Media to Convert PBS Viewers into Members
  2. So, you’ve got a social media plan, right? <ul><li>* From Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff's book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies </li></ul>P = People Who are you trying to engage? O = Objectives What are you trying to achieve? S = Strategies What will it look like when you're done? T = Technologies What are the tools you plan to use? The P.O.S.T. method* is a great way to develop you social media program. T is for “Tactics”
  3. Why is Social Media Important? Social Media Revolution 2:
  4. Channels of Communication Hey, it’s the people channel! And it’s Interactive!
  5. Where the People Are
  7. Why Does This Work? Whuffie! Whuffie is the culmination of your reputation, influence, bridging and bonding capital, current and potential assess to ideas, talent and resources, saved-up favors, and accomplishments. The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt
  8. Getting Your Supporters Engaged… Especially this group
  9. CRM Person to Person Telephone Direct Mail Web Email Peer to Peer Social Media Mobile Telepathy
  10. Your Social Media Honeypot
  11. The WGBH Lab encourages viewer participation.
  12. WETA created Book Studio
  13. KCET held an L.A. Food Twitter Party
  14. 5 Ways to Move Supporters Closer to Members 7 ways to get supporters involved.
  15. 1 Create a landing page for fans/non fans.
  16. 2 Integrate your CRM with Facebook fan activity.
  17. 3 Organize a Tweetup.
  18. 4 Start, join, and organize conversations on Twitter with hashtags (#nwf #nptech #charitytuesday)
  19. 5 Hold a Facebook contest to attract new supporters.
  20. 6 Create a fundraising campaign organized with Twitter.
  21. 7 Promote an event, campaign, or movement with twitter hashtags (#beatcancer #memorywalk)
  22. Presenter Social Media Tactics 22 for Nonprofits 50 2 3 6 7 13 19 21 24 27 26 29 31 41 46 39 34 49 37 44 17 22 11 5 18 1
  23. Measure It! Google Analytics Facebook Insights Flickr Pro Account YouTube Insights BackTweets .com Twitterholic .com Twinfluence .com Twitalyzer .com Twittercounter .com Photo via pinksherbet:
  24. Website Traffic Equals Conversions
  25. Track and benchmark key metrics.
  26. Use short URLs to track link performance (,
  27. Use to mashup Google Analytics with Twitter influencers.
  28. Create a social media listening dashboard with iGoogle.
  29. What’s Next?
  30. Questions?
  31. Email: [email_address] Twitter: Photo via hryckowian: