The Naked Truth How to Market to Me


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The Naked Truth How to Market to Me, a personal perspective, and why you should get your experts out there.

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  • @kasperrisbjerg @kasperrisbjerg Dude, sorry for not replying until now. Agree partly. The 'why' in this case was more specific to the GWC team. In the bigger Grundfos picture, the vision is of course larger. But I disagree with 'Say you want to bring clean water to millions of people in developing countries and that can be done by becoming a socbiz' The question that we then have to ask our self is 'why' does becoming a social business solve that? That said, a new 'take' on the GWC purpose/goal is:

    'The Global Working Cultures goal is for Social Business strategies and methods to drive growth and innovation for Grunsfos, and speed up strategy execution capabilities. And we do this by making it normal to engage actively and openly in a globally connected Grundfos – internally as well as externally – with the purpose of leveraging opportunities and ideas, collaborate effectively, and/or reduce inefficiencies.'

    A bit MBA'ish, but there is thoughts behind the madness! ;o)
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  • I disagree with the way you approach your 3ed slide. The objectives you put in the 'why' is not why you want to become a Social Business - it's the results you hope to gain. The why should be something deeper to make an organizational impact. The why is your vision. Say you want to bring clean water to millions of people in developing countries and that can be done by becoming a socbiz - that's a vision, that's a why... Just my point of view.
    Otherwise I love the whole 'segment of me' way of thinking you've applied to the presentation.
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  • Great as always, Christian - lots of ideas worth stealing here :)!!
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  • Source: LinkedIn endorsement by Mike Moran
  • The Naked Truth How to Market to Me

    1. 1. The Naked* Truth How to Market To MeChristian Carlsson | Lead Consultant | Global Working Culture*No, I’m not going to strip
    2. 2. The world‟s largest manufacturer of pumpsSource: Martin Risgaard (@risgaard)
    3. 3. Creating a Global Working Culture, where we workas under the same roofWhy we do itHow we do itWhat is needed tosucceedSource: Thomas Asger Hansen (@thomasasger)
    4. 4. Learning by doing – lots of pilots, everywhereBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBlaBla Bla BlaBlaBlaInternalcollaborationIdeation andInnovationKnowledge TransferProject ManagementSocial and Collaboration EmpowermentSocial BusinessIntelligence andEngagementSource: Christian Carlsson (@chris_carlsson)
    5. 5. Example: drilling down on who speaks about“grundfos”Source: Netbase
    6. 6. Example: learning about Influencers
    7. 7. Market to me How many of you have been on the“other side of the table”?Source: Christian Carlsson (@chris_carlsson)
    8. 8. I’m researching topics like organizational strategyand transformation, with a marketing flavorI’m likely to trust messages or be influenced bysomeone from LEGOI’m a first mover, triggered by new, cool, interestingand smart thingsConnected to key influencers, both internally aswell as externallyKey focus on Social Listening and AnalyticsKnow me (it‟s all there!)
    9. 9. Know meYou can learn a lot about me,what I think about, what Istand for, by just jumpingin to random conversations.
    10. 10. Understand meDo I look like someone you should ask to sign up for an email newsletter…? If you want to connect with me, this is where I am.
    11. 11. Remind me of your existence – use „mini touches‟When you have connected with me, remind me of your existence in agood way. Use mini touches, like endorsements, “stars”, shares, etc.This is how you can keep your self on the radar screen.
    12. 12. Help me grow my personal brandI will only share stuff to my network, that I think will reflect positivelyback on my own personal branding.JP RangaswamiChief ScientistAnd finding new expertsto follow and/or engagewith, is an extra plus.Source: SalesForce
    13. 13. But if you want me to share, the devil is in the detailURL not working; no good landing page, value, or reason to act
    14. 14. Now you are thinking… how in the world am I toscale..? Know me Understand me Remind me of your existence Help me grow my personal brand Get me to share
    15. 15. One of the tricks: Social Empowerment ofemployees – build a web of trust.These two items have the same volume, but which has more surfacearea – the consistent, large sphere or the diverse little spheres?Answer: The marbles have about 300% more surface area.Source: Ethan McCarty, @ethanmcc (2013)
    16. 16. We trust more in Experts, and less in MarketingGibberishSource: Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q3 2011 Source: Edelman Trust Barometer 2013Individuals drive trust & credibility
    17. 17. Experts can help bridge the ever important contentgapContent gapSource: Digital Body Language (2009)
    18. 18. And using experts is more effective than traditionaldigital marketing tacticsTraditional digitalmarketing tacticsExperts digitalengagements4% 12%16% 44%Conversion rateReach and amplificationCall to actionLeadSource: IBM (2012)
    19. 19. Who could be experts: the thought leadersSource:
    20. 20. Expert-in-the makingFollows a BusinessDevelopmentExecutiveProactivelyengages;dialogueCoffee anddiscussionTalking to acompetitorBringing outthe ExpertSharing iscaringTime (4 weeks)...?...?WorkshopTrustOnlineOfflineSource: Christian Carlsson (2012)Who could be experts: the expert-in-the-makingIn this case a student interested in Collaboration, building trust with aBD Executive
    21. 21. Who could be experts: the sellerSocial selling can lead to additional sales. The 1st customer boughtthe storage solution. And a 2nd customer found the below dialogueand also bought from the client rep.Source, image: Pixabay Source, tweets: IBM(2009)
    22. 22. Who could be experts:maybe you don‟t know whatexperts you have?The Facebook fan page is one of themost successful in Denmark, and iscreated and managed by a Grundfosemployee (@risgaard).
    23. 23. Top20mustwinaccountsStart aligning some of the “planets” and out fromthat, connect your experts to customers.Listenfor whoReverse IPMkt.AutoNetworkknow-ledgeListenforsignalsConnectSource: Christian Carlsson (@chris_carlsson)
    24. 24. The marketers role in all this?TheContentGapThe Holy Grail!Finally Marketing can get closerto Sales!You should orchestrate the Social Empowerment of your experts, connecting them with the right people, atthe right time, at the right place.
    25. 25. Where are your experts? Thought leaders?Marketing Gibberish. Youcan change “SAS” withany other supplier.Names, no contact, nopersonal touch, no trustbuilding, and marketinggibberish.
    26. 26. It took 5 minute to launch. It takes only one minuteto close down again.
    27. 27. Well done...
    28. 28. Case example: Oracle learned how to communicatewith me; turned me in to an sharer/advocate
    29. 29. 54 17 71ccarlsson@grundfos.comSource: