Awesome finds awesome! Creating shareable content in a social world


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These slides describe why creating content that gets shared matters in today's online marketing environment, presents some high level tips for what types of content get shared and walks through a variety of different ways brands can create shareable content.

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  • This is truly universal! EVERYONE who has been inside any decent sized company can identify with this!
  • Awesome finds awesome! Creating shareable content in a social world

    1. 1. Awesome finds awesome!Creating shareable content in a social world.Sean McGinnisMarketing GM, Director of Digital Marketing
    2. 2. About MeMarketing GM Sears PartsDirect14 years digital marketing experienceDad, Husband, Son, Golfer, Gadfly, Lawyer, Leader, LunaticPLEASE Connect with me!Twitter – @SeanMcGinnisFacebook - @SMcGinnisLinkedIn - @SeanMcGinnis
    3. 3. Agenda• Why does share-ability matter?• What types of content tend to get shared?• Examples of share-able content + tips & tricks
    4. 4. Why Does Share-abilityMatter?
    5. 5. Direct TrafficMassive traffic can come from direct share.
    6. 6. Links remain the #1 search ranking factor
    7. 7. Direct Traffic Case Study
    8. 8. 12 Most Ridiculous Job Titles in Social Media• July 26, 2011
    9. 9. 12 Most Enchanting Things About Google Plus• August 1, 2011
    10. 10. 12 Most Compelling Reasons to Home SchoolYour Children• February 12, 2012
    11. 11. What Types of ContentTend to Get Shared?
    12. 12. Arousal is the key!“Content that evokes either positive (awe) ornegative (anger or anxiety) emotionscharacterized by high arousal is more viral.Content that evokes low arousal emotion(sadness) is less viral.”- Social Transmission, Emotion, and the Virality of Online ContentJonathan Berger & Katherine L. Milkman
    13. 13. ANGER
    14. 14. AWE
    15. 15. ANXIETY
    16. 16. Examples of Share-ableContent + Tips & Tricks
    17. 17. Don’t Just Share Your Own Work
    18. 18. Curate and Re-Share Content!• Ads of the worldtook content fromNeutron. Re-packaged it.• Links to Ads of theWorld re-sharedpost = 471• Links to the originalpost by Neutron = 2
    19. 19. Manage & Encourage Ongoing Re-Shares• Ask for a link back if not provided.• List yourself or site as creator of work.• Embed links into content or other works. Many scraperstake everything whole cloth, including links.• Encourage sharing through social sharing buttons.• Have an easy to find policy outlining and encouragingsharing & re-use with attribution and links back.• Build a kick-ass community (more on this later).
    20. 20. What Types of Content Get Shared?• Anecdotal examples from my personal Facebook sharinghabits.
    21. 21. A Hilarious Spin
    22. 22. Subtle (from a branding perspective)
    23. 23. Flow Chart• Can be very effective.• Apply to both a B2C and B2Bcontext.• Can be informative orhumorous.
    24. 24. Cheeky
    25. 25. Clarify the Complicated: With Style• Hits home foreveryone whospends any time insocial media.• Funny, Ringsprettytrue, explanatory.
    26. 26. Create a MemeOr just participate in one
    27. 27. About Us PageHat tip to the amazing@ShellyKramerfor the find & share onher bloghttp://www.v3im.comBe Creative! Dare to try something different.
    28. 28. Create a list243 Blog posts listed in this end of year round up
    29. 29. Hold a contest
    30. 30. Contests have multiple benefits
    31. 31. …and more benefits.
    32. 32. And even more benefits
    33. 33. We don’t need no stinking ________!• Let people BRAG!• I bet we can come up with 20right now!• Brainstorm reasons to use abadge with me!
    34. 34. Give of yourself firstDoes anyone remember the Blogroll these days?
    35. 35. Engage in Your CommunityAwesome isn’t JUST about sharing
    36. 36. Take a position• Taking a position feels SCARYas a brand.• Fear of alienating half yourconstituents.• Find safe ground to test it out.• Stay away from religion &politics, unless that is yourcore.• Will help clarify brand essenceand vision of business!
    37. 37. Show emotion• Be human.• Do NOT be afraid to dosomething different!• Speak with a human voice(no matter the company).h/t Cluetrain Manifesto• Be remarkable – that’swhat awesome is allabout!
    38. 38. Appeal to the Human Condition
    39. 39. Real Connections Matter
    40. 40. Real Connections MatterAsked two friendssame question viaFacebook message.Two answers within10 minutes.
    41. 41. People Are Awesome!•
    42. 42. Questions?
    43. 43. Connect with me!Twitter – @SeanMcGinnisFacebook - @SMcGinnisLinkedIn - @SeanMcGinnis