Using your Experts in the Digital world - how IBM is doing it


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Short presentation about why and how to activate and use your experts in the Digital world. This how IBM does it. Your experts on this at IBM are:

And I have my say as well... ;o)

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  • Understand the right places to focus your energy through the social intelligence. The mapping process helps you to understand existing influencers, where we should be building relationships with them, and what venues they tend to use.
  • Using your Experts in the Digital world - how IBM is doing it

    1. 1. Getting our Spokespeople out thereChristian Carlsson, Digital Leader and Social Business Advocate, IBM Denmark Expert-in-the-making Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert Expert-in-the-makingSource:
    2. 2. *DISCLAIMER
    3. 3. The ThoughtThe Inspirator The Geek The SME The Executive Leader
    4. 4. Source: Simon Sinek (2009)
    5. 5. Individuals drive trust & credibility 92%
    6. 6. Denmark 3Q2012
    7. 7. Who do we trust?
    8. 8. Bridging the Content Gap Content gapSource: Digital Body Language, ” The Content Gap - Lead Nurturing and Content Creation”
    9. 9. Early results: SME compared to other Tactic Results* Traditional Digital Experts digital marketing engagement Reach and amplification 4% 12% Conversion rate 16% 44% Call to action Lead*source= Unica Netinsight
    10. 10. Source: Simon Sinek (2009)
    11. 11. For us, this means... From large campaigns To one-to-one, high-value interactions From controlling the message To building collaborative relationships From being generally accessible To being active in the right places at the right timesSource: IBM (2012)
    12. 12. It also means, it is no longer limited to Marketing or CommunicationsSource: IBM (2010)
    13. 13. Every employee can be an expert at something  Distributing or publishing content on social channels  Connecting experts and building relationships  Leading expert communities  Providing thought leadership on a particular topicsSource: IBM (2010)
    14. 14. Social Guidelines Personally responsible… Identify your self… Respect copyright… Respect your audience… Don’t pick fights… Try to add value… …………… Source, image:
    15. 15. Enabling experts in context of our strategy From To A true Social Business enables their experts in the context of their strategy and go-to-market programs #sbdk #socbiz @sfemerickSource: IBM (2012)
    16. 16. Thought Leaders covers Influencers Influencer Connectivity, Social Ecosystem Mapping • Who? • What? • Where? • When? • How? • Why?Source: Converseon analysis, July 2011
    17. 17. Source: Simon Sinek (2009)
    18. 18. ResourcesSource: IBM (2012)
    19. 19. Social Business Manager w/ Domain Knowledge Owns Listed 43 180 603 6 lists times Retweets Following 3,058 790 420 Mentions Tweets Followers 54 Comments 3,000 Videos & Clicks on whitepapers bit.lys most popular Monitoring & Engaging Target Site List Content Activation Plan Coordinated Dialogue SMEs BUs PR / MRSource: IBM (2012)
    20. 20. It is a processSource: Christian Carlsson (2012), adopted from IBM (2012)
    21. 21. Recent example Follows a Business Proactively Development engages; Talking to a Sharing is Executive dialogue competitor caring Workshop ...? Online Trust Time (4 weeks) Offline Expert-in- Coffee and Bringing out ...? the making discussion the ExpertSource: Christian Carlsson (2012)
    22. 22. IBM
    23. 23. IBM
    24. 24.