The role of steganography in secure information solutions (Prathepan yogarajah)

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  • Secret Data can be image or text


  • 1. May YogarajahThe role of Steganography inSecure Information solutions
  • 2. Digital Information2
  • 3. Digital InformationPaper documentDigital documentServer
  • 4. Digital InformationClosed System Open System
  • 5. we don’t secure information…Scenario 1:
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.—How do weknow if the supportingdocuments have beenaltered?Client logs into ABC Insurance portal and fillsin a claim application and submits along withsupporting documents.Approved or rejectedapplication sent back to ClientScenario 2:If we don’t secure information…
  • 10. 3:If we don’t secure information…
  • 11.
  • 12. ObjectDecoderSecretDataCommunicationsChannel
  • 13. HidInImage enables the encryption and hidingof secret information (text or images) insideimages using Steganography techniques. Secret information is hidden imperceptibly inthat it cannot be detected by the human eye. Our innovative Steganograpy-basedhiding solution plays a vital role in securingdigital media content.
  • 14. HidInImage is Unique? Revolutionary software algorithm forencryption Novel technique for embedding of data inimages using Steganography techniquePatented Encryption SoftwarePatented Embedding Software
  • 15. ImageProtected ImageWhat does HidInImage do?+ Key =>Secret Data
  • 16. Video16
  • 17. 17Embedding EPRs data in innocuous looking image: (a) shows a CT scan image of a patient with herinformation details, (b) encrypted secret data (payload) of (a), a clean image showing nature in whichthe encrypted data will be embedded to and finally (d) shows the stego-image carrying the encryptedpatient dataSecret Communication
  • 18. Data Cover Image Stego ObjectDocument authentication
  • 19. to detect alterationsAltered Document Recovered DocumentGrayscale image ofAltered DocumentFinal Result
  • 20. Document Extracted original contentfrom received DocumentDocument authentication
  • 21. & Track and TraceSolution
  • 22. for Digital Imagesimages used by creative individuals, enterprises,governments and law enforcement• Copyright Communication– Identifies content owner and rights• Copy Protection– Controls copying of content• Classification– Classifies content so it is used appropriately;• Authentication– Verifies that content is genuine, from an authorizedsource and has not been altered
  • 23. You