data mining gis xrd nanoparticles risk encryption heavy metals stress steganography sem pyrolysis remote sensing nutritional intervention finite element method septoplasty classification depth of cut copper current india starch humidity captcha cost affecting factors (technical and non-technica fourth generation language environment software maintenance cost estimation improved cost estimation model qos authentication security job satisfaction environmental setting. coping adolescents similarity measure surveillance system psnr silver nanoparticles microstructure diabetic retinopathy feature extraction vessel segmentation. etc dct lsb tensile strength wavelet transform correlation gray level co-occurrence matrix oxidative stress ultrasonic sensor raspberry pi digital signature vector quantization plastic waste association rule thermoelectric cooling vapour power refrigeration cooling rate. water sustainability wire coil passive heat transfer twisted tape e-commerce zinc metamaterials (mtm) leadership wages. expectation work motivation productivity supply chain management a model for preserving privacy of sensitive data numerical methods. mom hip implants hip joint uv–vis absorption band gap cbd czts ccmli multilevel inverter phase opposition disposition- pwm(pod-pwm) barker code ddfs. fpga bpcm dmf flooding atmospheric air condensation risk management. real estate mitigation strength copper slag review concrete fine aggregate replacement security attacks network security certificate. rsa trans-septal suturing technique. aim of study to d nasal packing irrigation water quality index water quality. suspension bridge rail cable-lifting cable-hoistin withanolides w. somnifera. baylis-hillman withaferin a steroidal chemical admixture fly ash scc paste fresh properties. river mudzira coliform. physico-chemical parameters micro strip patch antenna hfss coaxial probe feed return loss throughput satellite and window flow. tcp frame size power system and voltage drop. parametric modeling causes mobile unit global system for mobile communication (gsm) coverage level signal strength signal tracker base station mangifera indica adhesive. seed kernel rare earth ions dielectric properties permittivity. bmi height sam. weight glucose “cloud computing”. [1] service providers (data centers) use one of emergi to make optimal or maximum utilization of availabl contourlet transform ecg. svd : steganography lh surg ovulation time pmsg goats heat onset co-operative caching selfish users social wireless networks cost optimal policies mechanical properties. friction welding electron beam welding martensitic stainless steel tempering temperature effects of dust pollution. properties of dust katraj dust pollution flavomycin production performance and broiler chicken. aodv ad hoc network routing protocols dsdv ns-2. standard single mode fiber(ssmf) dispersion compensation fiber (dcf) third order dispersion (tod) bit-error rate(ber) s/n ratio mrr electrode speed anova etc. mapping and traversing land surveying acad 3g dsp 4g wireless communication. improved apriori apriori weight for height % sam triglyceride cholesterol mamdani fuzzy logic mse. bullwhip effect hardness heavy metals. t.d.s water analysis kondatarai mlm multiple signal classification (music) and smart a direction of arrival (doa) manufacturer retailers. buyers supplier supply chain a network lifetime unequal clustering wireless sensor networks routing hot spot problem. electrical discharge machining (edm) copper electrode electrode wear rate ss-202 camera drowsiness image processing speed. detection ict gender equality economic development assembly language. dual-tone multifrequency (dtmf) decoder gsm microcontroller ultimate bearing capacity steel box truss arch plastic hinge. term frequency. clustering boundary conditions large span steel bridge the whole gusset plate partial force silicone. trans-septal suturing sms wlan students feedback. private network students feedback system losses capacitor loss reduction. power factor reactive power distribution system fir digital filter stft (short time fourier transform) ecg (electrocardiography) discrete wavelet transform wavelet neural network oos effort estimation anfis cocomo-ii logistic function. : breast cancer multivariate data compressive strength. coconut shell mix design map reduce hadoop big data analytics hadoop distributed file system big data semi-open saturated set semi-closed and continuity.  - continuity multifunction noise removal method (denoising) adaptive wiener filter wavelet transform. community participation revolving fund. project sustainability community based organizations (cbos) village sanduq society (vss) vertically partitioned data exponential mechanism differential privacy two party algorithm secure multiparty computation sprocket avoid accident economic analysis dividend company analysis industry analysis equity shares fundamental analysis android application vital checks selective activities. ssd hdd voice coil sata magneto-resistive head actuator skyrmions. spindle platters multiple drug resistance therapy perсhlozon antibacterial activit nanomaterials trace evidence analysis specific traces autopsy finding blunt objects identification. murder photo superimposition drag and drop bot third-party human attack dnd captcha human ddim captcha sinjah rural development poverty reduction damazin. livestock market pin number (personal identity number) otp(one time password) kyc (know your customer) breast tumors. serum malondialdehyde (mda) serum 5’ nucleotidae (5’nt) early maladaptive schemas murderers. psychiatric symptoms eye detection cloud based approach viola-jones algorithm. face detection independent domination number middle graph. line graph connected domination number domination number reversible data hiding data hiding and extraction. weldments etc. accuracy consumption destructive penetrant main arch stone arch bridge reinforcement construction monitoring linear tool wear spindle speed feed rate factorial design etc. pruning cycle starch. pruning time net photosynthetic rate energy science nanocarbon solar collector measurement of turnover intentions non - professional institutions professional institutions corpora ontology machine translation cross language information retrieval dictionary-based translation multilingual physiological characteristics biometric identification iris pattern iris segmentation image acquisition iris recognition normalization behavioral characteristics traffic redundancy elimination cloud computing bandwidth authentication. juvenile crimes. child labor crime against children child rights optic disc vasculature proliferative diabetic retinopathy mfensi clay open circuit voltage (ocv). cathode microbial fuel cell pot-zinc/copper pair anode volume of pot transition diagram first passage time transition matrix persistent state transient state inter-communicating states. markov chain periodic state trigonella foenum- graecum. 2 kinetin α-naphthalene acetic acid (naa) 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic (2 4-d) callus initiation. presumptive coliform test. poor handling food borne illness readyto-eat microflora keywords: aloo-tikki kendall’s notation queuing model average waiting time. poisson probability distribution myringotomy. endoscopy eustachian tube grommet middle ear implicit teaching explicit teaching language classes. second language acquisition aggregate supply. investment aggregate demand interest rate gross domestic product economic growth cold storage convective heat transfer model taguchi analysis. heat absorbed by evaporator virtual programmable logic devices(vpld) entrenched system ttl/cmos. java real time processing tactics risc avr chronic lumbalgy pain intensity special exercises antioxidant activity apple lzw. animated gif microcontroller based automatic method of protecti temperature monitoring of a transformer. schedule variance scheduling tracking cost variance earned value cost control e.coli ctx – m – type biofilm antibiotics extended spectrum β –lactamases (esbls) —continuous stirred tank reactor fuzzy logic controller fault detection and estimation. neural network predictive controller cross-validity r2 shrinkage). linear models shrinkage regression - (multiple regression multiple correlation coefficient leaf spring modal analysis static analysis finite element analysis. fem static loading strain gauge cantilever plate image processing. modi script handwritten character recognition (hcr) cobilation cold tonsilectomy experimental safety. (january 27 bicycle wheel global validity of c black-hole theory quantum mechanics 2015) equivalence principle gravitation angular momentum conservation policies rural. health insurance internet connections webcam pir and ultrasonic sensors avr microcontroller web mining. personalized architecture e-learning system power regulator. discontinuous current conduction mode pulse width continuous current conduction mode buck converter polypropylene dino-light-digital-microscopy. degradation properties muskingum forecasting regression. flash flood plain of bou salem ph. biochar hydration capacity logistics network ifc cloud services. organized retailing retail formats strategic implications synergie service quality and efficiency suicide idealism relativism pulp durian hides paper transfer learning energy saving green communications reinforcement learning actor-critic algorithm. radio access networks base stations sleeping mode query stability. complete answers to queries limited access patterns to relations up-growth frequent itemset up-growth+ itemset utility manganese spent dry cell battery hydrometallurgy fcfs csma wireless sensor network qmac temperature fertigation soil moisture i arm 7 paper and pulp. clones fibre and vessel morphology basic density galvanostatic pulse current silver nanoparticles h training recruitment human resources management selection construction industry loyalty compsat grid banks complaint management nmax/nmin quaternary. inverter circui multiple valued logic(mvl) uv/h2o2/fe2+ degradation decolorazation rhodamine b molar refraction and molar polarisability. refractive index antimicrobial activity bacillus subtilis. pedalium murex docccii current controlled conveyor tunable voltage amplifier tunable current amplifier amplifier biomass briquetting binder cotton waste. solid waste from flour mill (swfm) images of diseased femoral arteries. effects of defects in femoral arteries femoral arterial disease diagnose femoral arterial disease ultrasonography for femoral arteries sms security cryptographic key chemical bath deposition cadmium sulphide thin films structure optical band gap morphology variable structure controller quarter car model. semiactive suspension magnetorheological damper and glass transition temperature (tg). secondary bonds natural pigment poly methyl methacrylate (pmma) initial-pressure juice partial least squares regression sugar brix savitzky-golay smoother. near-infrared spectroscopy act (annual change traffic). twilight technique clouds earth’s atmosphere meteor showers aerosols mesosphere aspergillus flavus biosorption nickel. ipv6. rip performance analysis ospf opnet14.5 brassica juncea l. phytoremediation hyperaccumulator edta. permissive maternal and paternal parenting academic achievement. authoritarian authoritative achievement. competency student academia professional future use. applications physiological biometric security disadvantages behavioral advantages biometrics in healthcare security primitive. carp password guessing attack dictionary attack graphical password employee satisfaction rfid gsm (global system for mobile communications) vehicle tracking system. — gps (global positioning system) pilferage matlab. mobile wimax downlink subframe burst allocation ofdma statistical analysis. groundwater quality multivariate physicochemical characteristics contamination functions to modulate and demodulate data. aseptic carton hard sheets waste gasification diesel ecofriendly waste-energy fuels. wi-fi(wireless fidelity) arm (advanced risc machines) subdivision block graph split domination number. block graph act (annual change traffic) ci engine. biodiesel petroleum fuel alternate fuels aspergillus flavus. kitchen waste anaerobic digestion cow dung inoculums fungal culture cumulative biogas production chromium kinetics. isotherms tamarind pod shell batch culture bioremediators bioremediation mic arsenic semen parameters paternal age intracytoplasmic sperm injection pregnancy outcome maternal age soil contamination heavy metal health risk (hazardous) waste water. transfer factor (tf) plastic & precast concrete alkali-silica reactions thermal expansion shrinkage. reinforced concrete corrosion drying shrinkage cracking mass concrete heat of hydration prestressed concrete alkalicarbonate reactions saccharin — (cephalexin antibiotics spectral studies drugs mixed ligand complexes schiff base and antibacterial activities. planar diffuser taper angle flow separation cfd multi-media communication ns-2(network simulator-2). manet manet routing protocol (i.e. aodv) information dissemination schemes energy consumption mobile sensor node. —wsn ginger. capsicum vegetables green chili waste from electrical and electronic equipment mfi ir abs. zirconia (zro2 ) surface roughness. ceramic coatings aluminium 7075 thermal barrier coating (tbc) alumina (al2o3 ) attacks access control mobile agents use of mobile agents in shopping cart pic pc and tpsn. wsn arm organizational commitment. organization commitment job performance sequential data pattern classification hidden markov model and parkinson’s disease. lie group 58a30 quaternion group horizontal distributions 2000 mathematics subject sub-riemannian local feature surf algorithm. query image image recognition mat lab medical image and spectral studies. nicotinamide antibacterial activities mixed ligand) complexes (ampicillin drug electrical energy solar energy renewable energy resources. battery solar panel pathogenic. antioxidant antibacterial antifungal methanol extracts wind power. homer simulation small scale wind turbine wind enery self-cancellation inerter carrier interference phase noise. multicarrier frequency pyramid structure wavelet transforms quadratic distance metric borrower character loan repayment. autonomous fire extinguisher pic micro controller fire detector color sensor fire extinguisher conversion efficiency. i illumination intensity variation single crystal of mose2 photo electrochemical solar cells sparse kogge-stone adder. kogge-stone adder carry tree adder decision trees steel plates faults material informatics ensembles general class of polynomials jacobi polynomial and leguerre polynomials. h function ncc rdwt friction factor heat transfer microchannel heat sink serpentine shaped nanofluid al2o3. morinda citrifolia antifungal activity. caralluma truncato-coronata gravely&mayuris basic dye sea bean shell. brewer’s spent grain — activated carbon ripple carry adder carry look ahead adder carry save adder. life cycle impacts eco-effectiveness life cycle assessment sustainability indicators. recycling cradle to cradle system lca software tools dimensional instability. al–ni master alloy za alloys fundus photograps microaneurysms watermarking cryptography sinr mh vertical handover wimax wifi. anthropometric etc visual problem vdt workpace ergonomics semiconductors thin films. electronic material optical properties technological and learning furniture industry. technology red mud industrial waste compressive strength slump. image fusion bior wavelet mfhwt feature matching image registration thin-plate spline method. local affine transformations ransac food and energy commodity derivative market microstructure etc policymakers indian market segmentation brain cancer back propagation neural network. mri principle component analysis pathophysiology vasodilatation myocardium color filter array (cfa) demosaicing. charged coupled device (ccd) color peak signal-to-noise ratio (cpsnr) — bayer cfa geographic routing (gr) etc position-based opportunistic routing (por) network routing. olsr eolsr swirl flow. lens design head tracking vision eye pupil movements motion estimation detect head cascade classifiers vision comfort detect eye motion detection. eye tracking customized progressive lens head movements android qr- code cloud etc railway ticketing jammer subspace clutter suppression subspace projection clutter subspace stap device threat evaluation attack graph. network threat evaluation alert pair alert unit threat evaluation attack threat evaluation efficiency bottleneck line balancing manets mimo (multiple-input capacity-optimized cooperative (coco) topology control multipleoutput) service quality model. customers servqual expectations service quality liquid crystal display (lcd) zigbee. radio frequency identification (rfid) global positioning system (gps) information technology. mobile commerce (m-commerce) maraging steel gas tungsten arc welding (gtaw) dmaic methodology. non-destructive testing(ndt) six sigma dynamic vehicle routing real – time traffic information time dependent travel time mesh couette flow laminar and turbulence models square cavity vortices. image encryption — reversible data hiding privacy protection. xps gui and fpga. wavelets transform disinfectant pseudomonas aeruginosa green engineering tim (thermal interface materials). single-walled carbon nano tubes (swcnt) green technology nano chemistry carbon nanotubes (cnt) green nano science multi-walled carbon nano tubes (mwcnt) proline uv-b radiation lipid peroxidation cyanobacteria chlorophyll — carotenoids distance measurement using sonar ultrasonic scanner. wi-fi euclidean distance content based image retrieval k-means. grey level co-occurrence matrix texture feature colour histogram pathrater. rivest shamir adleman (rsa) mobile ad hoc network (manet) digital signature algorithm (dsa) enhanced adaptive acknowledgment advanced encryption standard (aes) obesity infertile body mass index. fertile regression determinants project implementation likert’s ranking scale. project success factors factor analysis project management fingerprint vector quantization coding algorithm fuel and enviromental problems chi-square test decision tree lift. kdd apriori algorithm web usage mining web structure mining web content mining web bags. web query warehouse concept mart spatial resolution lidar hybrid recommender item to item similarity collaborative pearson’s correlation slope one. climate ecosystem. energy swirl flow e-banks e-marketing. — e-banking fiber optics communication link electric copper wire heading date short day plant long day plant artificial neural network hand segmentation. hand gesture recognition solvents extraction environmental technology neem natural dyes micro-hybrid technology alternating current cdi. throttle position sensor fuel consumption lead geophysical survey mining metalliferous india. rajasthan exploration prospecting craton gossan metallotect level of testing white box testing. black box testing fluorescence isothiocynate concanavaline lectin semen parameters etc input return loss. input impedance multiband fractal — sierpinski gasket gain future instrumentation. wi-fi tag cloud instrument tag4m web page instrument pc based instrumentation shrinkage matlab2011 selective laser sintering dimension accuracy d-stream healthcare biomedical data fitness etc. k-means indigenous knowledge sustainable use medicinal plants conservation treatment of tuberculosis rural community j-integral ctod energy release rate (g) characteristic distance (lc) sif (k) dhnotation co-ordinate geometry etc. robot virtualization 5df articulated arm negative refractive index (nri) multiple beam antenna (mba) strut dispersion left handed materials (lhm) dual negative materials (dng) bi-anisotropy. digital image processing security applications. unbiased image processing filter parameter digital filter underweight malnutrition stunted height. limit state method working stress method pu-mu interaction curves reinforced concrete chimneys portulaca oleracea (purslane) effect in mice orgins bolt tightening simulator . higher-cycled product design cae model highly reliable cae analysis technology component product design and cae auto manufacturers. loosening bolts purslane cytogenetic effect human lympho cytes taguchi method submerged arc welding signal to noise ratio is – 2062 steel anova mlp- bp eutrophication modeling l-m algorithm pollution tiagba’s lagoon bay côte d’ivoire. extracurricular activities lucknow district. government school students performance private school secondary school cassia sophera anti-inflammatory carrageenan oedema formalin mathematical programming approach ancillary services on-site generation combined heat and power (chp) distributed energy resources (der) renewable energy sources (res) power electronics style formatting insert. component styling spread spectrum image image hiding steganography’s. cloud computing security improvement of supply chain management by mathemat challenges and uses review on manet: evolution ber performance analysis of ofdm in cognitive radi utilization of thrust reverser mechanism in turbof applications of genetic algorithms in gdp forecast 47 | p a g e an improved association rule mining w hydraulically operated working model of back hoe p effect of physical additives of shells powder on m analysis of experimental values of bend loss by ot dfig-based wind power conversion system connected compact routing using swarm algorithm
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