wireless sensor networks internet of things routing wireless sensor network security cloud computing clustering manet computer network machine learning network iot network protocols network security wsn qos aodv routing protocols load balancing quality of service fuzzy logic routing protocol energy efficiency intrusion detection wireless networks anomaly detection networking neural network intrusion detection system vanet networks sdn protocols wireless network network architectures lte reinforcement learning blockchain deep learning 5g computer networks & communications congestion congestion control tcp high speed networks privacy network lifetime cyber security authentication feature selection quality of service (qos) cognitive radio olsr social network ipv6 ubiquitous networks mac underwater wireless sensor networks residual energy leach mimo long term evolution (lte) network management performance analysis localization ids routing algorithm ofdm packet scheduling computer networks social networking rpl particle swarm optimization wireless sensor networks (wsns) wi-fi wlan smart home mobile networks optimization resource allocation clustering algorithm analytic hierarchy process handover channel estimation spectrum sensing aes dsr bit error rate (ber) voip delay multimedia network protocols & wireless networks network coding steganography artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms network marketing temperature 6g deep reinforcement learning algorithm cybersecurity goal question metrics web applications vulnerability multi-criteria energy consumption wireless lan switching and addressing techniques adhoc and sensor networks wireless reliability performance evaluation cognitive radio network nfv social networks trust block cipher internet cluster head wimax ipv4 bittorrent virus mobile network cryptography supervised learning authentication framework contextual information mutual authentication security effectiveness lstm actor critic ensemble learning iot security vehicle-to-everything dsrc humidity monitori adjustable range load balancing protocol (albp). network architecture ultra-low latency beyond 5g data fusion algorithms security. elliptic curve cryptography cellular mobile networks machine learning. fog computing energy-efficient communication next generation internet edca optimal packet length multipath fading response time performance evaluation. mobile ad hoc network web application manets wireless sensor network (wsn) logistic map cellular network mimo systems ad hoc network graph theory mano deep packet inspection cross layer energy mobility cdma clock synchronization adhoc cisco access points usability energy efficient mobile ad hoc networks zigbee correlation feature selection nbtree chi-square gainratio multilayer perceptron naivebayes ibk medium access control dsdv distributed algorithms openflow network monitoring streaming topology graph encryption and decryption data mining anomaly detection. ber peer-to-peer opportunistic routing mobile ad hoc fog-cloud grpc peafowl mating data security healthcare iomt quantization pruning spider swarm optimization data shifting interest selection vehicular named data networks mean square error tapped-delay line apt blockchain security hash chain forward secrecy deep deterministic policy grad monitoring asset tracking privacy preservation spectrum efficiencies system capacity fixed-grid network path planning optimal network path data accumulation bluetooth low energy algorithms machin learning ransomware android malware detection imbalance data route discovery levy flight crossover quality of experience metrics quality of service metrics video streaming software defined network vehicular ad-hoc network http phishing multiuser precoder ray tracing information technology single-board computers communication graph p2p botnet botnet security awareness security culture vehicular relay selection & ro internet mobile gateway select hexagonal spectrum sharing co-channel adjacent channel available bandwidth estimation cellular mobile network cluster feature vector phishing attack networks & communications communications data privacy internet of medical things ns-3 neighbour attack stepwise conditional parameter attack detection web attack dct arnold map random oversampling vanets throughput (tp) throughput optimization heterogeneous traffic frame size optimization downlink mu-mimo computing internet marketing entropy measu dynamic authentication fbmc filter bank multicarrier millimeter-wave mimo systems route establishment image compression key exchange share generation visual cryptography correction method arithmetic coding edge detector lsb technique vehicle velocity neighbor density link quality compressive theory clusterhead antennas ieee 802.11p industrial internet cognitive networks node localization massive connectivity non orthogonal multiple access software-defined networking (s multi-objective golden eagle o resource-constrained network group signature collective signature digital signature authenticati matlab multiagent q-learning radio resource management hybrid code two-dimensional optical link maximal ratio combining (mrc) interleavers interleave division multiple a broadband powerline (bb-pl) hesitant fuzzy linguistic term raspberry pi benchmark mosquitto mqtt neural network. unsw-nb15 gradient boost classifier. fpa custom features unsw-b15 error minimization. hybrid beamforming (hbf) massive multi-input–multi-output (mmimo) millimeter-wave (mmwave) distributed lifetime coverage optimization protoco adjustable range deterministic energy efficient pr deterministic energy efficient protocol (deep) adaptive sensor sensing range (assr) (wsn) sniff rule table firewall store-carry-forward direct communication v2x communication improved throttle algorithm. processing time queuing delay. explainable ai (xai) shapley additive explanation autoencoder network anomaly detection non-orthogonal multiple access. multiple-input multiple-output bit error rate genetic algorithm. v2x communication. cooperative localization extreme learning machine (elm) border gateway protocol (bgp) key distribution paillier cryptosystem. eigentrust homomorphic cryptosystem p2p reputation management health information management global mobility network communication system security banyan networks. hotspot traffic uniform traffic semi-layer multistage networks cut-through omega network round robin algorithm. waiting time dynamic task scheduling data aggregation. tree-based virtual neighbour table neighbour table energy-saving application hello interval link change rate hello process cache replacement. in-network caching named-data networking (ndn) information-centric networking (icn) scheduling worms & trojan. fgc retrial leach. energy efficient (ee) clustering approach cluster heads (chs) sound localization & wireless positioning. otdoa cellular networks random waypoint model. traffic congestion whale optimization monitoring. evolutionary computing authenticated key agreement self-pruning routing in iot. packets aggregation mechanism. high-performance iot bloom filters context-aware addressing continuous-time markov chain pdr. csma eec hwsn swarm intelligence relay node placement iptv diffserv heterogeneous networks flow label co-channel interference prediction infrastructure and platforms design tool for cloud cloud application parameter optimization. mobility speed deepmimo mmwave coordinated beamforming multimedia etc big data tools and systems big data bioinformatics privacy and trust big data applications models and algorithms big data infrastructure and big data techniques performance prediction cellular ad hoc routing attack urllc random access signal propagation hybrid access scheme field-programmable gate array (fpga). hybrid model switchable data dependent operation (sddo) controlled substitution–permutation network (cspn) interference-to-interference-plus-noiseratio signal-to-interference-plus-noise-ratio long time evolutionadvanced heterogeneous network user equipment handover decision carrier aggregation infogain positioning utilization resource prediction. channel assignment ddos attack service level agreement optical networking sensor networks virtualization dynamic diffusion hilbert transformation burning ship fractal efficiency internet and web applications next generation web architectures network operations & management cw ieee 802.11 smart mobile devices energy conserving ibleach algorithm leach algorithm markov chain intent-based networking & realtime visualization voice-assistance rayleigh fading channels. virtual machine. unsupervised learning ddos machine learning for iot iot edge security adaboosted ensemble learning mobile ad-hoc network (manet) wireless communication visible light communication cluster simulations multi-path routing mobility models big data wireless communications content-centric networking resource management millimeter wave data aggregation urban area approximation fingerprint recognition multifactor authentication (mfa) biometric iris recognition support vector machine network topology codec simulation virtual routing function torus multipath smart grid multi-criteria decision making mobile cloud computing game theory live streaming cloud security reputation real-world networks lifetime node degree wormhole routing unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) orchestration wsn. power control quality of experience par information security integer programming multi user alamouti bs wsns timestamp non-homogeneous markov model attack graph markov reward models qoe genetic algorithm traffic engineering fuzzy logic control “flc” pan home automation multiple web access wifi topology control wireless mesh network scalability throughput ad-hoc des blowfish sensor network agriculture peer selection vehicular networks multipath routing mobile ip distributed rdm software defined networking (sdn) range-free methods anchor node sip rest interactivity worms &trojon network bandwidth e-content information diffusion ant colony optimization mse android awgn data gathering content distribution filter bank dwt psnr. real time traffic ad hoc networks papr mimo-ofdm measurement high performance enhanced efficiency macstrategy tailored treatment requirements wban nonlinear programming sdwn fuzzy commitment cryptanalysis multi-server security pseudonym change adversary smart transportation system privacy protection malware detection dimensionality reduction intrusion detection systems smart designated node local outlier factor isolation forest web architectures cloud architectural dataset message control topology maintenance multipoint relay resource utilization iots orchestration and rest architectural styles mean detection time energy detection two stage detection kyoto dataset nsl-kdd dataset delay efficiency mayfly optimization spatioconstraints radio network shimming windows testing formal methods knowledge-based systems software maintenance l software engineering web engineering software process intelligent systems cognitive radio network (crn) cross-layer spatio-constraints network performance content forwarding content dissemination software-defined wireless net access point selection association control mininet wi-fi application shimming persistence attack exploit windows os pen testing smart contract security vulnerabilities lightweight environment confidence interval covid-19 contact tracing stable election protocol multi objective optimization salp swarm algorithm intelligent transportation sys fnd weight function ch selection k-means clustering mobile wsn-iot rateless and wireless sensor congestion detection advertisement rateless wireless sensor low energy bluetooth data ecc system calls cicids-2018 dataset convergence rate nature inspired computational improved reptile search algori bursty tcp traffic newcwv dynamic entropy statistical analysis method ddos attacks url phishing internet of thing vanet security blockchain technology network securit non-content bas anti-phishing ul-a wearable wireless sensor secur long-te fifth-generation radio technol wearable wireless sensor secure system radio technology technology kernel-based virtual machines benchmarks kvm secure routing graph-mining security management security training dynamic broadcast latency problems; mobile adhoc network t vanet-lte integration average latency etc reachability broadcast latency problems ranging localization methods underwater wireless sensor net unlicensed band radio frequency attenuator ad-hoc network retrial queueing quasi birth-death (qbd) 3-dimension markov chain posterior belief high-traffic networks techniques 3-dimension clustering techniques cyberattack detection system security in remote work security & network management security & ai integration database and system security 5g and networks for big data tomek link networked systems http csic dataset usage mining web usage tuning parameters feature extraction distributed denial of service imbalanced data tomek links broadcast storm problem wingsuit flying search mpr selection ws-olsr single carrier-frequency divis dynamic spectrum allocation (d variable encoding standard-deviation based encod red deer algorithm physical unclonable function papr reduction generalized dft single carrier effect dft spreading standa b signal to noise ratio (snr) cw. physical unc comp light regions relay node. decentralized clusting microstrip patch antenna (mpa) radiation efficiency bandwidth télécommunications computernetwork ijcnc mmtc successive interference cancel information technologies electronics euclidean distance eagle optimization one-time passwor aodvmo filtering and clipping selective mapping peak to average power ratio orthogonal frequency division qos metrics real-time monitoring rof-based radio access network 5g and beyond anchor nodes (ans) sensor nodes (sns) wireless sensor networks (wsn) successive interference quality-of-service (qos). security routing protocol one-time password xor-puf machine learning attack network protocols & wireless n tree algorithm (mita) multiplicative interleaving signing group environmental monitoring energy reservation humidity monitoring systems spectral/spatial dimension (sd md code nzcc code sac-ocdma systems multiplicative interleaving wi rf energy transfer dos attack cognitive radio resource raspberry packet capture. packet capture delay sensitive queuing dela delay sensitive. security and privacy for iot iot-enabled innovatio privacy. aodv routing protocol. aodv routing protocol virtual machine threshold based vm placement technique for load ba qos. data accuracy sumo data accuracy. sumo. elliptic curve encryption. access control extended clas network security. false negative attack false positive attack probabilistic voting-based filtering context-aware architecture stable & vanet. mfo clock time duration. truncated mean software defined networks graph signal processing multilayer representation multiscale analysis american adolescents rstudio income inequality gini index hpv vaccination ultra-wideband. design optimization microstrip patch antenna big data security pulse position modulation. digital communication parallel processing image encryption knuth shuffle method cryptography. machine authentication antivirus. information privacy digital immigrant digital native fear motivation protection motivation theory deep convolutional neural learning iov qltpc. qlrp q-learning fifth generation. propagation model channel modelling internet of everything unmanned aerial vehicles connectivity metric. forwarding probability neighbour coverage flooding broadcasting nfv. traffic shaping mmpp. greedy algorithm. ims & mipv6. mmpp greedy algorithm ims & mipv6 visible light communication. vehicular ad hoc network optimal route biogeography based optimization transmit power transmit power. algorithms and applications bioinformatics compute naive bayes. k-nearest neighbors random forest classification model subsets sensor lifetime failure probability case studies rayleigh fading channels cooperative systems replication. locality awareness distributed hash table (dht) structured p2p systems vehicular ad-hoc network (vanet) remote control. internet of things (iots) android smart phone routing protocol. link break rendering of 3d game view. positional tracking cloud game cloud business fuzzy logic. active measurement passive measurement software systems and technologies computer networks & communications cyber trust and linear predictors private blockchain networks olsr& coverage. d2d mean queueing delay. average waiting latency m/bp/1system retrial queueing. fiber delay lines (fdl) share-per- link (spl) quality of services (qos) obs convolution neural network. visual similarity url phishing detection tetra (terrestrial trunked radio). mobile communication level crossing rate vehicular communications jamming detection data collection internet of things. quality of service (qos). vanetmobisim ns-2 urban topology roadside unit (rsu) intelligent transportation system (its) minimum number of drones uav networks lods range-based &range-free. ranging methods control and feedback singling signaling frames lans of drones private uav network uav communication software-defined networking flooding attack adaptive threshold multihop communication unequal clustering hotspot issue gravitational search algorithm. multi-channel multi-radio lr-abc mechanism 6rlr-abc local repair 6lowpan and contextual information. consensus trust discrete trust black-hole attack minimum network cost content delivery services virtual wan accelerator virtual cache fuzzy optimization. priority confidence path selection data reliability horizontal compression vertical compression virtual machine migration smart city opportunistic networks mcs diffserv. nemo fhmipv6 mobile ipv6 benchmark. network evaluation programmable logic controllers modbus temporary events qos performance satellites aerial platforms terrestial network lifetime. delay minimization channel switching cluster formation dbscan clustering algorithm protocol analysis online password attack detection active queue management random early detection internet ofthing(iot) open linkstaterouting (olsr) adhoc on demanddistance vector alternative (odva) communication protocol design opportunistic availability wireless multimedia systems computer networks important dates addressing techniques switching services containers kubernetes edge computing sd-wan elliptic curve signcryption protocol eehmac protocol and clustering in wsn energy optimization. dynamic task offloading computational offloading mobile computing unb iscx2012. accuracy weighted extreme learning machine neighborhood tripartite authentication. histogram fingerprint biometrics binary patterns mos. hfc network jitter dscp marking attribute-based geo encryption sniffing structure traffic priority evolutionary computing based node-trustworthiness • network protocols & wireless networks index terms : cooperative systems queuing and scheduling. packet delivery factor aifsn fading. power allocation path loss convolutional coding af cooperative real-time packet data delivery emergency applications inter-meeting time. context-aware routing disaster communication systems standalone communication systems new network communication research articles inter-meeting time intra wireless body sensor network (intra-wb residual energ network applications. epc metropolitan area network connection channel route model mobile user cloudlet network mobile computing clouds orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. bit error ratio noise modelling transfer function channel model open jackson network heterogeneous infrastructure as a service threshold energy packet delivery ratio node rank link stability vehicle swiittch capaciitty qualliitty off serrviice soffttwarre deffiined nettworrkiing congestion propagation bayesian network particle swarm optimization algorithm ad-hoc multipath energy aware routing protocol anomaly rfid lps lf’s sb dsc-cache random-cache por-cache all-cache proxy-cache vod computation offloading vehicular ad-hoc networks mobile edge computing vehicular cloud computing weighted connectivity index resource allocations and interference cancellation inter-cell interference self-interference full-duplex uplink throughput maximization decoding sinr energy harvesting gre ip-in-ip mobile core network 5g network wireless body area network time diversity 2-hop packet size optimization malqi. low power lossy network adaptive link quality mobile-rpl bandwidth isolation qoe evaluation number of queues impact switch capacity mplste ces nox network operating system roia real-time online interactive application software defined networking stochastic scheduling model network partition flow scheduling data center network communication networks and bandwidth utilization (bu). execution time (et) average delay (ad) efficient reliability and interval discrepant rout energy consumption (ec) bandwidth optimization simeck security analysis lightweight encryption and normalized depth. void region underwater wireless device networks acoustic dimming lighting control dynamic fault-tolerant routing. static routing algorithm mcr ring self-organized networks (son) mobile ad-hoc networks (manet) network performances deterministic channels random channel aomdv single path routing. multimedia traffic wireless sensor network security and privacy data security and privacy for cps tasks. mobile human robot housekeeper processing time. fast handov aaa pmipv6 malicious attac honest-but-curious attack elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ecdsa) elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) homomorphic encryption peak to average power ratio(papr). space time bloc orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(ofdm) multiple input multiple output(mimo) user engagement. content pervasive display multiple displays configuration model multi-core processor security hardware ips lanenforcer lan security server internet gateway discovery distributed leader election akaike information criterion binary harmonic search differential evolution fuzzy classifier public key cryptography lightweight cryptography secret sharing visualization systems information visualization big graphs attributed hierarchical graphs supercomputer mpi encryption evolutionary algorithm heterogeneous group routing mission planning autonomous underwater vehicle fuzzy logic system. artificial bee colony (abc) virtual data center traffic flows software-defined network cloud applications elastic optical network virtual network embedding virtual optical network path splitting white-fi. ieee 802.11e ieee 802.11af firefly algorithm fuzzy system minimum total network cost design of experiments mobile ad-hoc networks and modeling response surface methodology energy efficient wsns (eewsns). energy efficient routing protocol (eerp) divide and conquer quad tree based multi hop stati divide and conquer (d&c) linear-programming multi-commodity multi-cost flow composition operations petri nets control flow program modeling channels with a random multiple access discrete information asynchronous data stream packet communications synchronization process preemptive routing dynamic source routing (dsr) mobile adhoc networks (manets) total accessibility matrix laplacian matrix adjacency matrix topology map dark-net monitoring network attack simulation analysis. transmission energy ros. apache openstack cloud robotics network auto-configuration. signalling protocol emr exposure level electromagnetic radiation (emr) sensitive persons sepinsensitive fuzzy c-means. stable election protocol(sep) insensitive fuzzy c-means network measurements processor sharing traffic model social sciences. velocity of knowledge flow of knowledge knowledge science cell-head election& void-handling algorithm. grid location-based uwsns spread spectrum. secure data aggregation data-oriented privacy 3d grid disjoint paths adaptive routing spate time block coding and throughput. lte downlink channel capacity zero-forcing beamforming (zfb) opportunistic fair scheduling (ofs) concordance degree distribution centrality metrics kurtosis fat-tailedness event condition action (eca) adhoc routing adhoc wireless networks has. home monitoring congestion control. wsn testbed transport protocol queue management ieee 802.15.4 sensor networks priority-based data reporting detection average carrier power carrier interference error rate position accuracy cloud computing environments joint multiple resourceallocation deep neural networks 802.11ad webrct p2p communication communication channel contact center mobile agent . client/server advanced encryption standard avalanche effect secure algorithm s-box sac ciphertext multicommodity flow eigrp igrp route redistribution ospf is-is power consumption. ad-hoc networks energy-aware recursive least squares (rls) algorithm interference ota carrier forgetting factor (λ) global positioning system gps progressive download adaptive bitrate streaming audio and video transmission internet of things & rfid smart homes localisation indoor positioning lattice encoding and decoding viterbi algorithm. dirty paper coding fading channel agf pgb radiation pattern global system for mobile communications (gsm) equipment spectrum analyzer. power density electromagnetic radiation code received power interconnected networks octagon-cell network services interconnection networks preemption oma sla m2m coap csp soc kernel selection kdd’99 kernel nsl-kdd integration confidentiality internet of things (iot) explicit loss and handoff notification high bit error cellular wireless network handoff linear receivers lyapunov exponent chaotic codes lte networks mobility load balancing life-time matlab. device-to-device mode selection interference control minimum total network cost. wireless broadband qualnet dd spin hlts network simulator 2. tcp incast data center distributed file system attention shift self-organizing map autism adaptive service agreement service level agreement (sla) auction cluster head encapsulation multi-bs cloud sensor multi-hop alternative cluster head nodes broader gateway protocol (bgp) security kernels authenticated data structure (ads) adaptive modulation and coding cross-layer design cooperative relay diversity adaptive retransmission policy-based network management dacs scheme self-configuration link cost packet loss and software fault injection & composed web servic fault tolerance methodologies web services network on chip noc complexity. lattice lll lr-aided topology change mpr connected dominating set virtual backbone wavelets digital video broadcasting frequency selective ricean rayleigh owdm gis hsi color space gis layers l*a*b color space classification lsb mp3 data set hiding a message integrated system nms cba efficiency criterion cost analysis virtual mmachines cloud computing. lload balancing parameters visible light communications indoor communication lightfidelity wi-fi. opportunistic relay selection cooperative communications adaptive m-qam/mpsk modulation fuzzy basis function “fbf” orthogonal least squares ”ols”. management middleware & platform multi-homed congestion controls mptcp sto frft cazac sequences mmse ls snr accuracy factors gps improve accuracy global positioning system zigbee & rfid. manet. selfish nodes grp key management. active attack passive attack hello flood attack free space optical communications atmospheric attenuation visibility optisystem 7.0 link distance transmission range wireless ad hoc networks connectivity. mih (media independent handover) ansf (access network selection function) vho (vertical handover) ims (ip multimedia subsystem) rats (radio access technologies). information-centric networking residential energy management home network cooperative spectrum sensing energy efficient sensing radio propagation unified qos metric dynamic weight application weight weight qos metric as-friendliness p2p live streaming peer selection algorithm bandwidth allocation user satisfaction levenberg-marquardt (lm) algorithm wireless sensor network (wsn). received signal strength indicator (rssi) cloud architectures city services cost estimation smart cities hybrid overlay multicast tree peer-to-peer (p2p) dynamic bandwidth distribution. reliable hetnet network failure tolerance. wifi cellular interworking web browsing & mobile networks interactivity. video on demand optimal cluster size energy balancing dynamic clustering wireless sensors network (wsn) mobile relay node call admission control hysteresis mobile cloud offloading decision making system potential game distributed optimisation packet reception ratio (prr) transmission power joint multiple resource allocation multiple access points total processing time. different service quality flow networks mass balancing theorem optimisation vnf openflow and openstack onf vlan vrf vngn reduction of power consumption guarantee qos multicast node monitoring protocol(nmp) validation safety and liveness property. sdl (specification and description language) compressed sampling orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. federated clouds identity management access control. federation wireless multimedia sensor networks. multimedia streaming performance bounds distributed algorithms. peer-to-peer networks and cloud compliance. distributed computing infrastructure as a service software as a service immunization delay rate information dissemination nodes characterization wireless sensor networks. nfs ssh tunnelling hpc clusters small-world networks maximal clique size clustering coefficient network graphs assortativity index correlation distribution sensor node energy saving power consumption ns2. broadcast communication deadlock-free algorithm. 3-d mesh topology split-protocol attack trees and reliability. non-state-space model mincuts multipath fading. zone prediction tracking dynamic position triangulation database management. forensic system architecture forensic analysis system network forensics computer networks; minimum-cost paths tree; geneti spectral radius random network small-world network eigenvalue scale-free network logarithmic rule (log-rule) carrier aggregation (ca) heterogeneous networks (hetnets) intra-band contiguous modified largest weighted delay first (mlwdf) lte-sim-5. exponential rule (exp-rule) lte-advanced (lte-a) femto-cells deadlockfree broadcasting communication hamiltonian model 3-d mesh patient monitoring mobile device remote healthcare labview network simulation radio propagation models wireless application slotted antenna broadband antenna triangular microstrip antenna substrate notch antenna representational state transfer complex and virtual devices directories model unit disk graph model lognormal shadowing model ftlr scheme dilation expansion hex-cell network  embedding signal strength dpcplp link prediction peer-to-peer streaming node clustering artificial fish swarm algorithm smart routing. wireless ad-hoc networks qos for routing tcp computation enhancement adhoc using cisco devices. compression huffman coding lzw white space steganography teks passive optical network video contents internet protocol television. prior storing server petal routing ant based routing sara coordinator cognitive radio networks control channel dilemma dual-slave slave spectrum heterogeneity distributed coordination and encryption. mobile payment security breaking cost maximizing network interruption problem grid point approximation algorithm step-size. fuzzy c-means uwsn bottleneck energy power management mds mixcolumns nist dna interconnection topology hex-cell topology hex-cell topology interconnection topology elliptic filtering (ef) iir (infinite impulse response amplitude clipping and filtering (acf) iir (infinite impulse response elliptic filtering (ef) amplitude clipping and filtering (acf) log skew normal moment matching lognormal sum multi carrier multi carrier applications sensor non-deterministic delays non-deterministic delays web service broadcast trees bandwidth - guaranteed routing alg orithm history routing data priority of traffic flow real time mobility . tcp v ariants queuing theory its fleetnet tesbed user’s perceived operability remote desktop environments rdp 802.15.4 matlab simulink degree of freedom "dof" intrusions dynamic bandwidth allocation (dba) passive optical network (pon) round trip time (rtt) vanet; mobility model; simulations jammer technology bluetooth network heterogeneous wireless network dynamic spectrum access lte; mimo ;ofdm sir model; seirs model; delay differential equatio parallel computing heterogeneous environments high performance computing cumulative complementary distribution function (cc orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) peak to average power ratio (papr) piece selection manual tunnel 6to4 tunnel distributed manet management waveins insteon assistive homes industrial automation z-wave energy management voice control m/h2/1 mean waiting time m/d/1 with vacations eigen vectors component. peak-to-average power ratio wavelet de-noising wavelet- eigen vector analysis digital evidence internal memory digital forensic smart phone forensic tools packet injection deauthentification intrusion prevention mobile ip border gateway point of presence internet service provider pops virtual mobile ip network. heterogeneous network life performance routing optimized edge routing pfr erasure code node classification. enr topology maintenance. topology construction interworking real time switching control criteria (rsw). interasterisk excha nge protocol (iax) tetrapolar bioimpedance re al value phase sensitive detector method imaginary value socioeconomic indicator s traffic matrix shortest path algorithm traffic density wide area network mobile social network mo bile device middleware sched uling mobile stations fairness and throughput multi-hop relay stations overla y networks multicast tree application level multicast link aware. ns 2. tdma energy co nsumption sn mp mobile agents bandwidth measurement available bandwidth inline measurement tcp (imtcp) inf ogain orthogonal frequency division multiplexing ( ofdm) complementary cumulative dist ribution function (c hypervisor system & network vir tualization modelling alloctc management dynamic bam energy detection . collision avoidance. mobile ad hoc network (manet) sui-5 sui-3 sui-2 sui-1 bpsk qpsk sui-6. 64-qam 16-qam sui- 4 ieee 802.16d digital modulation formats multiplexing techniques qam & wdm. isp ospfv3 bgpv4 tcp and rtt double stack qos routing; mobile ad hoc networks; energy-aware node disjoint routing scalable codec resiliency technique multicast trees mesh-pull backup real time traffic. long- reach passive optical networks; dynamic band hosted peering interconnection white label roaming ipx (ip exchange) grx (gprs roaming exchange) smart vehicle intelligent transportation system accident. video recording all call query onward routing. call dropback query on release number portability wormhole attack hierarchical clustering. virtual backbone tree signature attacker in-network aggregation event handling simulations; mpls; traffic engineering; fast rerou vertex cover graph matching greedy algorithms approximation algorithms breadth-first search tree. spectral efficiency golden code outage probability low complex sphere decoder. cooperative communication cooperative stbc matrix decomposition root-music. lu factorization subspace estimation method music signal space time delay frequency estimation null (noise) space qr factorization rank revealing naming mechanism; name-specifiers; predicate-based hierarchical routing qos routing. 1. introduction sms short message service mobile service gsm performance & 802.11p fairness 802.11b wlan network distributed coordination function video transmission multimedia sensor networks bloom filter; zfilter; zformation; diffie-hellman- mipv6 mipv4 hierarchical mobile ip fast handover. telecommunications ip highly available phone system bandwidth allocation models (bam) alloctc-sharing. autonomic management resource provisioning mam g-rdm binary exponential backoff. network computing narrowband rf networks encoding strategy node coding range-based methods hybrid-based methods. cognitive network admission control passive measurements reac ngn profile of qosr iqmsmp qos management mobility management ims treeview k-means visualization cluster 3.0 kdd cup 99 xbee phase shift keying quantum communication mode of operation encryption oracle stream cipher maximum network welfare. ufas proposed economic model radio resource management (rrm) reciprocity. eigenvalue spectrum formal correction projection firewall. formal verification misconfigurations detection relevancy interoperability cheking security component internet vulnerabilities and medical identity thef cyber attacks identity theft data stores resources integrity cloud service provider and cloud security. linux. security of e-content multi-media. 1. introduction e-protection security of e-content multi-media. 1. introduction e-protection epidemic disease sirs epidemic model dtmc markov model epidemic disease sirs epidemic model dtmc markov model qos routing tora psnr histograms of colour image adaptive colour image steganography random pixel selection difference in histograms steganogaraphic noise honeypots nids hids adt-android development tool. gui-graphical user interface ide-integrated development environment cross-layering voip capacity codec adaptation. vowlan smo gsa lkh multimedia broadcast multicast services dynamic rekeying isi fft multi-carrier dvb psd. elliptic butterworth orthogonal ifft dvb-t chebyschev best effort queuing delay transmission opportunity rout discovery wavelength conversion wavelength and converter assignment problem wdm social networking websites cyber threats. ipv6 header and exhibition date. addressing types attack secure clustering dynamic clustering and data aggregation remaining energy coverage loss time node lifetime maximum stability minimum distance spanning tree mobile sensor networks programming models heuristic algorithm routing path. eventual consistancy cost-minimizing algorithm node- dependent parallel crc computation ozo generator odp polynomial cloud service broker cloud computing; cloud services; quality-of-servic cross-layer scheduling packet delay connected candidate order token based coordination dra dual band dcs and wlan performance. hierarchical hybrid edf/fifo non real time traffic planning mobile applications logic programming health & ansprolog network address translation peer-to-peer; live streaming; internet service pro hybrid protocols. heterogeneous wireless networks andsf (access network discovery and selection func media independent handover (mih) vertical handover (vho) pts ccdf pso packet-switching networks modeling statistical methods & packet length. chemical networking protocols rate control. evolutionary system self-optimization network stack composition compuetr networks
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