Reliance on Social Media
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Reliance on Social Media






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Reliance on Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Reliance On MobileTechnologyPhoto by leeks
  • 2. 77% of teens in theUK experienceNomophobia, cellphone addiction.Photo by jonathon caves
  • 3. When we receive a text message or phone call,Dopamine is released in the brain and it givesus a euphoric feelingPhoto by Cszar
  • 4. People addicted to their mobile devicesconstantly check social media and textmessages in hopes to get that feelingagain.Photo by Ajnagraphy
  • 5. With our heads constantly in ourphones we miss out on face toface conversationsPhoto by express monorail
  • 6. We don’t see theworld around us.The average person carries theirsmart phone around with them97% of the timePhoto by hawkinssteven
  • 7. Only seeing beautiful landscapes ona computer backgroundPhoto by Stuck in customs
  • 8. The number of people accessingthe internet by a mobile phonehas increased by 60.3% to 818.4million in the last 2 years.Photo by Blakespot
  • 9. Much of this mobile internetuse is to access social mediasites.15% of total mobile internet time spent on socialmedia in the United statesPhoto by Spitfirelas
  • 10. 543million people worldwide use mobiletechnology toaccessFacebookPhoto by kevindooley
  • 11. There are more instagramphotos posted each daythan there are Englishlanguage Wikipedia pagesever publishedPhoto by Jeff Kubina
  • 12. People obsess over “likes”, “re-tweets”, “followers”, “friends”and “shares”Mobile life starts to surpass or evenbecome real lifePhoto by cuellar
  • 13. The fastest growing demographicforFacebookand Twitter users ispeople over 45 years of agePhoto by ecstaticist
  • 14. Facebook users also seem to bestarting earlier and earlier withyoung children lying about theirage to create an accountPhoto by rAmmoRRison
  • 15. Mobile devices projected to exceed10 billion by 2017That’s 1.4 mobile devices per personPhoto by guccio
  • 16. With every generation becoming moreand more reliant on technology tocommunicatePhoto by jenny downing
  • 17. What would happen if the lights went out??Photo by magnuscanis
  • 18. Would relationships continue tofunction without mobiletechnology?Photo by ansik
  • 19. We live in a world where it isinexcusable to be unavailable.Photo by stuck in customs
  • 20. While using mobile technologymay be necessary to stayconnected in a growing futuristicworld, moderation is a must as theworld outside of a cell phonescreen will diminish if neglected.Photo by stuck in customs
  • 21. References