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Film 260 photobook

  1. 1. The Evolution of Mobile Technology inSocietyBy: Leah BandlerPhoto: JesSwitaj
  2. 2. In the current day and age, mobile phones havebecome an essential part of an individual’slifestyle.Photo: Kitchn
  3. 3. Photo: satippettsThis is due to an increase in accessibility,functionality, popularity and affordability.
  4. 4. With the advent of smaller handheld phones,mobile devices have gained commonality.Photo: DrummerPictueExperience
  5. 5. In roughly a 10 year time span, mobile phonesprogressed from simply being devices that madecalls, to smartphones that act as a portablecomputer and a versatile communication device.Photo: Abyleague
  6. 6. Smartphones multipurpose functions have leadthem to become a high-impact variable dictatingthe way that we live our lives.Photo: Hitchster
  7. 7. “The U.S. teen’s passionate embrace ofsmartphones and “mobile first” mentality to theinternet shows no signs of slowing down.”– Brian S. Hallure: F. Small
  8. 8. obiles are accessible at any time – including during class –their functions are forever expanding, making their use oroveruse more likely.” – Richard Alleyneampuscompanion
  9. 9. “Previous studies have revealed young adults, aged 18 to29 send on average 109.5 texts a day, or approximately3,200 messages a month”.– Richard AlleynePhoto: TopGold
  10. 10. This mentality is spreading onto all generations,young and old.Photo: JennyDowning
  11. 11. Not only have the direct impacts of mobile phones beenidentifiable for teens,but also for adults in the way that theyfunction at work, as well as parent.Photo: EricThiges
  12. 12. The concept of the “helicopter parent” is being propelled further,by having the accessibility to your child’s whereabouts and socialactivities made so easy - parents are just as bad as their kids oncraving mobile connectivity.Photo: TobyOtter
  13. 13. However, both the consumers as well as thedirection of political, social and economicstructural customs fuel this constant starvation forconnectivity.Photo: JustJared
  14. 14. “The rapid adoption of smartphones and the parallel demands fora real-time, location-based and personalized internet will clearlyhave a significant and potentially lasting impact on work,shopping, and entertainment.” – Brian S. HallPhoto: The Pug Father
  15. 15. Our online relationships are expanding beyondthe simple social interaction with peers.Photo: abcdunlimited
  16. 16. “Today’s world presents wide-ranging needs for identity verification:delivery of government and social services, border management,public safety, healthcare, and finance all require some form ofidentity. These applications require highly portable, yet connected,computing capability.” - aoptixPhoto: Bill OConnell
  17. 17. Societies “essentialist” attitude towards constantly beingconnected has facilitated an irreversible change in theformat of our everyday lives.Photo: JOhn
  18. 18. Though convenient, the accessibility ofsmartphones is impacting who we are shapinginto as individuals.Photo: RocPoc
  19. 19. “Mobile phones are a part of our consumer culture – They are notjust a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol. They’realso eroding our personal relationships.” – Dr. RobertsPhoto: William Hull
  20. 20. We are shifting from becoming curious andengaged to dependant and reliant.Photo: TechnologyforEducation
  21. 21. Markets have adjusted to this new lifestyle, buthave we adjusted to the consequences of ouractions?Photo: Christredeemermke
  22. 22. All images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-CommercialShare-Alike 3.0Agreement, and sourced from flickr and googleadvanced search.
  23. 23. Sources:-