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TV in the New Media Era


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Guest lecture given to undergraduate students at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University

Published in: Technology, Business
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TV in the New Media Era

  1. 1. Television in the New Media Era Jaime R. Riccio Ph.D. Student S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication Syracuse University @Slaymer
  2. 2. Status Quo Avg: ~20 hours per week 80% have cable 80% have internet access <5% “zero TV” homes >45% get TV online Sources: Pew & Nielsen
  3. 3. Image from
  4. 4. Agents of Change Online/Mobile Social Laptop Facebook Smartphone Twitter Tablet YouTube Wearable tech Vine Tumblr Instagram
  5. 5. Online/Mobile
  6. 6. Laptop IBM 5100, 1975 – first portable computer 1983 – first “laptop” (Gavilian SC) Advanced in the 1990s Upgrades Portability Immediacy Productivity
  7. 7. Smartphone Global market share: 22% 1 in 5 people Brands Nokia – 1996 BlackBerry – 1999 iPhone – 2007 Source: Business Insider
  8. 8. Tablet Global market share: 6% 1 in 17 people Faster adoption than smartphones! Brands Microsoft Tablet PC – 2000 iPad – 2010 Kindle Fire – 2011 Source: Business Insider
  9. 9. The Future: Wearable Smartwatches (Samsung Galaxy Gear) Google Glass Rapid adoption anticipated 64 mill. by 2017 TV on you?! Source: Mobithinking
  10. 10. Social
  11. 11. Facebook Founded 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg 1.1 billion user worldwide 1 in 13 people 86% of YA in US Desire for “connectivity”, “fun”, “escape” Pages Shows, networks, actors Source: EBizMBA
  12. 12. Twitter Created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass 500 million users worldwide 27% of YA in US A primary use: News source Heralded birth of “social TV” Source: ComScore
  13. 13. Photo/Video Tumblr – 2007 (David Karp) Rich Kids of Instagram/Beverly Hills Instagram – 2010 (Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger) BravoTV Vine – 2013 (Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov, Dom Hoffman) #TWD Tosh.0
  14. 14. WHY? Uses & Gratifications
  15. 15. Living with Change News Entertainment Networks Industry Community
  16. 16. News
  17. 17. Citizen Journalism And now, the news, brought to you by – YOU! Jasmine Revolution & Arab Spring Aided by social media Most reports came from social media iReporting CNN Streaming audience & reporter tweets MSNBC
  18. 18. Instant Alerts News consumers moving online Twitter CNN Breaking News Virginia earthquake Apps Online stories & extras
  19. 19. Entertainment
  20. 20. Online Content Networks providing shows online CW Netflix, Hulu, etc. Netflix Original Programming Web series The Guild Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Social Media series @SummerBreak Online events YouTube Music Awards
  21. 21. Mobile Viewing Personalized Online Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime Personalized Apps GetGlue Fan New phenomenon: “Binge viewing”
  22. 22. #SocialTV Instant audience feedback 95% of live TV convo is on Twitter Shows & ads now have hashtags Increases viewership Interactive relationship with audience 77% use computer while watching TV Multi-screen viewing Story Sync (AMC) TV Shows made just for/from audience feedback Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) Talking Dead, Talking Bad (AMC)
  23. 23. Sports Cutting edge of social TV Tweeting “pushed” in NFL & NBA athletes Vine - #MondayNightFootball Airing games on cell phones NFL & Twitter deal to provide in-game highlights ESPN & NBA already do (replays)
  24. 24. Gaming AMC’s The Walking Dead Social game (Facebook) Interactive fan game “Dead Yourself” app Image from Mashable
  25. 25. Future of TV
  26. 26. Networks 2014: Half of all Americans watch TV online/mobile Competition Networks are moving online Cable ahead of broadcast Why? YouTube channels The CW Webisodes Teen Wolf's “Search for a Cure” (MTV)
  27. 27. Industry Viewers influencing stories From American Idol to “create-your-own-ending” Programming catered to viewers needs/wants TV 3.0? Instant feedback Ratings? Storylines? Girls Nielsen 2010: “Cross-Platform Homes” usage 2013: Tallying tweets 2014: Counting mobile viewers in ratings Networks need greater online presence What does it mean for advertisers?
  28. 28. Advertisers Product placement 30 Rock episode Sponsorship The Apprentice (“The Pepsi Challenged”) Branded entertainment Breyers “Smooth & Dreamy” BMW “The Hire” Social TV analytics How audiences react to stimuli Embedded ads Twitter Amplify
  29. 29. Community Digitization = Migration Hundreds of channels, both on & offline People brought together by TV “water cooler talk” are now online What is “Reality TV”? TV stars become internet stars Internet stars become TV stars Dylan O’Brien, Felicia Day Social Media Stars
  30. 30. How does this affect YOU?
  31. 31. Television in the New Media Era Jaime R. Riccio Ph.D. Student S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication Syracuse University @Slaymer