Millenials and Mobiles


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A flipbook looking at the millenial generation and their mobile phones

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Millenials and Mobiles

  1. 1. Changingtechnology:MillenialsAnd Mobiles
  2. 2. “I‟d rather give up, like a kidney, than myphone. How did you manage before?Carrier pigeons? Letters?” – Cameron Kirk
  3. 3. Phones used to be utilized for just that, phoning people. Nointernet or status updates or photographs to look at. Now ithas become a way to pass the time or even kill time. Thedevelopment of technology has left the Millenial generationalways looking down at their screen.Flickr: frank-hl
  4. 4. With heightened accessibility and technology‟s increasing importance andvalue to society children are now conditioned to be attached to their phones,to always be looking down. So much so that an 8 year old can work amobile phone better than an 82 year oldPhoto: Claudi Moschi
  5. 5. It‟s said that the wealth of phone manufacturers is due to versions.In Apple‟s case, that‟s why there are 5 different iPhones. The Millenialshave become the biggest version consumer demographic in society,holding an out with the old in with the new policy
  6. 6. „“I think that cellphones are something that teenagers can‟t live withoutbecause we are always living in the now and technology allows usto be constantly updated on everything that is happening in theworld. I use it a lot,” senior Matthew Douglas said.‟
  7. 7. Classroom distractions used to be note passing and spitballs,now it’s become browsing instagram, tweeting orsnapchatting for an entire class. Mobile phones have madeit much harder to pay attention to your surroundings.Flickr: ryandubs
  8. 8. With the development of the smart phone came the development ofmore uses for it. Nowadays a phone is an mp3, camera, computer,and credit card all in one. Teenagers have become so attached totheir phones because it is essentially their lives in a device.Flickr: mandyg-r
  9. 9. Remember having to remember to bring your camera to eventswith you? Smartphones, and most other types of phones nowcome with a quality camera built into them. The Millenials havebecome a generation of mass photographersFlickr: lauren35h
  10. 10. Photography has also become less of a niche interest in teenagers, themajority of Millenials now use photo apps such as instagram and edit them aswell. “The whole world becomes a photo agency at that point. More so thanever before.”Photo:
  11. 11. Mobiles provide the Millenials with a constant distractionwithin arms reach. Along with social media apps, phones alsobecame video game consoles. Further adding to the addictivenature of mobile devices.Flickr: jason4phones
  12. 12. Mobile phones have changed the way teenagers interact.Before smartphones typically you‟d call or text someone to know whatthey‟re doing, who they‟re with or where they are, now via Twitter,Facebook and Instagram you don‟t even have to ask.
  13. 13. Computers are of lesser importance to the Millenials as beforebecause they can as easily surf the web on their phones. “One infour young people say they are “cell-mostly” Internet users,a percentage that increases to about half when the phone is asmartphone.”Flickr: adamfashion12
  14. 14. For many, mobile phones have become apart of the day’s outfit.With thousands of available cases for purchase dressing up your phone hasbecome highly fashionable and makes it even more personalized. Asteenage girls used to bedazzle their phones or iPods they are now buyingfashionable cases for their smartphones.
  15. 15. The implications that mobiles have had on the Millenialsare both good and bad, though the majority of thembadPhoto:
  16. 16. Mobile phones have helped to keep people connected, but at whatprice? Mobiles have meant that teenagers are never truly alone.They are always messaging, viewing people‟s photos and thoughts. Sothat when they are alone, without their phone, they are not equipped todeal with it and often feel depressed
  17. 17. Mobiles have led millenials to rarely truly be focused on onething, their attention is split between multiple things atnearly all times.Photo:
  18. 18. Phones and the advancement of its functions has also led torelationship strain and hardships. With apps such as snapchat,where your actions are immediately erased, distrust is created. Paranoiais also often caused if you are not getting a response but see themtweet.
  19. 19. Though the millenials are the future, and mobile phones will helpincrease productivity and are extremely significant to the economy, itis important to note the downfalls of millenial mobileaddiction and take steps to moderate mobile use.Flickr: malankz2
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