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Flipbook assignment


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Flipbook assignment

  1. 1. Image  by:  nicolewilliam  
  2. 2. We all know cellphones have helped youth with connectivityImage  by:  Hoodlumpr  
  3. 3. But are all cellphones really all good?Image  by:  Oberazzi  
  4. 4. Children have started to usecellphones from such a young agewithout knowing any of the effects. Image  by:  pistolero595  
  5. 5. Mobile  phones  stop  teenagers  from  ge>ng  a  good  nights  sleep  Image  by:  Hilmar  Traus@  Source:  Kate  Devlin:  Mobile  Phones  Stop  Teenagers  Ge>ng  a  Good  Nights  Sleep    
  6. 6. Many  young  people  feel  “pressure”  to  be  at  the  end  of  their  phones  “around  the  clock”  …the  stress  of  which  leads  them  to  take  up  smoking  or                                                                drinking.  -­‐  Kate  Devlin    Image  by:  I  Travel  East  Source:  Kate  Devlin:  Mobile  Phones  Stop  Teenagers  Ge>ng  a  Good  Nights  Sleep    
  7. 7. Cellphones give children a way to escapemonitoring of their activity on the internet bytheir parents.Image  by:  Vincepal  
  8. 8. "74%  of  all  teens  say  they  occasionally  access  the  internet  on  phones”  Image  by:  Ben  Mason  Source:  Camille  Bau@sta  Cellphones:  A  Teen’s  Lifeline  To  The  Internet  
  9. 9. Cellphones hamperparents ability toprevent their childrenfrom seeingand saying the wrong thingson the internet.Image  by:  Andreas  Eldh  Source:  Martha  Irvine:  More  Youth  Use  Smartphones  to  Log  Online:  US  Report  
  10. 10. The greatest example of this is Snapchat, whichallows users to send pictures via mobile device,without the worry of it being saved.Parents need to worry about theirchildren using it for sexting.  Image  by:  Rashad  Blueblood  Source:  Larry  Magid  (Forbes):  What  is  Snapchat  and  Why  Do  Kids  Love  it  and  Parents  Fear  It?  
  11. 11. Furthermore, cellphonesare also a large distractionto students, in and outsideof the classroom.Image  by:  SamsungTomorrow  
  12. 12. The idea has been proposed to have cellphones usedas a teaching device in classrooms, but…Image  by:  jane0  Source:  Kris@n  Rushowy:  Teens  Say  Cellphones  Distrac@ng  In  Class  
  13. 13. 72%  of studentsdo not thinkcellphones have aplace in the classroomas an educationaltool……Saying cellphones are already such a large distraction!    Image  by:  Mark  Phillips  Source:  Kris@n  Rushowy:  Teens  Say  Cellphones  Distrac@ng  In  Class  
  14. 14. Teens have become addicted to their phones. With the term“Crackberry” often being usedto describe the addictiveness of the once quite popular Blackberry.Image  by:  Mitchel  Alcala  
  15. 15. We feel that we could bemissing out if wedo not have our cellphones with usat all times.Image  by:  Studio  Brussel  Source:  Ann  Louise  Gidleman:  Are  Teens  Addicted  to  Cell  Phones?  
  16. 16. “30% of teens are depressed when theycannot use their cellphone.”! - TotalHealthImage  by:  AndyCrud  Source:  Ann  Louise  Gidleman:  Are  Teens  Addicted  to  Cell  Phones?  
  17. 17. It is also worrisometo think thattexting is creatingan antisocial andshy generation.Image  by:  Seth  Berg  
  18. 18. Where calling someone’s home phone or leaving amessage is a thing of the past.Image  by:  Mila  J.  
  19. 19. And where the ability to interact with others does notrequire strong social skills but strong thumbs.Image  by:  SamsungTomorrow  
  20. 20. With Americans sending or receiving 357 text messages amonth compared with just 204 phone calls.Well over 60% of all T-Mobile cellphone communicationis now being done via text messaging.Image  by:  pistolero595  Source:  Cesar  Marquez:  Nega@ve  Aspects  of  Text  Messaging  
  21. 21. Unfortunately,!!with all of this being said,!!cellphones are a part of our !!everyday lives now, and I !!don’t see them losing !!popularity any time soon.Image  by:  tomms  
  22. 22. Sources  1.  hdp://­‐phones-­‐stop-­‐teenagers-­‐ge>ng-­‐a-­‐good-­‐nights-­‐sleep.html  2.  hdp://­‐cellphone/  3.  hdp://  4.  hdp://­‐youth-­‐use-­‐smartphones-­‐to-­‐log-­‐online-­‐u-­‐s-­‐report-­‐1.1193559#ixzz2Qnxqu5cd  5.  hdp://­‐health/are-­‐teens-­‐addicted-­‐to-­‐cell-­‐phones.html  6.  hdp://­‐your-­‐cell-­‐phone-­‐hurts-­‐your-­‐rela@onships  7.  hdp://­‐aspects-­‐of-­‐text-­‐messaging/    Image  by:  apple_vinci  
  23. 23. Credits  All  images  are  licensed  under  the  Crea@ve  Commons  Non-­‐Commercial  Share-­‐Alike  3.0  agreement  and  sourced  from  flickr.  Image  by: