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This one film distribution companies
This one film distribution companies
This one film distribution companies
This one film distribution companies
This one film distribution companies
This one film distribution companies
This one film distribution companies
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This one film distribution companies


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  • 1. Film Distribution Companies
  • 2. Film Distributors What happens to a film when the producers and directors have completed it? Are you going to use vertical integration? So many films are produced and distributed by the same company.
  • 3. The Role of Distribution It’s the take of distributers to identify and deliver the largest possible audience for the film. There are over 500 films released in the cinemas every year. Research suggests that most cinema goers know in advance what they are going to see all because of the promotional marketing campaign.
  • 4. What do Distributors do? They have to launch the film into the market place. They create a promotional marketing campaign, a trailer, press and publicity, posters, interviews, online campaigns etc. They all so use digital services, free movie downloads, orange (orange Wednesdays). Producer/company acquires rights to film a story – screenplay is developed by one or more writers -production finance and cast and crew confirmed - principal photography takes place, in studios and/or on agreed locations, followed by post production, editing and scoring - distributor develops a strategory, considers release date, and takes delivery of a master print of the finished film - distributor presents the film to exhibitors and negotiates bilateral agreements to have shown in cinemas distributors marketing campaign aims to create a ‘want to see’ buzz among the target audience and launches the film - film prints including the British Board of Film Classification certificate are delivered to cinemas a few days before opening - films run extends any number of weeks subject to demand, which may be augmented by additional marketing - following its run in cinemas, the film is released in other formats (home entertainment, television) and quickly becomes a catalogue title. A typical week sees about 10 new films opening in UK cinemas; however the cinemas choose which movies they are going to show. Should you be looking to target 15-25 year olds, or family orientated? Will my movie be an event film? Or is it going to be specialised for a more discrete audience? Is there any star power in my cast?
  • 5. Film Production Companies The production company can be directly responsible for fundraising for the production or could accomplish this through an emissary. It sorts out budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the supply with talent and resources, and the organisation of staff, post production and distribution. Companies sell products to film studios or at a theatrical venue.