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Sinead's film magazine presentation


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Sinead's film magazine presentation

  1. 1. Empire Online Website  Empire is a British film magazine published by Bauer Consumer Media.  The magazine costs £3.99 and is published monthly.  The target audience for this magazine is mainly males ranging from the ages 18-24 but leans more towards the 24 age because of the language within. However this is also as the magazine is upper class.  The typical content of this magazine is the mass market of films e.g. Some of the highly popular films displayed below (Harry Potter, Twilight, Spiderman).  The term ‘Empire’ suggests power and authority as well as symbolising an empire of great films. Masthead is almost always red to reinstate power supported by usually bold fonts, which stand out well on the page. Follows standard magazine conventions on the layout with the ‘Z’ formation.  The tagline ‘the world’s best movie magazine’ fills the audience with confidence although clearly not a fact. The magazine states this opinion to make it sound factual.
  2. 2. Total Film Online Website  Total Film is a film magazine published by Future Publishing.  The magazine is published 13 times a year (every four weeks) and the cost is different each time but varies from £3-4.  The target audience for this magazine is very mass as the typical content consists of the most mainstream films/news/features.  The name ‘Total Film’ suggests that they involve all films (worth talking about) within the magazine portraying a sense of authority.  Masthead can vary in colour but mainly white or red. Bold to once again stand out on the page to clearly indicate name of magazine.  The tagline ‘the modern guide to movies’ implies an up to date company who by saying this, promise to have the latest films included.
  3. 3. Sight & Sound Online Website  Sight & Sound is a magazine published by the British Film Institute (BFI).  The magazine is published monthly and costs £4.50.  The target audience for this magazine is much older than the previous ones due to the genres of the films they incorporate in to their magazines. Also for audiences interested in the art of films.  ‘Sight and Sound’ suggests to the audience that by buying this magazine the main topics within will talk about ‘Sight’ and ‘Sound’. Doing this prevents any confusion of misleading of the buyer.  Their tagline ‘The international film magazine’ implies that the magazine is established and possibly popular worldwide. Also by using the definite article ‘the’, this announces that there is no other magazine, obstructing the others.
  4. 4. Uncut Online Website  Uncut magazine is a publication based in London and belongs to the company IPC media.  The magazine is published monthly and costs £3.99.  The target audience for this magazine is as Uncut magazine describes “ a monthly magazine aimed at 25- to 45-year-old-men that focuses on music and movies” this quote came direct from the company at the launch date of May 1997 and from then they have tried to keep the same values and genre therefore the target audience remains.  The name ‘Uncut’ suggests to the audience that by reading this magazine they are going to have all of the latest news and stories.
  5. 5. Little White Lies Online Website  Little White Lies is a bi-monthly, British independent movie magazine that features writing, illustration and photography related to cinema.  It is published by London-based creative agency The Church of London.  The price of this magazine ranges from £3-£4  The target audience for this magazine would include someone with an interest in art as well as films.  The design of this magazine is different to any of the other magazines as it is inspired by its feature film, represented on the cover by an illustration of its lead actor. The cover film also influences interior aspects, such as editorial icons, chapter headings and custom typefaces. However, the overall template of the film remains the same.
  6. 6. SFX Online Website  SFX magazine is produced by Future Publishing and was founded in 1995.  The magazine is published every four weeks and costs around £3.  The target audience for this magazine is people with an interest in the science fiction within films. Also, the magazine covers topics in the genres of popular science fiction, fantasy and horror, television, videogames, comics and literature.  According to the magazines website the SF stands for “science fiction”, but the X doesn’t stand for anything in particular.  Because the ‘SFX’ title is only three letters, it largely stands out on the page boldly which is positive as the audience are more inclined to remember the name of the magazine.