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  1. 1. QUESTION 2How does your magazine representparticular social groups?
  2. 2. Front Cover This is the chosen image that I wanted to use for myfront cover. I liked this photo because it was takenon a black background and my chosen backgroundcolour for my magazine front page would also be black.I also like the positioning of the models in this photo becauseI knew after cropping it down to a mid shot photo, they wouldfit in well with the text that would go around it.The pose is chilled and relaxed and I wanted this pose so thatit would compliment the name of my magazine, ‘Chill’.The clothing I asked the models to wear was just plaingrey or white tops as they were the only costumesVisible in the front cover. However one had a logo on soI photo shopped it out. I wanted these costumes becauseThey are young and relate well to the youthful targetaudience
  3. 3. Contents As the main band and coverstory of the Magazine, thisphoto is the largest on thecontents page, linked with apage number anchored by thepage number description.I chose this pose because itsfun and expresses what kindof relationship the boys haveas a band.The following three photo’s are much smaller asthey aren’t the key cover line, and are of alldifferent layouts. This photo is of a single girl artistin monochrome which suggests her music is slowerand perhaps more relaxed R&B music.I wanted her to have this facial expression becauseshe looks sad which adds a sort of ‘depth’ whichcould be representing the genre of R&B music sheproduces.
  4. 4. Contents The next photo is of a girl band who have very different facialexpressions to the first small photo which portrays the bands funpersonality also within their music. The costumes also compliment theR&B genre.I also inserted a background on Photoshop to add variety to thecontent images. Other wise both of these would look very similar nextto each other.This next photo is also a duo but it is a boy band instead and thecostumes are very different to the girls, as they are wearing suitswhich I did to show their music is different to the other bands,perhaps more serious.I also like the way the black suits contrast against the bright whitebackground and lighting.
  5. 5. DPS 1All of these photo’s are for the firstpage of the double page spread. Iwanted the guys to look playful tocontrast against the title, ‘Time to getserious?’ which adds humour as itsevident that they are far from It.I decided to use the white back dropfor these photos so that whenextracting the images and placingthem on to the header strip, darkparts of the photos wouldn’t be lostwithin a black background whenplaced on the white strip e.g. The hair.I chose to use a strip alongthe top of the page becauseIt looked similar to some ofthe other R&B magazines Iresearched such as Vibemagzine.
  6. 6. DPS 2Because my first double page spreadwas quite consumed by photos andpull out quotes I decided to make asecond double page. On here I hadfour more photos. One wassignificantly larger and the other threewere placed beneath them so theywere all placed in line.I used a guitar as a prop in 3 of thephotos as it is an instrument that oneof the models plays.These photos are all also playful andfun like the ones on the first spread.Yet also are action shots of the boys at‘work’- singing and playing on theguitar.I wanted the model to have this confused facialexpression to add humour to the photo and page as heis the person who sings and is clueless on how to playthe guitar.