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Distribution and marketing


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Distribution and marketing

  1. 1. Chooses which films to distribute  Attends Film Festivals  Decides on the number of prints  Pays for the cost of each print  Negotiates the release date and site of exhibition - WHEN  Sends trailers and publicity to cinemas  NEGOTIATES BUDGET & PAYS FOR THE ADVERTISING & MARKETING 
  2. 2. Secures a contract agreeing the % of gross ticket sales paid to the distributor  Divides up the rest between the cinema, production company, 3rd party agents  Monitors exhibition (times/screens)  Implements changes (when appropriate)  Ensures the prints are correctly returned to avoid piracy 
  3. 3.  Advertising in the Media – television/cinema trailers, press, outdoor, social networking, viral, interactive, online, posters, radio.....  PR (Public Relations) – maintaining a brand image e.g. Interviews/Appearances...  POS (point of sale) e.g. displays in cinemas  Market Research – before, during and after
  4. 4. Film ideas are often pitched to Studio Executives in the hope they will receive funding for Production and Distribution. High Concept Films are often blockbuster films that are based on a simple idea and can be easily marketed in 2/3 sentences e.g. “It’s a big ship that sunk, everyone knows the story, we’ll bring Di Caprio an Winslet and turn it into a high production value romance”…..? “We’ll get Samuel Jackson, a plane and put some snakes on board”………? SO, WITH THIS IN MIND....
  5. 5.  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You have 5 minutes only to discuss with the person next to you the following task: Decide on a title for a new High Concept Film Summarise the narrative in 2 sentences, where is it set, what is happens in the film and in the end? Choose your actors…… Explain why it will be COMMERCIALLY successful Be prepared to tell me about it on the Mic.
  6. 6. 2013 British Historical Thriller  Directed by Ben Wheatley  Shot in B/W, set during English Civil War  Budget - £300,000, 12 days filming  Developed and finance by Film 4.0 (innovation hub)/BFI New Models Fund  Variety Magazine: “A psychedelic trip into magic and madness”: Art House  6IZWLL84 (possession scene – 5.31) 
  7. 7.  Multiplatform release – cinema (Picturehouse), Film4, VoD (online), DVD and BluRay: 5th July 2013  “Building a maximum amount of industry buzz, we can hopefully reach an audience it can be hard to connect with”.  Coordinating all platforms ensured audiences could see the film how and when they chose.
  8. 8. Limited funds spent on advertising – Teaser Trailer and Posters but mainly viral, industry and social networking hype.  Cinema release – Picturehouse Chain (Weltons brewery brewed a limited edition ale to give to cinema-goers). Tagline – “Open up and let the Devil in” linking with drug use in the film.  Film4 release „curated‟ by the Director  DVD/BluRay – 75 min extra material. 