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A2 media Empire magazine cover and review


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A2 media Empire magazine cover and review

  1. 1. A2 Coursework Set Briefs2. A promotion package for a new film, to include a teaser trailer, togetherwith two of the following three options:i. a website homepage for the film;ii. a film magazine front cover, featuring the film;iii. a poster for the film.10. A short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which maybe live action or animated or a combination of both, together with two of thefollowing three options:i. a poster for the film;ii. a radio trailer for the film;iii. a film magazine review page featuring the film.
  2. 2. A2 Media StudiesAncillary Tasks1: Film Poster2a: Film magazine frontcover featuring the film2b: Film magazine reviewpage featuring the film
  3. 3. A2 Media StudiesAncillary Tasks1: Film Poster2a: Film magazine frontcover featuring the film2b: Film magazine reviewpage featuring the film
  4. 4. WebsiteMastheadMain ImageMain CoverlineCoverline(behind thescenes)Puffs(Stills)Bar codeLeft ThirdDateline &CoverPriceTop ThirdPuff (logo)Coverlines
  5. 5. MAIN IMAGE – No glitz orglam applied to clothing orbackground. This image ofthe film will be seen as themain selling point, here it isall about the low-budgetBritish drama which isbeing portrayed throughthe setting and the photo ofthis young woman.MASTHEAD – The name ofthe magazine is key in sellingthis product. Placed in the topleft because when positionedon the shelves the left third ofthe magazine will be showing,buyers will be able to identifywith the well-known yellowbackground and black writingmasthead.TAGLINE – Again placedon the left third of themagazine, this film is themain selling point andthose interested will pick itup off the shelves. Thefont is urban, like graffiti,to show the buyers whatthis film is about.ANCHORAGE TEXT –Enlightens the buyer towhat is inside themagazine other than thefocus film. Here it tells usthat interviews withfamous names within thefilm industry are insideand this sells themagazine if the mainimage doesn’t.PRICE AND DATE –Positioned here because itis not a main selling pointof the magazine and issomething that the buyerwill only look for oncethey’ve been lured in by theother content on the frontcover.COLOURS – Brightblue sky – uplifting –perhaps a sign of themood of the film. Thearray of colours usedwith the title of the filmattracts buyers. Brightred circle enlightensthe buyers to whatseparates this filmmagazine to others.
  6. 6. A2 Media StudiesAncillary Tasks2a: Film magazine frontcover featuring the film2b: Film magazinereview page featuringthe film
  7. 7. How to research a newmagazine?First, find a publisher…
  8. 8. Empire Magazine is owned byThe Bauer Publishing Group.Bauer is the largest privately owned publisher in Europe, publishing in Germany,France, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Bauer publishes inthe United States and Mexico. The Bauer Publishing Group was founded inHamburg in 1875 by Johann Bauer. Under the management of four generationsof the Bauer family. The Bauer Publishing Group has grown from its humblebeginnings as a printing house into a worldwide publishing empire comprising 282magazines in 15 countries with 6,600 employees worldwide and annual turnoverof 1.79 billion Euro.
  9. 9. Genre?
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Audience?
  12. 12.
  13. 13. A – Upper middle class – senior professionalB – Middle class – professionalsC1 – Lower middle class – white collar administrative workersC2 – Lower middle class – blue collar skilled workersD – Unskilled or semi-skilled workersE – Unemployed, students
  14. 14. Purpose?
  15. 15. Homework 1: Read your copy ofEmpire and find examples of thesuggested audience profile.Homework 2: Scan and annotatea copy of Empire magazine’s frontcover.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Stylistic conventionsfor the review page.
  18. 18. How to write a magazine filmreview page?First, look at examplesfrom the real world…
  19. 19. ImageText or Copy
  20. 20. Text or Copy
  21. 21. Film TitleSubheading
  22. 22. Film DetailsPlot summary(with actors introduced inparentheses)
  23. 23. Insert
  24. 24. Summary5 star gradingsystem
  25. 25. Backgrounddetails
  26. 26. Affluent male movie fans?